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  Hints and Tips for: Evolve Stage 2 
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 Evolve Stage 2 Cheats

Evolve Stage 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

A general tips and tricks for Lennox:
Written by Lennylegend800.

* Plasma Lance can his through objects. Pay attention to the red crosshair as 
mentioned before.This is important because it lets you know the timing to hit!

* Slay any hostile wildlife; One or two plasma lances can kill small wildlife. 
Careful when facing larger wildlife, as it takes more hits to kill them, and 
pay attention to when they charge or pounce to keep up the lance charges.

* Thunder Strike has AoE damage! Use this against large packs of wildlife. If 
you get hit with an ability while leaping, your AoE may still have a chance to 

* Try to predict where the monster is moving to land a Thunder Strike. 
Time it correctly against Wraiths Abduction spot, or Goliaths Charge path. 
It does not cover much height when in mid air, so stay above a Kraken and time 
when he dashes.

* Spread away from a downed hunter to get the monster to focus another player. 
Getting close may not be an option, so use the Auto Cannon to pick as their 

* Always play aggressively when your shield is ready/up! Start playing 
defensively when the shield is down. Get some lance shots in if the monster 
isn't focusing you, then switch to the auto cannon when backing off.

* When engaging the beginning of a dome, try to kill some wildlife first, 
then attack the monster. You wont have to ramp your damage against the monster 
as much, and you will do more damage faster!

* Trouble against Kraken? Get to high ground, and stick to the auto cannon. 
When the Kraken descends, Thunder Strike/Plasma Lance away! It may help to 
practice aiming the Auto Cannon in single player games.

* Plasma Lance has just enough range to keep out of Wraiths Warp Blast. Try 
not to be too close to the wraith when she uses it. Use it from above when 
she uses Supernova, it helps to have a jetpack recharge perk or Sunny to aid 
with this.

Solo Hunter Win Guide:
Writtrn by Sheriff Johnny Sins

This guide will be hard to execute since you may have to become immune to 
emotions apart from pride. Pride will be the only thing carrying you through
this mentally.

1.Only play medic.

2.Only Play Slim/Papa they are the single best carries in the entire game solo.

3.Consume 2 473ml Redbull cans per day minimum.

4.Actually focus on ur aim best way is to actually try and 500 hours of playing 
  soldier from Team fortress 2 will help a lot with Paladin Parnells rockets as 
  it helps you heal team mates what are flying

5.Watch ur games after a loss and see where you did mistakes even if it wasnt 
  your fault (It is) If you see a team mate doing something that youre not sure 
  about tell him about ur concerns and make sure to flame if ur not listened to 
  boosting ur ego and putting you in charge in the eyes of the other two team 

6.Keep a list of every player you keep seeing and think if its worth for you to 
  play that game e.g You play with 3 people that you know have over 300 ping and 
  wont dodge any abilities and the monster is the same one that ??? you in the 
  game and stole your wife and dog an hour later then what you have to do is make 
  sure to not be a ??? and face ur fears.

-=Useful Tips=-
* Focus on ur aim every day in Aim lab or in a CSGO aim trainer maps.

* Low mouse speed or DPI will improve your aim over time 400/800 is most common 
  in pros and it will hurt your wrist.

* Do not use rage as a bad thing focus that hate on improving yourself.

* Learn the pattern of every monster and dodge accordingly once you learn that you
  will dodge even before they cast their abilities.

* When playing VS a bob and hes focusing you, When ur point blank and you know you 
  cant dodge to the sides dodge into his sides putting you behind him its a lot 
  safer especially at stage 3 where the attacks are wider and side dodging is almost 

* When a goliath player is hitting rocks on you and you have only one jet dodge left, 
  Face the direction you dont want to dodge and jump then as the rock is about to be 
  released dodge backwards and after that dodge sideways or even into him throwing 
  him off your patterns.

Remove Intro:
Written by By Nuke

Disabling all the Evolve Stage 2 videos.

* Goto the Evolve folder in steam:
* \Steam\SteamApps\common\Evolve\Game
* videos.pak
* Rename to videos_bak.pak
* Put a 1 in the start of the names of files:
* Videos_stage1.pak - removes all the intro videos
* Videos_stage2.pak - removes the menu videos


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