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  Hints and Tips for: Helldivers 2 
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 Helldivers 2 Cheats

Helldivers 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Kill Charger Bugs Easily with 1 Eat:
Written by Miseriae Cordis

1.Get EAT-17 stratagem.
2.Shoot either front leg of the Charger with the expendable 
  anti-tank launcher.
3.Fire your primary weapon into the exposed leg now that the armor 
  is gone. Breaker shotgun can finish it off in like 3-6 hits no problem.

It’s literally that easy. You’re welcome.

Network Ports:
Written by shirtwearer

This will help solve the matchmaking error problem.

-=Steam Specific=-
* TCP 27015, 27036
* UDP 27015, 27031-27036 (27031:27036)

-=PSN Crossplay=-
* TCP 3478, 3480
* UDP 3074, 3478, 3479

Guide to Add Map Waypoints:
Written by Just A Threat Echo

Always wanted to show a waypoint on the compass and mini-map for squad-mates 
and draw attention to a location?

-=Steps are as follows=-
* Press tab.
* Scroll in/out using the scroll wheel to taste.
* Hold right click.
* Move cursor over to the area that you want to mark out.
* Left mouse click.
* There you have it!

Also the Q button is used to ping things with a press and respond with pre-made 
voice lines by holding it down and bringing up a wheel menu.

How to Bring 4 of Any Stratagem:
Originally posted by Captainn

A guide explaining how to bring 4 of any Stratagem, with the goal of spreading 
this exploit and seeing it patched.

-=How to Do It=.
1.Select a mission.
2.Enter the Hellpod and select a single Stratagem.
3.Press the “Not Ready” button in the 4th player slot on the character select 
4.If done correctly, your remaining Stratagem slots will be filled with copies 
  of the first Stratagem you selected.

Useful Tips for The Essential Personnel Evac Missions:
* Bring the Expendable Anti-Tank stratagem. Recoilless Rifles work too but I 
  found the slow reload and low ammo count to be a hindrance.
* When you see “Bot Drop Detected”, switch to the EAT and get ready. When a 
  teammate calls out “dropship!” it’s about to arrive.
* When the dropships fly in, they swoop down and come to a stop while rising 
  upwards a bit – wait until they finish doing this before shooting.
* Aim for the engines on the corners and shoot quickly!
* Even if some bots have dropped already, the crashing ship often takes them 
* That’s pretty much it. Having two or more people with EATs makes this even 
  easier. Good luck!

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