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  Hints and Tips for: Euchre 
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 Euchre Cheats


Submitted by: rickHH

The goal of Euchre is to win at least three of the five tricks
in each hand. 

If the turn-up card is taken up, the dealer discards one card
face down from his hand. 

The player on the dealer's left makes the opening lead, 
regardless of where the maker is seated. 

The hands are played out in five tricks. Each player in turn 
must follow suit. If a player holds no cards of the suit led,
that player may play any card they choose, including trump. 

The highest card played wins the trick by either the suit led
or by a trump card. 

The winner of the trick leads next hand and may play any card 
he wants. 

When playing English rules, if the Joker is led (it being 
the highest trump), all other players must follow with 
trump if able. 

The play continues until one team or player (in the case 
of 3-handed Euchre) makes the number of points specified 
by the players before the game. 

Viewing Tricks:
When a player or team win tricks, the number of tricks 
won is displayed on the game table. 

For 4-player Euchre, next to South's and East's name is 
a small face-down card with a number on it. This number 
shows the number of tricks won by each partnership, 
otherwise known as the trick indicator. For 3-player 
Euchre, a small face-down card, otherwise known as the 
trick indicator, is shown next to the maker and the opposing 
team. For example, if West is the maker and South and East 
are a team, West will have a trick indicator displayed and 
South will have the trick indicator for their team. If the 
East was the maker and South and West are a team, then East 
will have a trick indicator displayed, and South will have 
the trick indicator for their team. Each time a player or 
team wins a trick, the number on the back of the card 

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