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  Hints and Tips for: Exile - Escape From The Pit 
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 Exile - Escape From The Pit Cheats

Exile - Escape From The Pit

Beat Soviet Convoy Mission:
The Soviet mission -- the one in which you must destroy an Allied convoy -- 
can be accomplished in under a minute! At the start of the mission, pursue 
the convoy that is heading north with all of your units. (An armored tank 
division flanks the Allied convoy, so it is easy to overtake.) Then, unleash
the potent firepower of your combined forces. The Allies won't know 
what hit 'em! 

Refresh Jobs and Merchants:
To refresh jobs and merchants, press Shift-w

Formello hidden areas:
In Formello (north of starting area, has a few bridges near it), there is a 
locked building next to the church. Use the mage spell Unlock or Picklocks, 
or bash open the first door. Use the same technique on the second locked door.
Once through, search around the walls for a hidden door on the right side of 
room. There are four or five separate white encounter dots. Watch out -- do not 
proceed unless you have a high amount of health and a cleric in your party. The 
two dots readily accessible to you (one above, one below) are traps. Disarm 
them, then go on to the next dot, in whichever direction chosen. The north one
is all of the town's money. If you are well off and have moral issues with 
stealing the hard working people's cash, then skip this one. When you land on 
it you will set off a previously unseen unstoppable trap that will soak up 
some life and poison your leader. 
The same happens with the one to the south. To the south you will get a 
Necklace Of Lifesaving. Also in the town is a nervous lady taking care of 
the cows to the south. Unlock the door and search around the southern walls.
You can find a hidden door on the southeast area of the wall. 

When you go all the way west from Exile (the city), there will be 
another city surrounded by water on the west and east sides. Go 
all the way to the north and there will be a white dot. Go over 
it. It will be a corpse. Take the ax.

Glitch: A Really Weird Glitch in the Game: From Nephar to Mechant?:
Submitted by: Gigabladeshadow336

Okay, so I was playing Exile: Escape from Pit and I went to the City nearest to 
Fort Exile, when all of a sudden I went into the Cave Cow Pin right beside the 
ration store and I went into the secret path, then a group of Nephilim attacked 
me, but when I got back to the door, I quited it, I went to the Exile: Escape 
from Pit Editor and came back and one of the Nephar Warriors became a merchant 
but still was a Nephar Warrior. I know, that is very akward considering I did'nt 
mean to do that.

Edit the graphics:
Submitted by: anonymous

Go into the folder that you installed Exile (default is C:\Exile). 
Open the .bmp files there and edit them how you like. They are the 
"graphics" of Exile. I made my characters look like Mario characters (in PCS.BMP).

Hint: the space alloted for each grid square is 28x36 px.

Enter these codes while you're playing the game. 
The codes do not work if another window is active.

Code   Effect
&    - Secret Message #1
*    - Secret Message #2
(    - Secret Message #3
)    - Secret Message #4

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