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  Hints and Tips for: GetAmped 2 
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 GetAmped 2 Cheats

GetAmped 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: David K.

Street Fight ranks:
Gain the indicated number of points in Street Fight to 
reach the corresponding rank.

Inexperienced Fighter : 0 to 5,000 points.
Street Buzzard        : 5,000 to 15,000 points.
Street Fang           : 15,000 to 22,000 points.
Street Lone Wolf      : 22,000 to 35,000 points.
Street Phoenix        : 35,000 to 50,000 points.
Top 50 Street Fight   : 54,000+ points.

Complete the indicated task to earn the corresponding medal. Medals add 
experience boost if you are the master of the room. The better the medal,
the more experience it multiplies

Top 50 Mega force    : 2,000,000+ points obtained in Mega force mode.
Top 50 Best teamwork : 1,2000,000+ points obtained in Team Match.
Top 50 Best fighter  : 1,400,000+ points obtained in Private Match.

Easy W:
Go to the Gat stadium. Once there, enter a Royale battle. If you win, the 
money will be glitched. Instead of 15W from each round, you will be rewarded
up to 1,000W each time you win the battle. Duel mode gives you up to 180W 
each round. The following is a list of the chart of level up W rewards. 

Driller to Fighter : 3,000W each level. 
Fighter to Warrior : 4,000W each level. 
Warrior to King    : 5,000W each level. 
King to Star       : 6,000W each level. 
Star to Hero       : 9,000W each level. 

Note: When you level to the next rank (for example, Driller to Fighter), 
you get called to the General twice. He will give you more W and very rare
items depending on your rank.

Easy wins in Duel mode:
Use any long range type weapon (for example, the Arm Blaster (recommended),
GF-Peacekeeper, etc.). Knock your opponent into the ring out area. When he 
or she tries to get back up, use a shot from the gun to keep them down there
until the ring out bar depletes. He or she will die.

Free Crescents:
When you first start the game and get to Fighter rank, go to the General's 
office. He will give you 100 Crescents, which is worth $1.00 in real money.
Note: He will not give you the Crescents if you level past the first Fighter
rank and have the apprentice show you the way to his office.

W Amped lucky draw:
The W amped lucky draw has worthless items instead of the recolor of expensive
W accessories. It is better to by the original one, because the chances of you
getting the recolor are very low. 

Get beneath the Prime Market:
In the Prime Market, go to any of the benches on the far sides of the wooden 
floor. Once there, sit down and use the "No way!" emote (where your character
steps back slightly with an excited face) three times, times, then stand up 
and walk around. You are now beneath the Prime Market. Note: The same glitch
can be performed at Spin Square, on the benches where the fountain is located.

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