Goosebumps - Escape From Horrorland Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Goosebumps - Escape From Horrorland 
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 Goosebumps - Escape From Horrorland Cheats

Goosebumps - Escape From Horrorland

Spray paint:
Click on the opposite wall from the stain glass windows in 
Vampire Village. You will be able to spray paint the wall. 

Falling snowmen:
Click on the moon at Horrorland Plaza, then click on the 
brown patch next to a tree. 

Find the hammer in the garbage cans at Horrorland Plaza. 
Return to Werewolf Village, and go to the wheels that 
control the fire. Use the hammer on the "worm" to play a 
"Hit the Gopher" type game. 

Hint: Entering the blood bank:
Enter the werewolf's house and look in the bedroom. 
Examine the credit card in his wallet. Go to the vampire 
village and approach the gate where Dracula lives. 
Turn around to find the blood bank. Enter the four 
numbers from the werewolf's credit card to enter.

Tank Game:
To play a tank game at the Vampire Village, enter the pin number next 
to the castle gate, go left down the street where the bug eating guy 
is, and enter the pin number on the bank (it's at the start of the game).
The pin number is 1313.

Getting the Missing Eye:
First you need to go to the Guillotine Museum. Once inside you need to 
find a mop. After you have found the mop you need must click on it. Then
go to the place in the museum that has a bucket, a hole in some wood, 
and a blade ontop of it and left click on the hole. The mop will only be 
a stick. After the mop is in two pieces go to the area with the sunglasses
and click on the glass. Then you should click on the bottom two sunglasses.
Next go to an area where there are two "statues" and a wooden plank with an
eye on it. Go to your pouch and click on one on the sunglasses and click on
one of the "statues's" eyes. Last, you do the same thing as you just did, 
but to the other "statue". 

Bonus Game:
When at Horrorland Plaza, look in all the trash cans until you get a hammer. 
When you return to Werewolf Village, go to the wheels that can turn off the 
fire. Use the hammer on the "worm" and you will play a game like Gopher-pop.

Write On the Chalkboard in the Cafe:
In the Fullmoon Cafe, go to the chalkboard that says nasty food (like 
Scrambled Brains or Tounge Sandwich) and click on the bottom of it. 
Chalk appears, and you can write on the board.

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