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  Hints and Tips for: Guild Wars 2 
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 Guild Wars 2 Cheats

Guild Wars 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Secret - Guild Wars 2 tips:
* Make sure to buy all the three gathering tools from a merchant as soon as possible.
  These include the mining pick, logging axe, and harvesting sickle. They’re really 
  cheap and offer two benefits: Gathering items nets a ton of experience and the items
  you gather can all be used for crafting other items later on.

* Equipping different weapons in Guild Wars 2 changes which abilities you can use, 
  so when first starting out, try out every weapon combination to see what you like 
  best and to see what’s most effective against certain types of enemies. 

* Combat in Guild Wars 2 is dynamic, meaning you can move around and dodge enemy 
  attacks. Enemies hit pretty hard in GW2, so instead of tanking them head on make use
  of the game’s endurance mechanic which will allow you to dodge any incoming damage. 
  To do so, you can press “V” when an attack is incoming, or you can double-tap in 
  any direction.

* Don’t neglect your story quests! Not only do they give you insight in to what’s 
  going on, but they’re the best source of experience early on and they reward you 
  with excellent gear. 

* Use the map to keep track of what’s left to do in a zone. In general, doing 
  everything in a zone, including finding vistas and completing skill challenges
  is recommended, since completing it all will earn your character great experience,
  money, and items. 

* After you’ve completed a heart, make sure to talk to the quest NPC. They’ll 
  usually offer upgrades that you can purchase with the karma that you earned doing
  the quest. Additionally, it’s usually a good idea to stick around the area after 
  you’ve completed an event since sometimes the quest leads to a follow-up event 
  where you can earn even more experience, karma, and gold. 

* You can deposit all of your collectibles and the things you’ve gathered to your
  bank from anywhere in the world using the gear symbol in your inventory. There are
  even extra tabs in your bank for the collectibles so you can find them easier. 

* Take advantage of crafting, especially if you’ve been gathering materials. 
  Crafting nets tons of experience and you can create some really fantastic gear
  with it. Additionally, if you’re running low on bag space we recommend tailoring
  or leather working since you can create larger bags with those skills. 

* A great way to accumulate more crafting materials is by salvaging gear. 
  Merchants sell salvage kits that you should use on anything you pick up that
  you can't wear or any gear that you've replaced. However, you should save any
  Green Tier items you find to sell on the Trading Post. 

* If you want an alternative way to play, Guild Wars 2’s PvP is available to you as 
  soon as you finish your tutorial mission. To access PvP, bring up your Hero pane by 
  pressing "H", go to the PvP tab, and select “Go To Heart of the Mists.” There, you’ll
  automatically be leveled to 80 and you can choose to participate in either structured 
  PvP where you’ll gain glory and karma. Or, you can press "B" to access World vs. 
  World PvP which will net you experience, gold, and karma. 

* When you hit level 11 make sure to visit your Profession’s trainer and buy your 
  profession book which will allow you to level your traits. Traits, which you can 
  access through your Hero Pane and clicking the skills and traits tab, are used to 
  enhance your character's skills. You earn a trait point every level, so make sure 
  to spend them every time you level up.

Start-up Guide:
The following essential tools will help you pick up experience and money quicker.

* Purchase "Mining pick, Logging axe, Harvesting sickle " from a merchant: this 
  combination is your crafting start-up kit.
* Once your crafting skill build up, you can even enlarge your bag storage!!!
* Pick up a Salvage kit from a merchant, to use it on anything that is wear-off or 
  can't wear item, then use the kit to turn Junks as Useable crafting materials.

Save on Travel Expenses:
You need to be ready to spend a lot if you want to travel conveniently by waypoint,
especially if your intended destination is across the map. However, there are a few 
tricks you can use to save some money. If you die, you can appear at the waypoint 
of your choice without paying anything. You will eventually have to pay a repair 
bill if you rely on that particular trick too often, but it is otherwise useful 
and quite affordable. Another option is to enter the PVP area and journey to The
Mists, where you can swiftly catch a warp to the capital city of your choice. 
Finally, travel within capital cities is free, so you don't have to cross one 
the old-fashioned way if you're in a hurry.

Shovel Duplication:
Typically you can't sell the Silverwaste Shovel, but there's an exception to that rule.
Visit the merchant in The Foundation Shores and sell the shovel. Then you can buy it 
back for nothing. The option remains in the tab, so you can keep buying it as often as
you like, then use your shovels to farm chests in The Silverwastes.

Some Life Hacks:
Written by dreizehnX

Maybe you already know some of those. Maybe you get some valuable new knowledge.

If you either play the game in another language than english, or if you play it in 
english and the game contains a translation for your native language, holding the 
right CTRL key translates the game as long as you hold the button.

-=Seeing events/disabling personal story
ESC-menu – option – general options – Content Guide: Disable Personal Story

If you do this, you will have an orange spot on your mini map whenever an event is 
happening near you.

-=Inside a Squad and missed the Ready Check?
If you are in a squad and – for some reason – don’t have the ready check, you can 
click the p key and re-do the ready status.

If you type /wiki in the chat, it opens the GW2 wiki in your default web browser. 
If you add another word, wiki will already search for that. eg: /wiki armor

-=Buy during crafting
If you need additional materials in the middle of crafting, you can right click on 
the icon of the material and then click on “purchase more”. If the material is 
available at the auction house, you can now buy it.

You still need to go to the auction house/trading post by foot, but since you have 
already bought what you need, there is no need to remember anything.

Fast Levelling Tips:
* Use food and any utility item for that extra boost.
* Ask someone to put down a guild banner near you for extra exp.
* Focus on tutorial achievements aka. Adventure guide, they give absurd amount of exp.
* You used to be able to get some decent amount of exp through crafting but they 
  apparently nerfed it so take this with a grain of salt.
* Killing ambient mobs (yellow names) gives you alot of exp compared to killing normal 
  ones due to stacking exp buff they get due to being alive.
* Pvp should be able to give you tomes of knowledge even now so you can try your hand 
  at it while getting some tomes to speed up the process.

Learning Weaver (Ele) Tips:
Weaver is quite a challenge to learn. It might actually help if you learn another 
elementalist build first in order to get a basic understanding of the skills and 
traits. In general I also learned my professions best by first trying to come up 
with a build myself and checking afterwards with the resources (see above) – because 
this why you try to understand your abilities first and will be able to understand 
the build guides even better.

Sometimes it is better to be flexible and use a skill based on the actual situation 
rather than sticking to your optimal rotation. In order to pull that of, you need to 
actually understand your skills and how to modifiy your build for certain situations 
if applicable.

Still you want to pull of the rotation, which is just a lot of training your muscle 
memory with the training golem. And trying to apply it to actual game situations. Don’t 
be worried to much about following the optimal rotation completly all at once and 
instead focus on getting the fundamentals right (see above).

Keep in mind, that builds are really depended on the content you are doing. Especially 
for elementalist you might want to have more survivability for the open world content 
(where you might end up fighting stuff alone or a pretty random group) than builds for 
raids/strikes provide, as there you are relying on the group composition complementing 

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