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  Hints and Tips for: Garrison: Archangel 
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 Garrison: Archangel Cheats

Garrison: Archangel

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Combat and Building Guide:
Written by Crasherz

This guide for Garrison: Archangel will be detailing most if not all combat 
types, tips for such combat, as well as building a mech that works as well 
as it looks.

To begin, here are some tactics for the three main build types of the game.

Ranged mechs are best used staying out of the opponents melee range, if they 
have a melee weapon (melee weapons can easily outdamage ranged mechs at close 
range, as ranged weapons must reload after being used). If your opponent does 
move in on you, a good strategy is to bombard them with close range weapons 
you have equipped (shotgun, close-range missiles, SMG).

As melee weapons are now a part of the build, your goal here should be to 
primarily use your melee weapon, and use your guns for free damage/to assist 
in a melee combo by staggering your opponent and the like.

Melee builds, depending on weight, can either follow the hit and run tactics 
of a Light mech, or focus on trading with the opponent in favor of doing more 
damage and tanking hits. Either way you should try to end the fight as soon 
as possible, whether it be your or your opponents win. Shields tend to make it 
easier to deal with Ranged builds, which hard counter Melee builds to the 
maximum extent.

-=Now, some tips and tricks.=-
Watch Your Boost

I know you wanna spam that boost trigger like you've always dreamed of, but 
conservation is important; you run out of boost and you're basically cornered. 
Can't cancel out of attacks, dodge your opponents attacks, nothing. CONSERVE.

-=Watch Your Boost=-
Don't spam boost dodge when you don't have to. Holding the trigger to boost 
around gives you more control over how much you use; save boost dodging for 
its actual purpose; DODGING.

-=Play Smart, Not Hard=-
Particularly for the lower armor builds; don't rush in without having a general 
idea of what your opponent is capable of doing. Their weapons could be your demise 
from the start of the battle if you don't pay attention.

-=Watch Your Boost=-
Dodging out of an attack (effectively canceling the attack) uses more boost 
than a normal dodge, so don't commit to an attack you know you will dodge out 
of (unless you are faking out your opponent).

-=Build Types and Weights=-
The customization available allows for a variety of build types (and "weights") 
but allow me to list what I think to be all of them.

-=Build Types=-
Depending on your weapon sets, you can be classified as three different types 
of builds; Ranged, Hybrid, or Melee. 

Ranged would mean you have only equipped weapons that launch projectiles 
(missiles, shotguns, SMG's and the like), and tend to be the most difficult 
builds to use, but the most rewarding when used properly (conserving ammo and 
managing your boost).

Hybrid builds utilize both ranged and melee weapons, a combination of swords 
and guns. Being able to use a large variety of weapons, and easier to use than 
ranged to boot, a lot of the bots you see will be of this variety.

Last but not least, Melee builds strictly equip melee weapons. These builds have 
arguably the highest damage output of the three (as well as being one of the 
easiest types to control). They are heavily countered by builds with ranged 
equipment of any kind, but a shield usually helps in this situation.

-=Build Weights=-
I describe a builds "weight" as its armor, and its need to dodge. There are 
three weights I would like to classify; Light, Medium, and Heavy. These are just 
as important when figuring out a playstyle.

Light builds tend to perform the least risky actions, in favor of hit and run 
tactics (having the lowest amount of armor of the three, around 4000).

Medium builds can afford to trade hits with their opponents, but still in favor of 
not getting hit (having slightly more armor than a light build, but still small 
enough to play smart, around 5000-6000).

Heavy builds tank hits in favor of out-damaging your opponent while you are taking 
damage yourself (usually packing something close to the maximum amount of armor; 8700)

-=Building Your Mech=-
Now it is time to give form to your mech.

Your first goal should be to create the base stats of the mech you want, then make 
it look better.

Making a good looking mech is nice and all, but if it doesn't function properly you 
won't have much to brag about when you mention the build. So pick the weapons you 
feel work best with each other, pick body-parts that give you your desired stats, 
then test against the dummy to see how well it works. I personally like testing 
the build up the ladder of AI, from Dummy to Insane difficulty.

The testing button in the garage.

-=General Tips and Tricks=-
First off; see this stat right here?

This is your load. The more gear you have equipped, the higher your load. A lower load 
increases melee damage, while going over 100% can give your mech some serious negative 
effects. In general, try to keep it under 100% and you should be fine.

Next stat; Melee Damage Mod.

The default Melee Damage Mod (MDM) is 100%. This is the normal amount of damage for 
a weapon. Going above 100% is a bonus in damage, while going under 100% means you are 
doing less damage than normal. As you can see by the name, this only effects melee 
weapons. Ranged weapon damage is static as of now, so with a Ranged build you do not 
need to worry about this stat.

Now let us talk about the armor Internals.

The rest of the internals are straightforward, but mathematically speaking it might 
be difficult to pick the right modifier for you. For stability and armor, there is 
a Flat Bonus and a % Bonus piece. In the case of both stability and armor, if you 
are going to pick an armor or stability internal, the Flat Bonus is always better. 
(Reinforced Frame, and Gravitic Enhancement are their names).

-=Coloring Your Mech
Let's face it, some people do and don't enjoy coloring their builds. So, in the case 
of all the people who simply want to get out into the world of Garrison: Archangel, 
there is an assortment of color presets for you to quickly pick something you find 
nice and begin battling. If you want more customization, hit the arrow button next 
to basic colors to get a more advanced coloring experience.

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