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  Hints and Tips for: Gish 
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 Gish Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Fat Gish:
Type supersizeme at the credits screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Turbo mode:
Note: This requires v1.1 and newer versions of the game. Press [Up] [Up] [Down] 
[Down] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] A [Space] when "Presented by" appears on 
the opening sequence. The text "Turbo Edition v1.1" will appear at the main menu
to confirm correct code entry. 

Level select:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or higher difficulty setting. 

Bonus versus mode levels:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or higher difficulty setting. 

Ludicrous difficulty:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. 

Collection versus mode:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. 

Mini mode:
Successfully complete the game under the ludicrous difficulty setting.

Warp Zones:
Level 1-3 Bash through the 1st set of spikes to the left of the 1st suspended 
platform fall down the passage and break the Question mark block to warp to 
the Mario-like level.

Level 2-1 pull the 1st vertical platform to the left, climb the ceiling 
and drop down using heavy to break through the ground fall down the 
passage and into a room with a giant pitfall Harry sprite to warp to 
the Pitfall-like level

Level 3-4 in the room where the skulls fly out of the ground run and 
grab onto the 1st skull platform that shoots out, ride it up into the 
air till you see a platform marked 666, jump to that platform to warp 
to the isle of the dead.

Level 4-4 right before the collapsing pillars climb under the 1st overhang 
and break through the wall, fall down the passage and into pacmans mouth 
to warp to the Pac-Man-like level.

Tips and Tricks:
Jumping can be hard at first, however with practice it becomes second 
nature. As you will probably notice, pressing 'space' will make gish, 
well, not do much really. However, if you mix space with the up arrow, 
he will rise of the ground a bit, now at the top of his little jump, 
press and hold down to hit the ground with force. Gish will compress 
once he hits the ground, now press space and up again, and due to his 
compression he'll jump higher! Do this a few times and you'll notice 
Gish will start to gain some height, and thats how you jump :)
So, just to make sure you understand, press up and space to jump, then 
hold down once he stops rising, and when he hits the ground again press
up and space once more, keep repeating for more height!

Steam achievements:
Submitted by: BoneK

ACHIEVEMENT                         - HOW TO UNLOCK
Complete game on ludicrous mode     - Beat game on ludicrous mode
Defeated Satan                      - Defeated satan
Didn’t Rescue Brea                  - Defeated Satan
Found all secrets                   - Found all 48 secrets in Gish
Found God mode                      - Found God mode
Found Mario level                   - Found Mario level
Found Pitfall level                 - Found Pitfall level
Has real friends                    - Played a 4 player game
Joined Satan                        - Joined satan
Made it through Hell without dieing - Made it through Hell without dieing
Rescued Brea                        - Rescued brea

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