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  Hints and Tips for: Freedom Force 
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 Freedom Force Cheats

Freedom Force

Easy Way to Obtain a Lot of Prestige:
Submitted by: arun prakash

This is a moderately long process to help you build up a lot of prestige.
Play the game as normal, making sure you get every bit of prestige from 
every level. Once you have reached the point right before you have to 
fight Deja Vu at the university, you will need to make a custom character.
At this point you should have about 17-18K prestige. I was able to make 
a customer character, Target, with 10 in all his stats and some really 
nifty attributes (blitzkrieg, crack shot, flier, light speed and tough 
guy). There is a wide range of powers to choose from, but the most potent
I found is a double uppercut with high damage, low to medium knock back 
and enable "up knock back." Eliminate all of the enemies on the level 
before going for the replicator ray. Once you have taken out the bad 
guys and destroyed the replicator ray Deja Vu will appear and start 
multiplying. Take his health points down to about 50% and then take out
his clones (you will know the difference because his psycho clones only 
have half of his health points). Follow him around eliminating his clones
as they appear. He will continue to clone until you take him out. 400 XP 
per clone. I worked my way up to about 74 clones (30,000 XP) before I 
accidentaly knocked him out. Do this, save and then you can make a 
character even more powerful than the one you just made! 

Console Mode:
Submitted by: arun prakash

To enable the console mode, go to the Freedom Force/System folder and 
look for the file name: 

Open the file with notepad or wordpad and type: import ff ff.CON_ENABLE=1
(CON_ENABLE are all in capital letters) 

Now, you can open the console in the game at any time by pressing the 
tilde(~) key. You can also gain information about the frame rate by 
pressing "U". 

During the game, you can use these cheats (they are case sensitive):

god() - God mode for all heroes
peace() - not sure what it does, although the enemies don't 
attack much...
DEBUG_ALLPOWERS=1 - gain all the abilities of the heroes in 
the game (note: ONLY for that particular mission!) 

These codes can be used only in the base (case sensitive too):

# - numbers eg: 6000
name - name of heroes in lower case eg: Minute Man = minute_man
Mentor = mentor 

65K Prestige Points:
Hexedit your save game; go to locations 1068 1069 106C 106D. 
Change the values to FF. You now have 65k prestige points. 
There is a method to modify the .hero save files to change 
hero stats, but the prestige is figured dynamically, so 
there is no point.

Prestige Cheat: 
Submited by JOX

Find the INIT.PY file and open it with Notepad. 
Type the following, then save. 

import ff 

Start the game and go to the database screen. Once there, 
type Shift + ~ and a debug menu pops out. Type in 
Campaign_AddPrestige(9000000) and you will have 9 mil of 
NOTE: If this doesn't work, try to type 
"ff.import ff" instead of "import ff" in INIT.PY, and then 
use ff.Campaign_AddPrestige(9000000) to add prestige. 

ff.god()                           - God mode for all characters.
ff.peace()                         - Enemies won't attack.
ff.Mission_Win()                   - Win the current mission. 
DEBUG_ALLPOWERS=1                  - Make your characters have all the special 
                                     powers with the max power and experience. 
                                     (You lost this status when the mission is 
                                     finished) (if not work use 
                                     ff.DEBUG_ALLPOWERS=1) ALL OF THIS IS CASE 
UseEPPowerup('powerup1', '') - Use Energy Cannister 
UseCPPowerup('powerup1', '') - Use Experience Cannister
UseHPPowerup('powerup1', '') - Use Health Cannister
UsePPPowerup('powerup1', '') -  Use Prestige Cannister

Submitted by: Sunil a.k.a. Himanshu

Copy all the lines from the file or similar file into 
Change the 0 to 1 for the line DEBUG_ALLPOWERS = 0, and then you dont have to 
enable it every time through the console. There's also a line which can enable
the debug mode.Change the 0 to 1 and in the game you can play any level you 
want by pressing the LOAD button in the lower right corner.

El Diablo: Hellfire:
Diablo has the "hot-headed" trait. This means that he will occasionally overpower
his attacks. This works just as if you scaled up the power of an attack, making 
them stronger but requiring more energy, and you have no control over it. However,
if he tries to overpower an attack to the point where it takes more energy then 
you currently have, he will end up being stunned. Watch when you use his Hellfire, 
and stop him if he is going to overpower it.

Multiple canister use:
Surround a canister with all your characters when one is found. Press [Space] to 
pause game play. Click on the "Use Canister" command on all your characters. When 
game play is resumed, every character will be able to use the canister. 

Character names:
When entering a character name in a code, it must be all lower-case, with spaces 
converted to underscores "_". Also, remove hyphens "-" in names. 
Some examples are: 

El Diablo: 'el_diablo' 
Alche-Miss: 'alchemiss' 
Mentor: 'mentor' 
'iron_ox' or 'ironox' 

Bonus characters:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file 
before proceeding. Certain game retailers are releasing a bonus Freedom Force disc. 
This disc will give you more powers as well as three new recruitable built in 
characters for campaign mode. They are Blackbird, Iron Ox, and Supercollider. Use 
the following steps to unlock them without the bonus disc. Use a text editor to edit 
the "" file in the game folder. Add the following lines to the file: 

import ff 

Hovering objects:
Choose an object that you can pick up. Pick it up stand in an open location. Right 
click on the object you are holding and select "Throw". You will see your character
start to throw it, but the object will stay hovering above you. You can move away 
from it and it will still hover. 
Note: This does not work on cars.

Low cost uber hero:
For about 4000-5000 prestige points you can make a hero that can take on just about
anything in the single-player missions:

Str: 6-10 Agility: 4 Speed: 10 Energy: 2 Endurance:10
Attributes: Jumping
Powers: Buy a low-damage Melee punch attack with high stun. You will hit enemies so 
fast that they won't be able to react, and you can keep groups of enemies stunned 
continuously while you beat them to a pulp.
This character is pretty fool-proof, especially if you add or substitute a ranged 
stun or density max attack to bring down flyers.

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