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  Hints and Tips for: Grounded 
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 Grounded Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:

-=How to fix logging in screen=-
* Remove or disable any antivirus program you have.
* Disable firewall, private and public.

-=How to play multiplayer=-
Figured it out, you have to create a lobby and stay in the character select screen,
then get your friends to join lobby, it will say none found, then they have to search
up friends that have a lobby open and voila, what a palava but thats how you get it 
to work.
Note: you need an Xbox live account.

-=How to change Xbox account=-
On the beginning screen in the top right corner there is an option to "log out" then 
you can sign in with a different Xbox account again.

-=How to avoid ant raids on your base=-
Don't place a base anywhere near an ant hill and they won't bother you too much. Also 
don't store food inside your base, even in storage containers. That's what they come for.

-=How to glide with the dandelion tuft=-
Make sure it is equipped and make sure you activate it while you are moderately high 
from the ground by pressing shift.

-=How to find sap=-
You may to find a stick or piece of wood. While the place you're in is typically grassy, 
you may from time to time stumble upon a few sticks and twigs. Once you do, take a look 
at all round them, due to the fact globs of sap can normally be located on caught on 
all sides! On early game you can find alot of sap near the Mite cave. Later find it 
head over giant oak tree with red leaves. Beware of the spiders. 
There are alot of them.

-=How to make tier 2 axe=-
Using the Creative option the Tier 2 Axe is made from:

1x Ladybug Head.
3x Bombardier Parts.
4x Spider Silk.

Researching any of those above 'should' present the Tier 2 Axe

-=How to kill bombardier beetles=-
To kill bombardier beetles get yourself the ant club or mint mallet and run close to 
them to bait out their close range acid attack then after they used it run back in 
and melee them,rinse and repeat till dead.

-=Dealing with floors=-
Once you get to the lab under the oak tree and help the robot up you get to buy the 
plans for palisade walls and gates, stairs, and normal grass plank floors.

-=How to repair walls=-
You need to have the repair tool for that. So just whack the walls with the repair tool.

-=More about to build=-
If you scan lots of items and attack a few different insects all give you science points 
if you can have about 300 science by the time you get to the oak labs there is another 700
science hidden around inside there which takes you to 1000 then you have 2 choices buy the
upgrade that lets your watch thing locate nearby science or buy the items box which gives 
you stairs floors etc.

* It's a cool premise walking among blades of grass, and if you think that sounds cool, 
  it's pretty neat. The biomes are dense and look good.
* There is a lot of verticality to the maps so you can jump and climb on the environment 
  more than most survival games, to a point.
* It's a small feeling map, so my first impression is replay may be limited.
* Enemies are hp sponges, and early gear breaks early, so going into caves, or deep into 
  the yard takes careful planning and resource management.

-=Base Building=-
* Seems very similar to other base building games at least in its basic toolset. Note 
  you can place walls without placing floors first, so its a bit more flexible.
* Enemies will attack base and can easily trash placed tech items. In my case, I had 
  waaaay more enemies than I could deal with as a single player at my progress level, 
  so base was lost, mostly, and had to start over. In those moments, it feels more 
  balanced towards MP.
* Some resources from destroyed items will end up on the ground, so it's not a total 
* Current bug where vendor who sells floor schematic won't unlock and quest gets bugged. 
  So in that case, no base building 4u >< Had to start over due to that particular bug.

How to Obtain From Downtown Achievement:
Written by mysterjon

There are three things we'll need to have. First, we gather the required materials 
for the hoop, the location we are going to do it, and the pebbles to throw in the hoop 
for the achievement.

-=Step 1: Materials=-
Prepare the materials to build the basketball hoop. 

You'll need:

* 2 Web Fibers: you get it by chopping spider webs.
* 2 Grass Planks: you can get this later on the location that we'll build the hoop. 
  I will tell you in the next step.
* Weed Stem: you can get this from chopping dandelion plants. 
  You should also get this later at the location.
* 5 Clay: you can get this from clay blocks lying around most puddles, 
  and using the shovel on it.

PS. If you already have the hoop, try to relocate it to where I guide you to in 
the next step: The Location.

-=Step 2: The Location=-
* Now, you'll need to go to this location, on the middle-right of the map where lot of
  rubbles and some wood and be seen on the map.
* Try to find a bunch of big rocks that are laying around. This is the our key location.
* Now, build the hoop at the stone near the one that has another stone on top. Like this.
* If you need to cut down the dandelion, make sure to leave the taller (the one on the left) 
  alone, we will need it later.

PS. Make sure you also got some dandelion glider, because you might need it later on 
the next step.
Try to align the hoop side to the side of the thistle plant on another side.
Now, you are ready to continue to the next step.

-=Step 3: The Climb=-
* Before you do this, make sure you nailed the previous steps, and have some pebbles 
  in your backpack.
* Now, you're going to climb on that thistle tree. Yup, the one on the other side 
  of the hoop.
* This can be done easily by jumping from one leaf to another. Don't be afraid of 
  the spikes!
* Start from the lowest leaf, then keep going on the next upper leaf.
* Don't forget your glider in case you fall.
* Once you're on the highest leaf, crouch to the tip of the leaf, jump to the nearest 
  flower pad, then jump to the top of the flower.
* Now, you should be in the place where you try your luck!

-=Final Step: The Throw=-
* Now, this may seems like the hardest part. But it should be the easiest part or our 
  work that we have done for would be in vain...
* Now, aim for the dandelion on top of the hoop, similar to what I did in the picture. 
  Use it as the reference point
* Huck your pebble, and check the result.
* If you didn't score yet, adjust the direction a little bit from your last throw.
* And there you go!

Infected Broodmother Tips:
I had a lot of trouble with the broodmother even after reading tips. In case anyone 
reading is struggling like I did, I wanted to contribute 4 things that helped me 
beyond what I already read in other threads:

* If you mainly played 1st person mode like me, try it in 3rd person mode. It made a 
  huge difference and I could actually tell what was going on during the fight. I donít 
  think Iím ever switching back.
* Turn off the music. Sure itís a fun and epic tune, but annoying when youíre trying 
  to practice/master the fight. Itís way more peaceful to spar when itís quiet.
* I read somewhere that the IBM doesnít scale any stats with 2 people. This isnít 
  true, it had 1/2 the half health when I fought it solo.
* Try not to be angry at your enemy. In fact, have empathy because this once majestic 
  creature has been twisted and corrupted against its will. Your purpose is to put 
  its suffering to an end.

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