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  Hints and Tips for: E.Y.E. 
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 E.Y.E. Cheats


Also known as: EYE - Divine Cybermancy

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cheat mode:
Select "Options", then the "Keyboard" tab, then "Advanced". Place a check
"Enable Developer's Console" then click "OK" or "Apply". Press ~ during 
game play or a the main menu to display the console window. 
Type sv_cheats 1 to enable cheat mode. Note: You can also bind any cheat 
code to a key, for example bind x "sv_cheats 1" to execute the svcheats 1
code by pressing X.

Effect                                      Code	
Bind command to key                       - bind [key] "[command]"
Set speed; 1 is default                   - host_timescale [number]
Deactivate cheat mode                     - sv_cheats 0
Toggle unlimited Run/PsiForce             - sv_infinite_aux_power [0 or 1]
Refill ammo regardless of inventory       - givecurrentammo
Spawn Scrabouillor at pointer             - npc_create npc_scrab
Spawn Sentry at pointer                   - npc_create npc_turret_floor
First person view                         - firstperson
third person view                         - thirdperson
Third person view with alternate controls - thirdperson_platformer 1
Spawn indicated item                      - give [item name]

Use one of the following entries with the give code to spawn the 
corresponding item.

Effect                                       Code
222 (Revolver)                             - weapon_gctg222
444 Bear Killer (Magnum)                   - weapon_bk444
Arrancadora de Tripas (Warhammer)          - weapon_arrancadora
B.O.S.C.O. realy 911 (Semi-Auto Sniper)    - weapon_bosco
Betty Boom (Sawed-Off Shotgun)             - weapon_betty_boom
Blackcrow (Handgun)                        - weapon_fko_black
Caw Hammer (Automatic Shotgun)             - weapon_caw_hammer
Damocles (Broadsword)                      - weapon_damocles
Depezador (Semi-Auto Shotgun)              - weapon_depezador
Excidium (Explosive Round Anti-Tank Rifle) - weapon_excidium
Facere Mortis (Dual Katana)                - weapon_dual_katana
HS010 (Sub-Machine Gun)                    - weapon_croon_hs
Hunting Machine (Sniper)                   - weapon_hunting
K.A 93 (Automatic Rifle)                   - weapon_fko_ka93
Kinder Grenade                             - weapon_kinder
Medkit Syringe                             - weapon_medkit
Motra (Sub-Machine Gun)                    - weapon_motra
Rotten Mound (Semi-Auto Rifle)             - weapon_rotten
S6000 (Auto/Semi-Auto Rifle)               - weapon_s6000
Spiculum (Grenade Launcher)                - weapon_spiculum
Sulfatum (Gatling Gun)                     - weapon_sulfatum
TRK A.D. (Sniper)                          - weapon_trk
BK13s (Dual Handgun)                       - weapon_dual_BK13

After an unending war with the metastreumonic Force, the powerful 
organization Secreta Secretorum you belong to is finally ready to 
undermine the head-strong federation, despite an intense struggle 
for power. 

A dark and mysterious universe, E.Y.E. boasts hours of original gameplay
thanks to 10 physical and psychic skills, 14 cybernetic and upgradable 
implants, along with an integrated R&D system, all together serving a 
delicate scenario where conspiracy, horror and treason rule. Combining
the gameplay of first-person shooters and role-playing games, E.Y.E. has
its roots in the original videogame "AVA", developed by Streum On Studio
in 1998.

General Features:
* The multiplayer, teamplay, co-op modes directly influence solo play, 
  and vice-versa. The limits of solo and multiplayer games are finally 
  left behind. 
* Psychological and mental traumas management. 
* 25 weapons, different shooting modes, dynamic precision, drilling shots,
  iron sighting, extended zoom. 
* Complete hacking system with game play impact. 5 devastatingly subtle 
  PSI powers. 
* About 20 NPC with non-scripted, fully reactive and efficient AI, endowed 
  with a sense of initiative. Bloody close combat with technical detail. 
  Incredible physical movement realism thanks to Source Engine physics. 
* Total replayability due to primary and secondary missions, dynamic 
  environments, non-linear level progression, and random NPC spawn, type
  and appearance. Death doesn't penalize players: no need to restart the
  current mission. 
* Open-level gameplay for hours of play without reloading.

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