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  Hints and Tips for: Ghostbusters - The Video Game 
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 Ghostbusters - The Video Game Cheats

Ghostbusters - The Video Game

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

All the upgrades cost $166,500.

NES Ghostbusters Ending Screen:
In the Ghostbusters headquarters, one of the monitors on
the upstairs desks has the ending screen from the original
Ghostbusters game on the NES. The monitor comes complete 
with all the spelling and punctuation errors.

Watchmen reference:
When listening to the answering machine messages, one will be of a man talking 
in a gruff voice asking, "Who busts the Ghostbusters?"

Player awards:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award:

 - The Real Ghostbuster: Most ghosts trapped or destroyed. 
 - Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost: Least amount of knockouts. 
 - Medic: Most revivals of teammates. 
 - Most Revived: Most times revived by a teammate. 
 - Marathon Runner: Longest total distance traveled in the match. 
 - Slowpoke: Shortest total distance traveled in the match. 
 - Slime Magnet: Most times slimed. 
 - Rollin In Dough: Most cash earned in the match. 
 - Broke: Least cash earned in the match. 
 - Tech Head: Most power-ups collected in the match. 
 - Purist: Fewest power-ups collected in the match. 
 - Itchy Trigger Finger: First Person to shoot in the round. 
 - Nice Shootin Tex: Highest accuracy with the Proton beam (including the Boson Dart). 
 - Light Show: Lowest accuracy with the Proton beam (including the Boson Dart). 
 - Dead Aim: Most ghosts hit with the Meson Collider (including alternate fire). 
 - Darkest Matter: Most ghosts hit with the Shock Blast (including the Stasis beam). 
 - Ghosticle: Most ghosts frozen with the Stasis Beam. 
 - Slimer: Most shots with the Slime Blower (including the Slime Tether). 
 - Befriender: Most ghosts turned into good guys with Pink Slime. 
 - Duckin and Dodgin: Most dodges and jumps. 
 - Slammer: Most wrangled ghost slams. 
 - Long Time Wrangler: Longest ghost wrangle. 
 - Demolitions Man: Most ghosts damaged in a single explosion. 
 - Keeping An Eye Out: Longest period of time in PKE goggle view. 
 - My Ghosts My Trap: Most ghosts trapped in your own trap. 
 - We Came We Saw: First person to trap 10 ghosts. 
 - Destruction Master: Most Evil Relics destroyed. 
 - Smashy Smashy: First player to destroy 10 Evil Relics. 
 - Blink Out: Most ghosts eliminated by destroying Evil Relics. 
 - Rampager: Shortest period of time between destroying two Evil Relics. 
 - Soul Survivor: Longest run without getting knocked out. 
 - Team Savior: Revived each teammate at least once. 
 - First Death: First knockout of the round. 
 - Commando: Highest ghost defeat to player knockout ratio. 
 - MVP: Most points in Slime Dunk. 
 - Slimer Wrangler: Longest amount of time wrangling Slimer. 
 - Slimer Dodger: Least number of times knocked down by Slimer. 
 - Gloop Dreams: First person to perform 5 Slime Dunks in the match. 
 - Best Rescuer: Most Artifacts returned to the safe zone. 
 - First Rescuer: First player to destroy an Artifact thief. 
 - Red Handed: The player who destroys the most Artifact thieves. 
 - True Protector: Trap three ghosts in a row while the active PKE Disruptor 
   remains undamaged.
 - Comeback Kid: Trap three ghosts in "Sudden Death". 
 - Vendetta: Be the first to destroy or capture a ghost after it has damaged
   a PKE Disruptor.

Most Wanted ghost locations:
Successfully complete the indicated tasks in the following locations:

Library (Reading Room, Basement Stacks, Twisted Stacks)
 - The Book Of Pain: Successfully complete any job in any of the Library levels. 
 - Captain Of The Guard: Capture The Book Of Pain, and kill twenty paper enemies. 
 - Olga The Terrible: Capture the Captain Of The Guard, and successfully complete
   five jobs in the Library. 
 - Dredge: Capture Olga The Terrible, and successfully complete ten Library thief jobs.

Times Square (Streets, Office, Rooftops)
 - Smelly Ned: Successfully complete five containments in the Times Square maps. 
 - Dolnasky: Capture Smelly Ned, and collect fifty power-ups. 
 - Grimgreave: Capture Dolnasky, and kill twenty gargoyles and/or cherubs using slams. 
 - Binky: Capture Grimgreave, and successfully complete ten survivals on the Times 

Museum (Rotunda, Mayan, Egypt)
 - Grundel: Successfully complete five Museum protections. 
 - Sharpshooter Bailey: Capture Grundel, and capture fifteen civil war ghosts. 
 - The Maestro: Capture Sharpshooter Bailey, and successfully complete ten Museum
   survival jobs. 
 - Grand Pappy Sargassi: Capture The Maestro and successfully complete fifteen jobs
   on the Museum levels.

Cemetery (Graveyard, Altar, Lost Temple)
 - Mad Mad Minimo: Earn $50,000 in any Cemetery job. Must be in a single match (survival
 - The Darkest: Capture Mad Mad Minimo, and kill fifteen Black Slime monsters. 
 - The Clawed Menace: Capture The Darkest, and kill fifty Cemetery crawlers (spider like
   tombstone creatures). 
 - The Uprising: Capture The Clawed Menace, and successfully complete ten survival jobs
   in the Cemetery.

Any level except for Slime Dunk
 - Rotten Slimer: Capture 10 Slimers. 
 - Wee Slimer: Capture Rotten Slimer, and win at least three Slime Dunks. 
 - Polar Slimer: Capture Wee Slimer, and achieve twenty Slime Dunks on each of the Slime
   Dunk maps. 
 - Glutton Slimer: Capture Polar Slimer, and successfully complete 60 jobs.

Rookie's real name:
Check your messages when you get back from the "Stay Puft Marshmallow" level. The new
person's father or friend says "You're doing adequate work out there Luke, keep it up!.
This reveals that his name is Luke Hoss.

Player ranks:
The player ranks in order are as follows. 

- Intern Ghostbuster 
- Rookie 
- Greenhorn 
- Supernatural Investigator 
- Novice Ghostbuster 
- Paranormal Examiner 
- Slime Collector 
- Spook Spotter 
- Spirit Trapper 
- Ghostbuster 
- Proton Slinger 
- Slimer Snagger 
- Phantom Blaster 
- Ecto Exterminator 
- Elite Ghostbuster 
- Wraith Wrangler 
- Soul Hunter 
- Specter Slayer 
- Defender of New York 
- Ghostbuster of the Year 
- Rookie's real name

Indiana Jones reference:
One of the messages on the answering machine is from a Professor Jones who is trying to 
locate the Vigo painting, stating that it belongs in a museum.

Ghostbusters II reference:
* In front of the water fountain in the firehouse is a window looking back into storage.
  You can see the "Ghostbusters II" sign and some doors from Ecto 1A. 
* When you are in the firehouse just before returning to the closed-up Sedgewick, play 
  through the phone messages. You will hear a woman asking for the number to Ray's Occult

Fan fiction reference:
Go upstairs at Ghostbusters headquarters. You can find a drawing by a child on pink paper 
hanging near some electrical equipment. The text "To Uncle Egon, from Ed." Appears on it. 
This is a reference to the fan fiction Ghostbusters videos "Freddy vs. Ghostbusters" and 
"The Return Of The Ghostbusters" which features Egon's nephew Ed Spengler. 

Sleazy hotel:
When using your PKE Meter to track Slimer, go up to Room 1206, to the right of the vase
he is hiding in. The sounds coming from the door are of a man and a woman arguing (or 
doing something else).

Spider Witch preview:
When hunting Slimer, you will find room 1221, the Spider Witch's room. Looking through the
Paragoogles at the lower left decoration will reveal a glowing spider.

Madame de Pompadour reference:
The portrait of Ivo Shandor's mother we see on Shandor Island, is in fact modeled after
Francois Boucher's 1750s portrait of Madame de Pompadour, courtesan to Louis the XV of 
France. Though a political and historically significant figure, she was essentially a 

Peter's desk area:
Look at the wall behind Peter's desk. Some of things found there are funny.
* Newspaper clippings: "Teacher's Death was Natural", "OMG Ten Ghostbusters They are Gonna 
  Blow Your Mind" , "Beware Central Park at Midnight" (good advice), "Vigo Painting Melted:
  It was awesome when it exploded" 
* Degrees: "Your Name Here", "Hey", "The Big Apple: To the Cause" 

Spanish headlines:
Back in the firehouse after the "Shador Island" level, there are Spanish newspapers thrown 
all over. The headline reads "Un Cubano En El Cosmos," which means "A Cuban in Space."

O.J. Simpson reference:
One of the messages from the Vigo painting is a reference to the O.J. Simpson trial. It 
reads, "I see the evil in the times to come. The glove won't fit."

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