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  Hints and Tips for: Galaxy Life 
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 Galaxy Life Cheats

Galaxy Life

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Benefits to Colonize Far Away:
People usually colonize as far away as possible to not advantage others 
during war, I’ll explain myself.

-=The Explanation=-
During wars, your alliance is against another alliance, and destroying the 
planets of the enemy grants you war points that progress towards your victory, 
that you can get either by having more war points than the opponent at the 
end of the timer, or by having a considerably higher amount of war points, 
which will cause a win by K.O.

The thing is, if your colonies are close from each other, knowing that the 
other team can attack your main planet and see its coordinates, they might 
check around it to see if one of your colonies are here, as they do not have 
any other information as to where they are.

If they find one by checking close to your main planet, they might attack it 
to have an advantage, having more war points as they will destroy another of 
your planet, which even if just a colony, and we all know that colonies are 
easier to destroy than main bases.

People usually colonize really close to their main bases to reduce the price 
as much as they can, then they pay 10 chips to move the colony as far as 
possible, it’s the more “optimized” way.

-=Few tips I can give you when doing that=-
* Collect all the obstacles before moving your colony with chips, as its known 
  that doing that might get rid of all of them.
* Try and move your colonies to planets of different colors, as those will 
  give you specific crystals that are useful to build nuke bombs. 
  There is 6 different colors.
* If one of the colony has been found, and is being attacked during a war, 
  people sometimes rather use 10 additional chips to move them again, keeping 
  their resources and not advantaging the other team.
* Hope that helped.

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