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  Hints and Tips for: Exile 2 - Crystal Souls 
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 Exile 2 - Crystal Souls Cheats

Exile 2 - Crystal Souls

Got to the south-east are at the Tower of Maji. Enter Eas Ter Egg as the coordinates 
in the teleporter room.

Change random shop items
Outside the shop window press [Shift] + B to get a different selection of items 
in the shop. 

New hostile monster:
When a splitting enemy that has been summoned by Simulacrum is hit and splits, the 
new monster will be hostile. 
Note: This was tried with DoomGuard.

Hidden area:
Locate the Tower Of The Magi, in the south-east area. Enter Eas  Ter Egg as coordinates 
in the teleporter room. Enter the cave in the new area and step on the rune. Defeat the 
enemies that appear, then step in the various runes in the new area to see the game's 

Infinite Stuff:
Multiple items of the same type are or often combined in a character's inventory. When 
you give one of these items to another character you are asked how many you wish to 
give. Put in a negative number and the recipient will appear to receive only one of 
the item, however, in most cases, it will be inexhaustible. Torches, poisons, potions, 
lockpicks, and alchemy ingredients. 

Bless a person 3 times. The person will become a powerhouse.

Tough army:
Delete all the default characters and start creating a party. The commander should 
have 20 skill of one weapon type (or defense). The rest of the commander's skill 
points should be for health. Next, create a mage. 7 skill should be used on mage 
spells. Split the rest with spell points and health. Now create a doctor. The doctor
should have 20 skill in alchemy and at least 2 in lock picking. At lest two of the 
other characters should be soldiers with 5 in defense and every weapon. The last one
can be a soldier, a priest, or a muscle-bound idiot for bashing doors (20 skill in 
Note: Your mage and doctor both need to be at least 5 intelligence, commander at 
least 6 intelligence, and the soldiers 2 intelligence. The muscle-bound idiot needs
to be 1 intelligence.

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