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  Hints and Tips for: Garbage 
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 Garbage Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Survive First Blood Moon:
Written by IrIshOJ

When you first start off, craft the bed, bar bell, and shower. 
For simplicity sake, keep your game speed on 2x whenever training.

Start by getting your hobo to level 2. If you don’t already have crushing punch, 
unlock it and equip it to your moveset. Go to the map and select electric avenue. 
Then, beat up the hobo standing in the alleyway. Go home, heal, and keep training. 
Keep training until you get to the first garbage invasion, which you should 
hopefully win. By this time, you should be level 4. Make sure the skills you have 
selected are the crushing punch and the hook punch. If you have another option, 
(assuming your hobo started with something other than crushing punch) choose another 
strength attack.

Make sure at least 3 skills are equipped, and head back to electric avenue. Accept 
the quest from the hot dog vendor to fight the two thugs. Fight one, which you 
should win, then go home and sleep. Come back when your character is fully healed, 
and beat the second thug. After this is done, finish the quest and get your money. 
Next stop is the playground.

DO NOT. And I repeat, DO NOT hire the second hobo until you have survived the 
incoming blood moon.

Continue to the next part of the map, which should be the playground. Help the 
kids, and fight the red-head hobo. You may need to train more, as he has a high 
damage attack. Once you have beaten the red-head hobo, finish the quest. 
Next place is the auto mechanic shop.

Accept the quest from the mechanic to fight off the 3 dancers. Make sure your 
character is level 7, and get another attack. Fight each one, starting with the 
green one, then the red one, then the one standing on the tire. You may lose a 
fight due to RNG, so you need to rest if you lose. Make sure to rest between each 
fight, so your character has enough health and energy to fight. After you have 
successfully beaten the trio, finish the quest. You should be at around 4 or 5 food. 
If you still have time before the seventh day, accept the quest in slum bridge to 
fight some enemies. Defeating these enemies should also grant you with more food if 
you manage to defeat them.

Following this guide, you should easily be able to survive the first blood moon.

After you pass the blood moon, hire the second hobo and continue your journey.

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