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  Hints and Tips for: Gemcraft 
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 Gemcraft Cheats


How to get a high damage gem:
Submitted by: John

I have made a gem with 289 for minimum damage and 1025 for maximum damage. 
You have to have the high grade gem skill and the medium grade gem skill.

Submitted by. David K.

* To play this game you need a mouse. 
* Click on any spell to select it. 
* Drag and move the gems, or just throw them at your enemies.

Tips to Deal with High HP Monsters:
Written by DiMono

* You can farm XP from lower levels by entering Endurance mode. More XP = 
  higher wizard level = more skill points to spend.
* That said, my usual strategy for dealing with high HP monsters is to 
  keep two identical towers on the field, providing enough shots per 
  minute to handle swarmling waves.
* Then when a wave of giants shows up, merge those two towers together 
  and put a new gem in the now-empty tower.
* That way you have a high-powered gem to handle the big boys, while 
  still having a second gem to help with swarmlings.
* Remember also that if you cast an enchantment spell on a gem it doesn’t 
  need to wait to socket, and it does additional damage for a time.
* So if you wait until the giants are in range of your will-be-big gem 
  before doing the merge and casting a spell on it, you’ll get an extra
  DPS boost right after the merge.

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