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  Hints and Tips for: Gunstar Heroes 
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 Gunstar Heroes Cheats

Gunstar Heroes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Hidden Special Move:
With either Gunstar Red or Gunstar Blue motion: b, db, d, df, f+shot 
button to execute a powerful standing slide.

Make the logo rotate:
Hold Down on controller one before the Gunstar Heroes logo appears on 
the screen in order to rotate it.

The Timeron's Secret: A Hidden Easter Egg:
* During the 2nd Timeron encounter (which is in the Space Battle stage)
  a timer will begin ticking from 00'00''00. 

* As the timer keeps going, the Timeron's attacks will change, and at 
  every 20 minutes or so, a circular drone will appear, accompanied by
  Smash Daisaku's laughter. Avoid this drone for about 2 minutes until
  it self-destructs, for a single hit will reduce your health to zero. 

* At about 50'00''00 or so, large blue balls will appear. 
  These will rebound once against the screen, and do 11 points of damage
  instead of the normal 10 points from the smaller ones. 

* Once the timer gets up to 99'50''00 or so, don't destroy the Timeron 
  yet. Instead, wait out the remaining 10 seconds whilst avoiding the 
  Timeron's attacks, but don't stay too close to the Timeron, or you'll
  get killed by the drone. 

* Once the timer reaches 00'00''00 again, you'll hear that nasty laughter
  again, but this time, "GIVE UP!!" appears in the middle of the screen,
  and the Timeron will self-destruct, accompanied by the message, 

* A bit more of that nasty laughter accompanies the next message, 

* Now, instead of getting a Timer Bonus like you usually would, a Soul 
  Bonus of exactly 930410 points is added to your score. That might be 
  the date that Nami reprogrammed the Timeron, I believe.

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