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  Hints and Tips for: Grand Theft Auto 2 
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 Grand Theft Auto 2 Cheats

Grand Theft Auto 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Cheater F1X
Updated by Scott Hilliard

Enter "GOURANGA" as a name to enable cheat mode. Then, enter
one of the following names before starting a level.

Effect                          Name
"Elvis clan" people           - LASVEGAS
$200,000                      - DANISGOD
$9,999,999                    - IAMDAVEJ 	
10 million points             - BIGSCORE 	
10x multiplier                - SEGARULZ 	
5x multiplier                 - HIGHFIVE 	
99 lives                      - CUTIE1
All bonus Levels              - TUMYFROG
All levels, weapons, God mode - IAMASUCKER
All three cities              - BEMEALL
All three cities              - UKGAMER
All weapons                   - BLASTBOY
All weapons                   - NAVARONE
All weapons                   - FORALLGT
All weapons with full ammo    - GODOFGTA
Debug basic scripts           - NO FRILLS
Default weapons and ammo      - DAVEMOON
Display coordinates           - WUGGLES
Double damage power-up        - SCHURULZ
Electric ray gun              - VOLTFEST
First two cities              - GINGERR
Flame thrower                 - FLAMEON
Free shopping                 - EATSOUP
Get Out Of Jail Free card     - JAILBAIT
God mode                      - LIVELONG
God mode                      - YAKUZADEATH
Cannot be arrested or killed  - RSJABBER
Hamster runs across screen    - MEATMAN
Increased brutality           - BEEFCAKE
Invisibility                  - HUNSRUS
Keep weapons after arrest     - ARSESTAR
Level select                  - ITSALLUP
Maximum wanted level          - DESIRES
More gore                     - GOREFEST
Naked people                  - NEKKID
No exploding scores           - COCKTART
No police                     - LOSEFEDS
No police                     - ELVIS IS HERE
People more aggressive        - BUCKFAST
Respect from three gangs      - MADEMAN
Small cars                    - FISHFLAP

All these cheats work!

Get Easy Money:
Submitted by: Iwan Davies

Get a Taxi then park on the side of a road. When somebody gets in they
will pay you $1 per second. If you speed up they pay more. Dont crash 
otherwise they get out.

Submitted by: John

Its good 2 have a wank while ur playin it gets u more excited and hiped up 
4 the game. 

Leave a car at the dump to receive the corresponding power-up.

Car Power-Up:  
Aniston BD4       - Jail Free Card  
Beamer            - Flame Thrower 
Big Bug           - Machine Gun 
B-Type            - Invulnerability 
Bug               - Machine Gun 
Dementia          - Invisibility 
Miar              - a Rocket Launcher 
Michelli Roadster - Machine Gun  
Minx              - ElectroFingers 
Police Car        - Cop Bribe 
Romero            - Armor 
Schmidt           - Health 
Shark             - Molotov Cocktails  
Taxi              - Double Damage 
U-Jerk            - Truck Machine Gun 
Z-Type            - Silenced Machine Gun  

Bonus level:
Collect all the GTA 2 Shields and to play the 3.Special Level.

Getting rid of cops:
Go to the territory of what ever gang you are working for and they will shoot
them for you.

When you enter muchcash you get 500000$,when you start the level.Then save the 
game and quit the level.Then load from saved status and now you have 500000$
morethan before on our account.You can do the trick often you want.
-submitted by

Tune radio: 
While driving a car that has a radio, press Up to change stations.

Weird Cars: 
There are several ways to make a few different cars look weird.

Hot Dog Train: Burp/fart 17 times (press tab while on foot) then walk exactly
10 steps north. Turn to the east and jump forward 3 times. Now when you got to
a train, the cars will be hotdogs.

Psychadelic Gang Cars: Repeat the first 2 steps as you would for the train code,
but instead of turning east, turn west and jump forward only once, now the gang 
cars will be flashing different colors.

Good Humor Truck (pistol required): Make sure you are facing north, take exactly
15 steps backwards. Shoot the first person you see that walks onto the screen 
from the north, you need to hit him with one and only one bullet. Now all of the
ice-cream trucks will look like traditional good humor vans.

* The cops can be your friend, especially when you're in rival gang territory
  and you need some additional firepower. Make sure there's a cop around when 
  the gang attacks you. As long as you don't shoot back, the police will attack
  the rival gang, effectively providing you with cover. 

* Weapon pickups regenerate. If you're not under a time limit, hang out until 
  a weapon respawns, then pick it up for more ammo. 

* Collect the little GTA2 logos to unlock bonus missions. 

* Be on the lookout for ramps. To see where the ramps lead, get a good head 
  start to build up some speed. They almost always send you somewhere that 
  has a special bonus. 

Submitted by: Omar

buckfast-riot mode(people attack you)

Can u trust me u ca n fly in the game:
Submitted by: Benny Deepak [INDIA]

1] Take Molotov Cocktails
2] Go to a high place 
3] select the cocktails as ur weapon
4] Jump from there by pressing space bar
5] keep on pressing {ctrl} button on the key board.
6] u'll fly
this is use full to esc from the cops.

Submitted by: Vijayant Pandit

First grab the guns by gun cheat and then jump on any cars bonutten roam aroud 
the city with nasry killings.

Submitted by: saurabh_mysterio

While playing in the Stage 2, Play over the rooftops with the faster car, jump 
over the slopes you will find at some places the numbered cars (which will warp 
you to a wang cars shop). Collect as many cars as possible (at least 5) then save
the game. Restart the game and go for the warp cars at the same places where you 
found them before saving. You will get a Wang cars Bonus, having no. of armored 
vehicles. Coool Huh.

Church Hint:
Submitted by: [CeeFour]

It's much easier to find the Church where you may save your game if you follow 
the antenna on top of any TV van. It always points towards the church!

Submitted by: azeem

When u get in fire bigrade fire the hose 8 times and your guy get the ability 
to fly and u can move around and then to land u need to pressspace to fly again
stand in one place for 5mins then he takes off.

Submitted by: Gaurav

When u r playing the second stage(residential area)there r some cars in which 
when u sit they teleport us so teleport yourself from one of these cars located
in the map and save your game by entering a place which is at the starting of 
the level and then again resume ur saved status.then go 2 the place where u 
teleported and then you will find that it is there again sit in the car and 
you will come 2 a place called WANG's car bonus where you will get loads of 
special cars (tanks etc). 

Fire truck and tank hint:
Submitted by: R.Saranyaraj(India)

You can change direction where the hose or the tank fires by pressing TAB 
along with right or left arrow keys. 

Police hint:
Submitted by: R.Saranyaraj(india)

1)Whenever you have only one police priority rating, you can escape by 
  hiding for about one minute inside places where roads are are not visible 
  (like between buildings and make sure you don't encounter a police for the 
  same time of hiding.

2)Even if you have maximum of six police priority rating, you can escape 
  by going to the nearest Max-paynt counter and get your car sprayed or number 
  plate changed and escape from police and army men.But make sure that youhave 
  minimum of $5,000 and the car is n't a police car, swat van, and official 
  cars (like special agents car). 

Submitted by: roshan pal

Leave a car at the dump to receive the corresponding power-up.[level-3]

Car Power-Up: 
Panto             - Granades
Stinger           - Electro Fingers
Cop Car           - Cop Bride
Special Agent car - Respect
Land Roamer       - Invulnerability
Taxi              - Double Damage
Minx              - Flame Thrower
Jagular XK        - Electro GunAniston
BD4               - Jail Free Card 
Beamer            - Flame Thrower 
Big Bug           - Machine Gun
B-Type            - Invisibility
Bug               - Machine Gun 
Dementia          - Invisibility 
Miar              - Rocket Launcher
Jefferson         - Jail Free Card
Big Bug           - Armor
Eddy              - S-Uzi Machine Gun
Romero            - Molotov Cocktails
Rumbler           - Fast Reload
Archnid           - S-Uzi Machine Gun
U-Jerk            - S-Uzi Machine Gun
Shark             - Rocket Launcher
Maurice           - Helth
Bulwark           - ShotGun.

Can u trust me u can fly in the game:
Submitted by: roshan pal

1] Take Grenades
2] Go to a high place
3] Select the grenads as ur weapon
4] Jump from there by pressing space bar
5] Keep on pressing {Ctrl} botton on the key board.
6] U'll fly

This is usefull to esc from the cops.

Submitted by: Himadri & Manit

If you think that the maximum ammo for a weapon is 99 then you are thinking wrong!
Yes, you can get 255 ammo for a weapon. Its simple. All you have to do is to get a
KILL FRENZY and save the game before the time for the kill frenzy runs out. The next
time when you resume your saved status you will see that the letters K.F. are still
mentioned below the weapon. Fire the weapon once and you will see that the ammo for
the kill frenzy changes to 254!!! Hallalooya!!! But remember one thing that you 
should not pick up ammo for that weapon cause this will reduce your ammo to 99. 
Suppose that you have Molotov cocktail as your saved kill frenzy and its ammo is 
254. Then do not pick up any Molotov cocktail until your ammo reduces to below 99.
You can save several kill frenzies also. Save one, then exit and then save the 
other. In the second city i.e. Residential District you can get a kill frenzy just
in front of the building where you save the game. It gives you Molotov cocktails. 
Take the kill frenzy and save the game. And then when you resume your saved status
you will have 255 ammo for Molotov cocktails. Get onto the same building where you
save the game by jumping over from the railway overhead bridge to a small building
and then use the steps to get on top of the building. Now shower your blessings 
(Molotov cocktails) on the peds and the vehicles! Don't worry for the cops cause 
they wont reach the top of the building where you are. In the third city i.e. 
Industrial District you can get a rocket launcher kill frenzy in a building which
is on the other side of the highway just behind your save area i.e. Jesus Saves. 
Get it and save it. Then resume and enjoy!

Here are some tips to escape the cops: 
If there is one cop head on the top of your screen then you can escape the cops. 
Just go to some place where there are no cops and wait. The cop head will disappear.
But if your wanted rate is higher i.e. there is more than one cop head on the top 
of the screen then you have to try some of the next methods to escape the cops. 
Steal any vehicle other than police vehicle and repaint it. The cop heads will 
disappear. Crush a cop car and take the cop bribe that you get after crushing the 
cop car. The cop heads will disappear.

To score more:
Submitted by: abhishek.naik

First you take a big vehicle the you go near the people and horn they will collect 
one side then kill that people they are in 30 or more people collected then you can
find bonus up to 8,000.Like this continue.

Submitted by: R.Saranyaraj

Here's is simple way to get rid of cops, but without any money used or getting the 
cop-bribe. Well this works only in first area. Whatever be the Police Wanted Rating, 
go the tutorial telephone in the church and pick it and then you will have the car 
by the road, get into it soon and speed off from the church; walla all your Wanted 
levels are gone. But don't mind the guy yelling at you in the text...

Wang cars bonus:
In each gang's perspective turf, a mysterious, numbered sports car is hidden (1, 2, 
and 5). The cars in the Zaibatsu and Scientists' regions are both elevated above 
ground and must be accessed by walkway, whereas the car located in the Redneck's 
territory is on a northwestern island that must be accessed by a car ramp over water. 
Once any of these cars is boarded, you will immediately be transported back to Wang's 
car lot, where you will be awarded $30,000 in exchange for the car. Your real reward 
comes once the third car is delivered. At this point, you will be returned to the 
car lot, where a tank, a fire truck, a special forces car, an armed land rover, and 4 
Furore GTs are waiting.

Getting rid of cops:
Regardless of how many cops heads are shown, this will get rid of them in the first 
level. Proceed to the church where the level begins. Walk to the tutorial phone and 
make sure that you activate the tutorial (and the man begins to speak to you). 
Immediately proceed to the west side of the building (left of the screen). 
Walk through the opening on the west side wall that leads up to the roof. 
The cop heads should be gone.

Get on a high building, equip a throwing weapon such as molotovs or grenades, and
jump up in the air. When at the highest point of your jump, start throwing the 
grenades/ molotovs. You will actually be flying now because you cannot throw things
when in the air -- the jump will start over and remain at the same height as the 
building you started from. To get down again, just stop shooting. Use this trick 
when army, police, SWAT, or special agents are after you -- they will not see you
when in the air. Tanks can see you but cannot touch you.

Driving up stairs:
You can drive up some stairs and ramps, but some will bounce you away. To drive up 
those "unapproachable" stairs, just drive for the incline. Just when you are about 
to bouce off, use the handbrake and skid until you reach the top. You have to be 
going fast to do this. This trick is useful for getting police off your tail.

Flamethrowing fire truck:
In level 2, go to the Zaibatsu Village to the green phones and answer the bottom one. 
Do the job up to the part where you have to steal a fire truck. Take it back to the 
village. A man will get in and the weapon will change from the water cannon to a 
flamethrower. Whether you finish the job or not, the truck is yours unless it explodes.
If you fail you can do it over to get another flamethrowing fire truck.

Bad civilians:
Watch out for people wearing red shirts. They will try to steal your and other people's 
money. They will not try to steal the money if you or they are in a vehicle. Also, 
lawman and gang members will shoot to kill them. Watch out for people wearing green 
shirts. They will try to steal vehicles even if you are in them. They also drive 
recklessly and will run over you or anyone that gets in their way. The person that 
was in that vehicle previously will yell at the person in the green shirt and tell 
them to get out -- he will do so. Lawman and gang members will also shoot to kill 

Temporary invincibility:
In the Residential Sector , steal a B-Type and bring in to the Scrapyard to be crushed. 
A few seconds later, an icon will appear on the conveyer belt . Get it and you will be 
invincible for awhile.

Weird Cars: 
There are several ways to make a few different cars look weird. 
Hot Dog Train: Burp/fart 17 times (press tab while on foot) then walk 
exactly 10 steps north. Turn to the east and jump forward 3 times. Now 
when you got to a train, the cars will be hotdogs. 
Psychadelic Gang Cars: Repeat the first 2 steps as you would for the train 
code, but instead of turning east, turn west and jump forward only once, 
now the gang cars will be flashing different colors. 
Good Humor Truck (pistol required): Make sure you are facing north, take 
exactly 15 steps backwards. Shoot the first person you see that walks onto 
the screen from the north, you need to hit him with one and only one 
bullet. Now all of the ice-cream trucks will look like traditional good 
humor vans.

Warped graphics:
Begin game play, then press [Alt] + [Tab] to minimize the game. Restore it,
and the graphics will be seriously warped.

Submitted by: Ayush

Type gouranga as ur name to activate cheats and then type the following
cheats given below:

Code       Result
Davemoon - u have every weapons
Armour   - u have armour all the time
Mademan  - u can edit gta 2

Explosive present:
Steal a truck cab and attach a trailer to it. Take the combined vehicles into 
a bomb garage to rig the trailer. Select the newly bought car bomb and press 
[Fire]. This will detach the trailer and set the explosive, leaving the trailer 
behind ready to blow. This can be useful when you are being chased.

Wang cars bonus:
Find all eight Wang cars to get the Wang car bonus. Once you have found all 
eight, go to the church, save the game, then quit. Go to the main menu and 
start from your saved status. Go and find all of the Wang cars to get the 
bonus again. After that, keep  finding Wang cars and you can get up to 32 
Furore GTs.

Wanna test-out Dementia Limousine?:
Submitted by: SuperShyGuy64

Remember the Dementia Limo from the Loony job?
You can drive it! First of all unlock first bonus stage (A) by cheat or 
getting GTA2 tokens, while on it, you might see it - they're driving 
around the level.

Hidden message:
First you'll need to be in Staunton Island, in the parking lot across the
street from Donald Loves condo. The one where you did the mission "Kingdom 

Go to the back of the parking lot, next to the dumpster. Use a large car 
(Patriot, Rhino etc...) and park it next to the dumpster. Jump onto the car,
then onto the dumpster, then over the wall. 

When you are over the wall, walk to your left. On the back of the wall 
behind a ramp will be a message from the programmers saying: 
"You weren't supposed to be able to get here, ya know"

An Easy Way to Earn Money in 3rd level (Industrial District):
Submitted by: Berkant

This technique brings even higher money when you have high multiplier. 
You will need Molotov Cocktail and Uzi Machine Gun(optionally additional 
Grenades and Flamethrower for higher score) 

First, stock 99 molotov cocktails by Krishna yellow telephone. Then steal 
a car and park it to the entrance of max paynt just below Krishna Krushers. 
Steal another car and follow the main street to west of this max paynt until 
you see a parking lot elevated above. This parking lot contains an invisibility
(southwest corner). Here my advice is that you have a flamethrower and make a 
chaos until your wanted level rises to 5. Then climb ub to parking lot and use 
your molotov cocktails(and grenades, if you have) to blow up cars and peds. 
When you run out of throwable weapons, grab invisibility and switch to your Uzi. 
Run to max paynt by following the main street to east. While running, keep firing 
onto soldiers. When you arrive at max paynt, don't risk yourself and get in the 
car you left before. Paint it, and it's over. For a x7 multiplier, you roughly 
gain $650.000. You can redo it by saving, quitting, and re-entering game.

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