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  Hints and Tips for: Guild Wars 
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 Guild Wars Cheats

Guild Wars

Ranger's Hog:
Submitted by: Haspa

In the farming city in before the future you can get a prize hog if you are
a ranger. This hog cannot die. The enemies won't attack it. He deals a little
damage, but it does the job after a while. 

Easy money:
You can "farm" gold by choosing a species of enemy to hunt to collect their
gold drop. In the Ascalon area, the biggest gold drop is 20 gold. Try going
to Kryta and hunting the Ettins in the west end for better drops (20 to 80 
gold). The best areas are in the Maguma Jungle and Crystal Desert (80 to 130
gold). These areas are very difficult for most people, and they choose to 
"run" to the next town/outpost/city instead of fighting. Instead of loosing
money from it (most runners ask 500 to 4,000 gold in payment), fight your 
way there. You will make money and level up quickly.

Gift For Althea quest: More money: 
After you have collected either the Beautiful Feather (in middle of Lakeside
Village), Beautiful Pearl (in a beautiful shell near Miller Upton's home), or
Beautiful Pendant (in a chest slightly northeast of the bandit camp) and take
it to him, he will decline the gift saying it is not good enough. Instead of
getting the other two items to show him, you can simply talk to him about 
the beautiful item again. This time he will take the gift. 

Easy faction points:
Immediately after logging into the game with a PvP character, start the "The
Team Trials" quest. Complete all the missions until you get to the last one,
"The Killcount". Intentionally lose this mission and you will be taken back 
to the beginning. Repeat this until you think you have the desired amount of
faction points then complete the last match to make it to the PvP grouping 
lobby location. Talk to the Priest next to the storage people to spend your
points on items and skills. Note: Killing as many people as you can in the 
missions will gain more faction points. 

Drop rates:
The drop rate is determined by the number of Henchmen you have with you 
if you are the only player. Each Henchmen reduces the drop rate by one-half 
the normal drop rate. Therefore, with a group of seven Henchmen and you, 
the chances of getting a drop is very slim. Also, when you are with 
Henchmen the amount of gold dropped from the enemies is split up between 
all of the Henchmen and you.

Gift For Althea quest: Easier completion: 
After you get either the Beautiful Feather, Pearl, or Pendant, instead of 
taking it to him, take it to Althea and you will get the reward. She will 
say something about talking with him, and if you already did the "Mesmer's 
Burden" quest and have the Devourer Egg for Old Mack, she will walk away. 

Recover death penalty:
If you complete a quest while not inside a town and have a death penalty, the 
majority, if not all of it, will be removed when you complete the quest and 
receive you reward.

Charr Hides:
An easy way to get lots of Charr Hides (a valuable item that gives fur squares), 
and sometimes Rune, is to continually play the Ruins of Surmia mission in 
It is recommended that you are level 10 or higher or be with a party with level 
10 or higher players. Make sure to have Resurrection Signet equipped, as it may 
be needed. Also, get both the bags and the belt pouch to hold all the items 
that are dropped. This is also useful for leveling up easily.

Using Resurrection Signet multiple times:
Resurrection Signet becomes unusable after you resurrected someone, but when 
you defeat a Boss it becomes usable again. 

Making Gold Dye:
First, mix Orange and Silver to make Sweet 1. Then mix Sweet 1 and Yellow to 
make Sweet 2. Finally, mix Sweet 2 and Silver to make Gold Dye (O+S+Y+S).

Making Pink Dye:
Mix Purple and Red (and Silver for a darker pink). This looks very nice 
on warriors.

Bonus items:
Note: The Game Of The Year edition is required. When in a town or outpost type 
/bonus. You should get some of the best items in the game. Although you can do 
this more than once, there is no point as the items are customized just for you 
and are worth nothing to merchants.

Invincible HOGS:
If you have the skill to tame animals. There are prize winning hogs in Wizards 
Folly. The cool thing about them is that they never get hit because the enemy 
doesn't realize their there. So tame a prize winning hog in Wizards Folly and 
you have an invincible friend. NOTE he doesn't do a lot of damage at his present 
level but once he is leveled properly he can be a very big help. 

All Weapons:
When you reach Ashford Abbey's, visit a monk and he will ask you what you want 
to get for free from him. Keep going back to him until he is out of stuff.


Get gold quick in Ascalon City:
Here is a really quick and easy way to get money in Guild Wars. Go to Ascalon City. 
Stand by the exit, and either register yourself on party search or just say 'Gatemonkey
available'. If someone needs a gatemonkey, add them to your party, leave Ascalon City, 
run with them to the gate and open it for them. The standard payment for a gatemonkey 
is 50g. Not bad for a couple of minutes running. If you don't know what a gatemonkey 
is or how to be one, it is very simple. You leave Ascalon City, take the path to the 
right and follow it all the way until you reach the gate. Run up to the area above the
gate and stand next to the lever. Click it, and the gate will open. Your party member 
will go through the first gate, then offer to trade with you. Accept, and they will pay
you 50g. Then, use the map to teleport back to Ascalon City, leaving the party. This 
way, the person who is going through the gate gets to solo the area. This is a great 
way to get gold, since you get 50 every time, and it takes literally 2 minutes, if that.

Name Ranger's pet:
Type /namepet  at the chat window. Note: Make sure to put a space between the "t"
of "pet" and the name of your pet.

Joke Language in Language Menu:
Open up the Menu, go to Options, and open the language menu. Here you will have your
standard languages (English, French, German, etc.) and at the bottom there will be a
joke language placed by the Developers called Bork! Bork! Bork!
After using this language, everything will be in english lettering, but with strange
spelling. You can undo this by reversing the process.

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