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  Hints and Tips for: GT Racing 97 
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 GT Racing 97 Cheats

GT Racing 97

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Select "Play" at the main menu, then choose "Training". Type one of the following 
codes at the track selection screen (with the countries flags/names and the word 
"Training" at the top) then press [Enter] to activate the cheat function. 
Note: Enter numbers using the numeric keypad instead of the top row. 
A sound will play with each keystroke. 

Result                                               Code  
Canada track in Beginner or Master mode.           - caribou  
Brazil track in Beginner or Master mode.           - carnaval  
Egypt track in Beginner or Master mode.            - pyramide  
United States track in Beginner or Master mode.    - route66  
Germany track in Beginner or Master mode.          - walkyries  
Scandinavia track in Beginner or Master mode.      - vikings  
France track in Beginner or Master mode.           - baguette  
Great Britain track in Beginner or Master mode.    - highlander  
Canada track in Amateur or Master mode.            - grizzly  
Brazil in Amateur or Master mode.                  - favelas  
Egypt in Amateur or Master mode.                   - cleopatra  
United States in Amateur or Master mode.           - hamburger  
Germany in Amateur or Master mode.                 - siegfried  
Scandinavia in Amateur or Master mode.             - walhalla  
France in Amateur or Master mode.                  - camembert  
Great Britain in Amateur or Master mode.           - stonehenge  
Pinball Table themed special track in Master mode. - extraball  
Casino themed special track in Master mode.        - joker  
Sci-Fi themed special track in Master mode.        - webwarp  

Brazil: Alternate route:
After exiting the tunnel at the beginning of the track, cut across to the 
left-hand side. You will be on another road parallel to the main course, 
which will allow you to avoid the other drivers, hills, and traffic. 
This side-road eventually leads into a very dark tunnel. You must make 
your way back onto the main roadway before the guard-rails appear (gauge 
your turn-off point by counting the hills as they go by). There are 
actually three side-road sections separated by tunnels before you reach 
the mid-point and the asphalt changes to dirt.

France: Alternate route:
Near the three quarter point of the race, the asphalt changes to clay under a 
check-point. Not too far beyond that check-point, there is a tunnel entrance 
towards the left-hand side of the road which is partitioned by orange cones. 
Prepare to turn left just as soon as you see the check-point or you may miss 
the grassy path to the tunnel. When you enter the long, well-lit tunnel, the 
road will drop-off immediately, which will cause your car to nose-dive. Note: 
If you are going too fast, this dip will cause substantial damage to your car's 
chassis. At the end of the tunnel, the road climbs like a ramp and there s yet 
another big drop-off. Aim towards the right to avoid the trees and you should 
get some good hang-time.

United States: Alternate route:
Shortly after exiting the tunnel at the start of the race, steer towards the 
left-hand side of the road and past the steel divider to drive along a section 
parallel to the main course. You should gain a few place-positions easily, but 
be careful to not get too close to the road edge (past the stripe) or you will 
slow down considerably. After a fair distance you must merge back to the right-
hand side of the steel divider to avoid heading into a blocked-off tunnel.

Fast Start:
Submitted by: TheDarkBTTF

Select Trainer Mode, Begginer, And Choose Any Car. IF You Choose The Predetor 
(Mclaren F1), While They Say "3,2,1,Go!" Make Your Speedometer Go Above The 3. 
Use The Space Bar To Control When You Want To Launch And What Speed Youll Be At.
With Other Cars, Go Over 40, ANd Hit The Space AT LEAST 3 Times When You Hit 
The Max. EX: Up Arrow, Space Bar, Up Arrow, Space Bar, Up Arrow, Space Bar, 
Good Luck!

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