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  Hints and Tips for: Empire Earth 2 
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 Empire Earth 2 Cheats

Empire Earth 2

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Kesang Chhantyal
Submitted by: Haspa 
Update by: Phuc

In the game hit [Enter] to open the console and type in the following codes and 
confirm them with [Enter]:

Result                                                          Code 
Disables all Cheat Codes                                      - idontcheat
Enables all of the Following Codes                            - icheat
Add 10,000 of each resource                                   - loot
Subtract 100 of each resource                                 - taxes
Inflict 20 points of damage on selected unit                  - punish
Convert selected unit                                         - convert
Instant recharge power for selected unit                      - recharge me
Instantly win scenario (May be disabled)                      - win
Toggle the fog of war onoff                                   - toggle fog
Toggle instant build onoff                                    - sea monkeys
Advance an epoch without meeting any of the requirements      - epoch up
Add 50 technology points                                      - give tech
God Mode onoff (Your Units and Building should take no damage)- play god
Additional 100 troops                                         - reinforcements

In the game you might press two debug key combinations:
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+[V] -  Display the Game Version numbers
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+[F] -  Display the Graphical Frames Per Second Rate (FPS)

Hill Advantage:
Troops have problems charging up slopes. That means that if you have your base built at the 
top of a hill or a series of troops there, etc, then you have the advantage in that battle. 
An example could be me placing my units on top of the hill. They could all be archers, and 
while the enemy forces trudge up the hill, I can rain arrows down on them. Then, when they 
are about to make it to the top, charge down the other side. Although they will be close 
behind you, if your units are fast enough, then they won't be able to catch you.

Unstopabul army:
There are three steps to this tip.

1 - Use epoch up to advance epochs 
2 - Advance epochs till you can buy choppers
3 - Use the money cheat for awhile
4 - Use loot cheat for awhile
5 - Buy as meany choppers you can
6 - Desemate your opponents army, buildings, or what ever you want

Woods and Forests: Dogs and Barbarians:
This is especially useful for those of you who like to be able to see a lot of points on the 
map. Take any of the top two units and place them in the forests, and you should have a scout
placed anywhere you want with little chance of being injured. Same with the Barbarians, only 
they can also be used for ambushes and getting to those little soft areas in the enemies defence.
Of course, if you are using the former, make sure that the enemy does not send the latter 
(Barbarian) after you!

Epoch Limits and Civ Points:
In multiplayer games where you make your own race, be sure to check what type of Epochs are 
going to be in it and if there is a limit. If, say, the bronze age is the end of the games 
ability to expand for that game, that means that any units you invested for afterwards are 
now useless. Always check to make sure that you can't spend any more points in those that 
you want. If you can not find anything you really want to invest it in, find something that
is more passive in your civilization and drop those points that are left into it. 
The economy, for example. You may have a powerful army, but you will never get one of any size
quickly enough without the economy as your backbone.

Win and learn more:
Submitted by: Arpan

Select the campaign menu and select the American civilization and hit enter after the game 
starts. again hit enter and type "icheat",this will enable cheats again hit enter and type 
"win",you eill win the game and keep will learn about  the future upto 2070 
A.D.this win cheat may be disabled sometimes,,,
if you want to be my friend then here goes my mail:

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