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  Hints and Tips for: Ghosts of Miami 
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 Ghosts of Miami Cheats

Ghosts of Miami

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by Minzoku Bokumetsu

Amrita Singh: Talk to the FBI Profiler in either Case #3 or Case #4
Angelique: Find a contact at South Shore in Case #4
Auntie: Go to Liberty City in Case #2
Big Vanessa: Go to The Cannery in Case #2
Buddy Bailey: Meet the flyover pilot, Buddy Bailey in Case #4
Detective Harris: Report a Missing Person in Case #1
Don: Have dinner with Luci in Case #2
Ethan Brown: Check the hospitals in Case #1 or pick up the hospital 
files in Case #2 (?)
Georgia: automatic in Case #2
Janet Lessig: Find Melanie's Apartment in Case #2
Jed Powers: Visit the Boardwalk in Case #1 or (?)
Lucho: automatic in Case #4
Luci Escobar: Visit Luci in Case #1
Marcy Ling: Visit the high school in Case #1
Mickey Martínez: Visit Mickey at the docks in Case #1
Mrs. Woon: automatic in Case #1
Richard: Visit Mickey at the docks in Case #1
Ramón Benítez: automatic in Case #4
Tala: Visit the high school in Case #1
Trevor: Visit Luci in Case #1

General hints about where to get the clues... I haven't reset my game to go 
back and find exactly where the clues were triggered (as they permanently 
save to your notebook, they only trigger once, even if you play through again), 
but you can get an idea how to find them.

-=Case #1
Preppy kids/highway in Overtown: Talk to Richard
Jed Powers: Talk to Marcy/Tala
Grace was dating Trevor: Talk to Marcy/Tala
Grace is young and vulnerable: Talk to Trevor
Grace used to love the Boardwalk: Talk to Mrs. Woon (automatic?)
Students dealing drugs: Talk to Tala
The hospital had an increase in teen muggings: Talk to Ethan
Jed Powers seems sketchy: Talk to Tala/Trevor

-=Case #2
Check out Melanie's apartment
Interrogate Auntie about sketchy jobs
Find out about The Cannery
Check out Melanie's apartment (read her mail)
Brunettes missing: Check Liberty City a second time
Luci gave Melanie her first hit of cocaine (automatic)
Melanie was last seen in Liberty City
Melanie was associated with Overtown and Liberty City: Report a missing person

-=Case #3
Artistic photos
The Doll Collector had a troubled past: Talk to the FBI Profiler
Red Chevy: Look for the witness in Liberty City
The Doll Collector gave victims drugs: check the hospital files?/ask Ethan?
Janet didn't have any identification: Investigate The Cannery, check Janet's 
Janet had a brunette wig: Investigate The Cannery, check the makeup stations
Hospital records
Tala has a lead: ask Tala to do investigating at the school/call The Cannery

-=Case #4
Talk to Jed/Luci
The hospital or the police would intercept smuggled persons
How would Luís communicate with the shore?
Ask Luci about smuggling: Ask Luci for help
Ramón isn't who he appears to be: Look into Ramón Benítez
Janet said that Auntie might know something: Go to The Cannery, have a drink
Why smuggle someone when you have so many resources? Go to The Cannery, 
have a drink (don't see Buddy Bailey)

-=Case #5

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