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  Hints and Tips for: Far Cry Primal 
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 Far Cry Primal Cheats

Far Cry Primal

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Command:
How To Activate The PC Version’s Console Commands To Cheat:

1: Go to Steam and right-click with your mouse on “Far Cry Primal” title, then select 
2: Then go to “Set Launch Options and type out one of the the followings two cheats 
   and press the Enter key to activate each cheat.

This cheats list starts with the code to enter into the Command Console, 
and behind it is the cheat description.

-GameProfile_UnlimitedAmmo 1 - Infinite Ammo. Your weapons never run out.
-GameProfile_GodMode 1       - God mode. You are effectively invincible.

Restoring health:
You can replenish your health by eating meat. The easiest way to get meat 
is just outside your village, where tapir and boar can be found. Kill and 
skin as many as possible when you get ready to go out. Eventually you will
get the skill that allows you to cut out more meat.

Using fire:
Fire can be an important factor in determining whether you live or die. Stay 
on top of your slate and animal fat, and keep things lit at night. This will 
scare off some of the predators in the world and/or make it easier to kill 
them. The sole exception are dingos; some will be scared of the fire. However 
once you hit them with it, they might come back and jump you from behind. 

Cave Mountain Lions:
These beasts are massive, but they have one major flaw, a lot of fur. When 
you encounter them, take out your bow and light it on fire. Once they are 
hit, they will run out of sight to put the fire out. Follow them and use 
this opportunity to shoot more fire arrows. If done correctly, you can have 
them down and out using four to six well-placed arrows. This will kill 
them more efficiently than trying to take them on directly. 

Building your village:
Unlike the previous games in the series where certain items only mean 
something to you (if you want or need them); everything is important to 
everyone. From the very start, collect everything you find and do not worry
about filling your bag. Once you have the upgrades available for your 
village, it will make things much easier. 

Defeating the cannibals:
There is a tribe that eats other tribes. They will dress in blue. These 
warriors are very tough, and a head-to-head fight will by costly. To save 
yourself some trouble, earn the Silent Take Down skill and use it on those
enemies. Not only are they tough, but they are also quick to call for help.
The easier and faster you can take them down, the better. 

Keeping meat available:
As it is 10,000 BCE, there are no hospitals or green leaf potions. You 
can replenish your health by eating meat. The easiest way to keep yourself
stocked is just outside your village, where tapir and boar can be found. 
Kill and skin as many as possible when you get ready to go out. Eventually
you will get the skill that allows you to cut out more meat, and it will 

Easy "Bullseye" achievement:
First, craft the Long Bow, which can be crafted after building Jayma's Hut 
early in the game. Unlike the normal bow, it will kill unarmored enemies in
one hit and is also far more accurate on long distances. Once you have the 
bow, go to an enemy outpost ("Swaras Outpost" to the north-east of your 
village is recommended). Use the owl to place a waypoint on an idle enemy
to view the exact distance. When the waypoint is 70+ feet away, aim a 
little bit over the enemy's head and shoot the arrow. 
Note: If you fail, simply let the enemies kill you and you will respawn in 
front of the camp and can try again.

Easy "Right On Target" achievement:
The spear will automatically become available early in the game. Once you 
get it, go to an enemy outpost ("Kapal Outpost" to the east of the village 
is recommended). Use the owl to place a waypoint on an idle enemy to view 
the exact distance. When the waypoint is 50+ feet away, aim a little bit 
over the enemy's head and throw the spear. There are also enemies randomly 
roaming through the woods -- so there are many possible locations to do this
at. The early outposts work best because the enemies do not have any armor 
and will die in one hit from the spear. Note: If you fail, simply let the 
enemies kill you and you will respawn in front of the camp and can try again.

Easy "Mark 4 Wenja" achievement:
Go to the cave to the east of the large frozen area. The cave is marked with 
a "?" symbol on the world map and is at the start of a river. Go inside the 
cave to see the purple skeleton of a blood dragon and get the "Mark 4 Wenja"

Where to find the Spirit Totems Location:
-=Spirit Totems 1
How to Unlock:
Unlocked by default by complete the Spirit Totem Mission

-=Spirit Totems 2
How to Unlock:
Head East to climb the Mountains and there you will encounter 2 pounds of water. 
Now continue going right with the help of grappling hook to reach the pedestal and 
grab your Totem.

-=Spirit Totems 3
How to Unlock:
From your Camp(Sayla's Shelter) head North-east to find the cave on the tip of the 
Snowy region. Once you reach there you will find your totem waiting to the right 
of the cavern. 

-=Spirit Totems 4
How to Unlock:
Head North from Snow Shwald's outpost until you find a huge rock in your path. 
Then head east to find the quest giver and you will find totem next to the rocks.

-=Spirit Totems 5
How to Unlock:
Head North-east of Stone Shadow Camp, then head behind the waterfall and obtain
the totem from the top of the rock.

-=Spirit Totems 6
How to Unlock:
Head North-west of the Izila's sacrificial altar in Blajiman Stones, head there
and grab this little totem.

-=Spirit Totems 7
How to Unlock:
Near the Bloodfang Sabertooth Hunting Ground, you will find a cave opening, 
head inside the cave and grab this totem.

-=Spirit Totems 8
How to Unlock:
Head West of the Chanting Cave, locate the waterfall and start searching for
the totem on the east of the waterway.

-=Spirit Totems 9
How to Unlock:
Head West of the Burning Spear Bonfire, and start looking to the south of 
the stones near the waterway.

-=Spirit Totems 10
How to Unlock:
Head East of the Hold Rock Bonfire, you will find a water hole so keep 
following it until you get inside the small chamber.

-=Spirit Totems 11
How to Unlock:
Head North of Stone Watch Bonfire, and start investigating the first hut next
to the village. 

-=Spirit Totems 12
How to Unlock:
To the West of the Cut Mamaf Cave(Blod Snow Totem) look for the Udam's camp 
and you will find the last Totem. To Check the Exact Map Location and the 
other Collectibles in Far Cry Primal, check out our Ultimate Collectible Guide.

Weapons Resources Location
Animal Fat
Location: All animals
Crafting: Ignite your weapon and craft Fire Bomb

Animal hide
Location: Overall Oros
Crafting: Clubs, shards, sting bomb and spears

Clay Pot
Location: On Enemy Corpse
Crafting: Ultimate Berserk Bombs and Fire Bombs

Location: Overall Oros(especially while hunting for woods)
Crafting: Clubs, arrows, traps and spears

Location: Found on Huge Animals like Mammoth and Bears
Crafting: Kapala Shard, Blood Shasti Club and other Items

Location: Overall Oros(especially while hunting for rocks)
Crafting: Clubs, shards and spears

Bee Cluster
Location: In the Hives near Bear in Northern Part of Oros
Crafting: Sting Bombs

How to Remove the Repetitive Animation:
1. Open the Game.
2. Go to Options.
3. Turn 'Off' the Search Animation.
4. Save and Start Playing.
Once you turned off the search animation it will become very easy to just collect these 
resources. You can try collecting them while running as well.

Village bonuses:
Get the village's population to grow to the following number of people to receive the 
corresponding reward:

20 people: 1 bag of weapon resources and food.
40 people: 2 bags of weapon resources and food.
60 people: 3 bags of weapon resources and food.
Every 10 above 60 people: +2% bonus experience points, caps at +40%.

Leap of Faith:
Head to the right area on your map, and you'll find one of your clan members located 
near the edge of a high cliff. He'll urge you to head around to a better vantage point.
Do so, then look up to where your fellow is perched. He'll leap out, like the 
protagonist in an Assassin's Creed game, and make a leap of faith to a pile of straw 
at the base of the cliff.

How to Beat Outdoors Outpost Undetected:
Written by V4D4RS F1ST 97.

This is a brief documentation of a bug or possibly exploit that I noticed while 
playing and using beasts to do my dirty work for me. I made it short, sweet, and 
to the point for all of us not wanting to read too much.

Basically, you need a beast master perks minimum for this to work. Preferably find 
yourself a Jaguar. The rare black version is best obviously, but a normal one will 
do. Next, make sure you do NOT attack with your owl. Finally, a scout with the owl 
and use the owl to give commands in real-time for the jaguar to follow. They are 
incredibly stealthy and will zip around in heavily defended bases with ease and can 
kill the elite enemies if they sneak upon them. It is that easy.

Now for the exploit part of this guide. Simply put, even if your jaguar is seen and 
even attacked by the base this does not count as being detected in the game. This 
means sending in your jaguar to pick off the defenders 1 by 1 is rather easy since 
a jaguar only needs to break the line of sight very briefly to lose the heat. they 
can then just loop around quickly and attack from the back again. If for any reason 
it should get hurt send it straight back to yourself and heal it.


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