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  Hints and Tips for: Ghostrunner 
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 Ghostrunner Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Sword Locations:
-=Sword #1=-
Available to everyone from the start.

-=Sword #2 – The Climb=-
During the mission, The Climb, reach the end and you’ll find it behind 
a ‘STOP’ sign and some boxes – on the opposite side of the exit.

-=Sword #3 – Jacked Up=-
In the Jacked Up mission, you’ll come to a large, open area with moving 
cranes (grappling points). To the right of the area, behind some yellow 
cylinders, you’ll find the collectible.

-=Sword #4 – Breath In=-
In the section where you’re able to move the crane left or right, make sure 
that it’s on the left side and use the switch to turn it on. You’ll need to 
grapple onto it to reach the small platform on the opposite side to find the 

-=Sword #5 – Breath In=-
After acquiring the Speed Key, you’ll need to be quick and find it behind 
a fan.

-=Sword #6 – Road to Amida=-
During the section with the rotating platforms, go all the way to the end 
and climb up the stairs. It should be behind some junk, right next to 
‘EXIT 12C’ painted on the wall.

-=Sword #7 – Run Up=-
After you get to fight new robotic enemies (near a large, pink neon sign in 
the distance), don’t push forward and drop down on your left to find the 
collectible in plain sight.

-=Sword #8 – Dharma City=-
After riding your first drone, continue to push forward using the ziplines 
all the way to the end. After you land on the upper platform, use the last 
zipline to get back and it will take you straight to the collectible hiding 
in a small opening.

-=Sword #9 – Echoes=-
After defeating the 2nd enemy with a katana, don’t take the ramp down and 
wallrun to the left of the area to find another Sword collectible.

-=Sword #10=-
After managing to defeat all the enemies in the underground area near the exit,
head up the ramp and turn around to wallrun into a hole with the collectible 
on the right side.

-=Sword #11 – In Her Own Image=-
Simply defeat Hel to acquire it.

-=Sword #12 – The Forbidden Zone=-
After the big fight with everyone, near the 2nd super jump, don’t take the ramp 
and slide through a partially-open garage door to find the collectible inside.

-=Sword #13 – Reign in Hell=-
At the very start of the level, continue straight and hit an electricity box 
on the right side to open up a secret room with the Sword collectible inside.

-=Sword #14 – Reign in Hell=-
After avoiding the explosives blocking your way, head over to the area from 
where they come from and take the zipline straight to the collectible.

-=Sword #15 – Things You Wouldn’t Believe=-
During the section with a lot of ziplines, you need to reach the top and find 
it behind a server with red lights.

Guide to Skip Starting Logos:
Written by Bitpy

* In your library right-click Ghostrunner -> “Manage” -> "Browse local files"
* Once you are in there go to "...\Ghostrunner\Content\Movies"
* Delete "SplashScreen.mp4"
* Optionally you can delete "GR_TRAILER_Demo.mp4" 
  (this is the intro cutscene)
* And done! 
* Keep in mind that you may have to repeat the process if you verify the integrity 
  of the files.

How to Run on a Wall:
Written by Esquire

As we all know, running on a wall is quite difficult.. even impossible according 
to some experts. In this guide, I’m going to explain how to do this.

-=All You Gotta Do=
* Face a wall (with mouse).
* Run towards it (hit w).
* Jump (hit space).
* Now your character should start running on it. You can hit space or shift to 
  cancel this action.
* Congratulations! Now, you are a Ghostrunner and can do cool tricks like jumping 
  from one wall to the other. How exciting!

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