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  Hints and Tips for: Habbo Hotel 
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 Habbo Hotel Cheats

Habbo Hotel

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: johnny

View room connection:
Type :performance to see how heavy is current room connection is. A value of 1000
is just right.

View occupants of room:
Type :chooser to see who is in the current room. 
Note: You must be in Habbo Club to use this.

Hold [Shift] and click on a room to see who is in there. 
Note: This can only be done in public rooms.

View furni list:
Type :furni to see a list of furni in the room. 

Quick move furni:
Hold [Alt] and click on a piece of furni to move it quickly.

Chooser for non hc:
Click on a person's speech bubble to select them.
ok this is an internet game played with credits. I have found a way to get credits
with out paying for them- there very cheap in canada or usa- ok all you gotta go 
is go to the title screen after you logged in then open your purse press F5 or you
can prefor this same action be holding ctrl+alt+e

Easy Money (aussie):
This for the aussies only sorry. Anyway i found this out because they told me this
is how bamaloo and all those cool dudes get it. Because its what they use it 
obvioulsy doesnt cost nything on ur phone bill it will show 'Habbo Hotel, Cost:$0.00'
anyway call their number wich is 1900 942 226 then when the nice lady asks for the 
code write 01086425 this cheat works with a double affect if you have the same phone
type as ur internet becaus eur phone connects with ur computer and when u call it 
while ur typing the code it searchs for habbo hotel and gives you credz! 

Extra Screens: 
Press Ctrl+N while playing to open a new window. You can then play with more then 
one habbo at a time but you cannot play the same habbo on both screens. 

Unlimited Credits:
Ring up 1900 942 226 it will ask for a special code or Habbo id enter this Number: 
02136805 then wait until they accept. when you hang up you will get a picture in your
purse of 1 giant credit, if you dont get it within 20 minutes try again, Enjoy your 
Credits. P.S. they special code is sulakes ip number they use for mods to get 
unlimited credits.

Submitted by: vinny

SORRY this is not a cheat but i am agianst scamers for habbo hotel why because ive 
been scammed well any way if a scamer tells u to press f4 or f5 that just refreshes
the page and most scamers cant spell correct i am sorry i have looked every where 
your screen name and password they will steal your furni and credits and thats what
they did to me.

Submitted by: josh

Cheat 1. i have found a way to flood u may see people type somthing and go an go go
go and all that i no u type wat you wont to say highlight it press ctrl and c and 
repeatedly press ctrl and v. i no a way if u go in a room u can pick furni up but 
u have to not have rites :D add ma habbo name x!!josh!!x for it i need your habbo 
name and password i telled it to matrix300 and kurt1. if u have more cheats plz tell
me i send this on 05/03/04

Free credits
Call the Habbo credits line and type in one of the following codes: 10012420, 10308460, 
or 10280496. The reason you get free credits is because these are the numbers that Jibbi 
uses to pay the Hobba's. It says that you have paid, but really you have not. 
The only catch is that you might have to try each code because sometimes your Habbo wont 
work with one of the codes do to the fact that it is a very new or very old. 
This is an excellent way of starting off with a lot of credits when you first start. 
Call the Habbo credits line and enter the code 01767357. This just tells the Habbo line 
that its a valid number so that you get your credits, when in fact the number is invalid. 
By doing this, you will get 10 free credits. If it does not work the first time you may 
have to call a second time so that Habbo's filters will not catch it.

Call the Habbo credits line and enter the code 09999037 or 11279587. This just tells the 
Habbo line that its a valid number so that you get your credits, when in fact the number 
is invalid. By doing this, you will get 10 free credits. If it does not work the first 
time you may have to call a second time so that Habbo's filters will not catch it.

Do not try the special codes given to you from here they are probably just the people
who are posting the cheat's code so you would probably be paying £3 for them to gain 
35 credz. 
Also the Ctrl + N thing will not work with the new way habbo works. 

How to get a dance floor:
Search "mike" on your habbo finder. 

This player is a computer. 
1) Ask him to become your friend 
2) When he accepts message to him saying "come to my room!" and he will reply "coming my 
3) When he goes to your room go gift him any present, any furniture. He'll reply "thank 
   you dear" and then he'll drop down a BIG dance floor in your room. 

And there you go! Easy as eating a cake! Hope you enjoy your dance floor! 

How to get so much Furniture on Canada:
This guide only works on Habbo Canada sorry. 

Follow the following procedures: 
1) Log onto your habbo account. 
2) Go on the hotel and search "TnguyenV" 
3) Go to his "Falling Furniture" room. (His games are the easiest to win! I've won 
   like 3 HC TV's) 
4) Try your best to win.(It's very easy) 

If you win I'll bet you he'll atleast give you like 1 HC TV or a TUBMASTER! 

Unlimited Coins:
Ok, Call 1-900-226-4990 and when Prompted enter The following Code: 12509743 And then Keep 
doing this in about a few minutes you shall recieve your coins. 

Unlimited Credits:
Ring up 1900 942 226 it will ask for a special code or Habbo id enter this Number:02136805
then wait until they accept. when you hang up you will get a picture in your purse of 1 
giant credit, if you dont get it within 20 minutes try again, Enjoy your Credits. P.S. they 
special code is sulakes ip number they use for mods to get unlimited credits

How to get 5000 Credits in 5 Minutes!
This cheat will work on any Habbo server, follow the following procedures to get your Coins.
1) Call this number threw your home phone: 1-900-677-4111 and wait till the lady tells 
   you to enter the code. 
2) When she tells you to enter the code enter this: 3647070 and wait for a couple of minutes
   and make the smart decision if she asks you anything! 
3) Wait until you hear a "CHOU CHING!" sound. Wait ten seconds and log into your habbo account
   and then open your habbo purse and click the vouchers and enter 3647070 for your credits. 
PEOPLE WHO FOUND OUT THE CODE! So don't be tricked!

Free credits and stuff:
This is some information for all of you who read this. There ain't free credits or free 
stuff on Habbo hotel. the last ''cheats'' are just from people who wanna get more cre or
stuff payed by you. The codes are their owns and the ''robot'' account are there real 
So don't call any number or give any stuff to them 
Their just scammers.

How to get *FREE* Habbo Club:
This cheat only works on Canada. Sorry. Follow the following procedures: 
1) Search " Melenia142" on your habbo finder. (Melenia142 is a computer generated bot) 
2) Add him as friend, then message him "come to my room!" Then he'll be at your room in 
3) Then give him ANY kind of furniture that you have. 
4) Next thing you know, he says "wow thank you so much!" and then he says "i must repay 
   you!" Then in minutes, next thing you know.....YOUR AN HABBO CLUB MEMBER---You can only 
   do this cheat 1 TIME! ENJOY YOUR HC!

Keeping your furni secure:
Now here is a little tip. My m8 goes on habbo hotel and he has furniture but you see what 
he does is he has 2 acounts and he keeps half the furni on his other account so this way 
if one of the habbos gets hacked he will not lose all his furniture.

Symbol List: 
ALT+0134 = Bomb
ALT+0135 = Stop sign
ALT+0145 = Black padlock
ALT+0151 = Double musical notes
ALT+0153 = ? symbol
ALT+0166 = white Skull
ALT+0169 = © symbol
ALT+0174 = ® symbol
ALT+0204 = White padlock
ALT+0213 = Diamond
ALT+0216 = Dashed
ALT+0245 = Spade
ALT+124  = White heart
ALT+130  = Dashed
ALT+141  = Spiral
ALT+156  = Pound
ALT+157  = White star
ALT+159  = Black heart
ALT+161  = Single musical note
ALT+167  = Lighting bolt
ALT+168  = ¡ symbol
ALT+169  = fish
ALT+173  = ¿ symbol
ALT+175  = Club
ALT+21   = Peculiar
ALT+230  = Coffee cup
ALT+241  = Mobile/cell phone
ALT+246  = Thumbs down
ALT+248  = ° symbol
ALT+249  = Thumbs up
ALT+271  = Euro sign
ALT+276  = Light bulb
ALT+422  = Skull
ALT+424  = Upside down
ALT+667  = Cent symbol
ALT0176  = Superscript
Shift +  = Heart

Free creds 210:
Ok al u have to do is dial 0900-659-821 and a nice voice will answer then u type the 
code 0367891 and you'll have 210 FREE credits in your purse!

80 Free Credits:
At first, I thought this was a scam, but when I tried it, it was fantastic!!!
All you have to do is call the Habbo U.K credits umber: 09056 575575 and a friendly woman’s 
voice will speak.
She will ask you for a code, put in 16329829 and the cost of call will be deactivated.
Next the voice will tell you some Habbo Hotel tips. Once you here a cha-ching, the woman will 
ask for another code, put in your Habbo purse ID Number.
There will be another cha-ching and you will get 80 coins.
If it does not work first time, then try again.
Some phone lines are different to others, so if there is only one cha-ching, then try again, 
but after the first cha-ching press 0. This time I'm certain she will ask for second code, 
and you get 80 credits. It can be reputed as many times as liked!

Search pythology=snake and for him then search and drop 1 rare in his room seand a message 
"duplicate" he will say "have your droped" reply "yes" then the next day look in your room 
and your will have 4 rares and trust me i did it and it is crazy it accualy works happy 
habboing and being rich.

45 creds FREE when u ring each time:
I no everyone says that you should ring up and there free blah blah and im not saying dont 
believe them but my dad works for habbo hotel ( hes like one down fromt he actual owner ) 
and he told me how to get free creds, (he wouldnt let me buy them b4 he worked for them cos 
it costs:) but now i can get as many as i wont cos there free. you dont have to do this cheat 
if you dont want but i would and i know loads of people who have done it ( if u wanna double 
check ill give you there names and you can ask them yourself)
- all you have to do is ring up habbo UK on a landline/home phone
- the number is 0900-900-9100
- then they ask yo for a credits code, now this bits important this is what makes ut free!
- you put in: 1944-9955

Another cheat code:
I found it i finally found it all you have to do is call the number 1-900-528-4226 then when 
the lady asks you for a code type in the code (on your phone) 03833493 keep trying untill it
works it takes about 10 minutes to work and it only works 3 times a day if it doesnt work it 
may be a glitch keepp trying everyday.

Talk Wave and Dance Faster:
Wat u need: 2 rollers, shelf, corner or sumthin u can put a chair on (1 square only) and a 
chair now get the rollers facin eachother like >>>|<< and roller B is facin A.

Free coins:
Just search Jmtchamp2 and drop 1 furni in his room. 
He is an ex habbo moderator and wants to get back at them. He is here to help you, not Habbo 
staff. If you drop just one funri there, he can get the exact value of it and duplicate it 
and the coins will be automaticallty sent to your purse.

Easter Egg - Admin's Habbo Credits Supply Code:
When an administrator of habbo ever want's his/her supply of habbo credits, such as Loderse, 
she will call the habbo credits line USA. REMEMBER: You must do this cheat 5 times. T
he credits line number is: 1-900-226-4990.
When the lady wants you to enter a code, enter: 17823372 (The admin code)
She will say you will be charged. This is not true. The programmers just didn't make a message 
saying, "Thank you admin!". They just left it the same.
Your credits will arrive in about 15 seconds after the 5th call (with DSL). 
You will get 50 credits placed in your purse.

Free coins:
Dial: 1-900-226-4990 and when they say to dial 19075487 and you can get up to 1000 credits 
a day. I use it and I have like 100 thrones and everything!! I promise you this works how do 
you think all those people are so rich?? Well thats just about it, but one thing!! If you 
dial once you get 100 credits next time you login, if you dial twice 200, three times 300, 
4 times 400, 5 times 500, and so on.. I recommend at least dialing it five times.. This is 
what the experts and us old hobbas use to use to get coins cause we didn't have the command.

Free 200 Credits:
Ring 1900 942 226 on your home phone (australia) and a friendly voice will guide you through 
the process. Enter the code: 03024511 and Your Credits will appear in your Habbo Purse a 
few minutes after you hang up. 

Moderator Code-Get Free Credits:
1.You enter this number: 0906 900 9100
2.When asked enter one of the codes below.
3.Wait for about 5 mins then it should be ready.

Code         Effect
20746108 - Instant 45 Credits
21017966 - Intant Hc Membership (Each call is one month)

100 credits:
Submitted by: jackh
Well wen i heard the reports about habbo por people i felt very sad so i came with an idea 
to get 100credz bt it will only owrk the 1st time lost listen carully. u will type the 
normal habbo credit line, then u will type this code 20801349 then u will instantly hear 
a caching noise and you will get 100 credz . but please refresh th pagewen u here kaching 
or it will b in you percebut wont see it. please do not think its a scam even do it you 
choise to choose. u can either not do or do it. your choise.

Submitted by: jackh
Just letting you know you will never get ANY free credits from ringing numbers. the only way 
its possible is if they give you a valid voucher code. or they drop or trade you.

Habbo Credit Glitch - 45 Credits:
Follow these steps carefully.
1. Call the habbo credit line 0906 900 9100 adding the hash key ( # ) at the end of the number.
You will hear a funny noise before the habbo answer machine answers the call. ( Your phone must
be connected to your dail up or broadband, and you must be on habbo aswell.
2. Just before Bob asks for your credit code press hash ( # ) again, exactly when he says the
word "Purse", you will hear silence for 2 seconds and Bob will call you again, this time the 
code your about to enter is in word text so look next to your numbers on your phone and you 
will see letters Abc etc. The code word is HWASOHUT, Don't know how to do it? Well when using 
different broadband or dialup e.g BT or SKY the code word will give you a different code number.
Heres a list of a few broadband and dailup companies that when you type in the code word these 
will be the numbers you will get.

If your using BT Broadband or dialup the code is: 19276188
If your using SKY Broadband or dialup the code is: 19276153
If your using VIRGIN Broadband or dialup the code is: 21742482
If your using O2 Broadband or dialup the code is: 19276188
If your using AOL Broadband or dialup the code is: 19276153
If your using TALKTALK or TISCALI or TOUCAN the code is: 21742482
If your broadband provider isn't here then your going to have to type in the word code 
on your phone to get your number code.

How to get so much Furniture:
This guide only works on Habbo Canada. 

Follow the following procedures: 
1) Log onto your habbo account. 
2) Go on the hotel and search "TnguyenV" 
3) Go to his "Falling Furniture" room. (His games are the easiest to win!
4) Try your best to win.(It's very easy) 
If you win I'll bet you he'll atleast give you like 1 HC TV or a TUBMASTER!

5,000 credits and free hc:
now call-1-900-226-4990 and wen done ringing enter the mod code below then after ull hear 
some1 ask you for ur id number to send the 5,000 coins and hc to.

Code       Effect
15369127 - free 5,000 credits and hc

Credit cheats:
1. Call 09 0690 09 100 
2. Listen to Bob and friends talk for a bit then they will ask you for a number 
   enter the following. 21 863 250.

Habbo Hotel UK Version:
Submitted by: Cheatsbook
All you have to do is phone the normal house phone credit line on:0906 900 9100 then enter 
this admin code: 16858484 this will allow you to get more credits then normal user and every 
time you enter it doubles this is because the i.p rate goes up wich then adds 100 credits 
every time also this glich has not been found as it has been a cheat from the day habbo was 
made enjoy being the richest person on habbo.

Secret - 15 free coinz:
O.k you call 1-900-528-6005 and enter the code 12649174 you call 2 times and you get 10 extra 
credits then you call again and you get 25 extra credits plus hc i hacked the main server and 
found this out.

Habbo Hotel UK Version: Lastest Way To Get Free Habbo Creds:
First you call 0906 900 9100 Then You Enter 15596096 Then you will hear a Ching sound After
that Stay on the phone for 2 mins.Then You Go to the place wear it tells you to get creds 
the you enter that code in the purse {You have to do this after 5 mins After youve hung up.

Item duplicator:
First go in the room by searching gippy123. put 1 furni in the room then when u do dat to 
activate the glitch u need to do a cheat press-f12 and f2 at the same time then habbo devil 
will pop-up then what will hapen is tons of codes will fill them selves in then wen there 
done press upload then in big numbers it will pop up 5...4...3...2...1... then ur hand will 
open ull have the latest rare and 2 of the furni u put in then ur purse will open and ull 
have the amount u would pay for the furni and double it.

You Search Biggmann2 then go in room, you'll have rites so take 1 rare or 2 norms and drop it. 
Then press F5 and F10 at the same time.Then open hand and 3 minutes later. You'll get 10 rares 
in room, and 50 coins in purse, and you can do it over and over again.

100 free credz:
Do you use
1. Call the number 1-900-677-4111
2. You will hear a voice, immediately press 1 when you hear the voice talking or else this 
   cheat will not work. This is the glitch.
3. Now another voice will say enter in your Habbo Credits code; enter 22175167. 
   This is another glitched code.
4. You will get 100 Habbo creidts added to your purse immediately. Do it over and over to get 
   more! So, if you're tired of being poor and if your tired of begging, this will help you!

View Occupants of Room:
Type :chooser to see who is in the current room. Note: You must be in Habbo Club to use this. 
Hold [Shift] and click on a room to see who is in there. Note: This can only be done in 
public rooms.

250 coins:
It is easy,As title says,this has been confirmed by the Habbo Staff,go to Osiris771's room, 
he is a old staff member,leave a furni on his house(he must NOT be online)And when he recieves
it,he will check who send it(staff can do all,you know?)and they will give you 250 coins, If 
it is a rare,then you will get 2500!

Free Habbo UK Coins 20 - 45:
How to get free credits for the price of a phone call, normally 50p from a bt landline other 
networks and mobiles may vary.
Ok, so heres what i did. I Used to play Habbo US alot and there was a cheat code for coins 
which a moderator told evryone about, the moderator got his mod privliages took away from 
him for this but i private messaged him and asked if there was any other way to get credits.
He said no but he knew a way on Habbo UK, I Asked him if he would tell me and he did.
He said that i had to Ring 0906 900 9100 and type in 20805516 on my telephone keypad when 
asked. I Did so and got 32 credits. I did it another time and i got 40, and so on. The 
highest amount of credits i have got from this is 45 and the lowest 20.
So thats all i had to do. A word of warning dont overuse the contact number, use 10 times a 
day max. Oh And the best thing about it is that it did not show up on my mums fone bill as 
habbo uk but it did show up in the 'Extra Charges Collumn' as Unknown Number.

Duplicate Furni:
You search the name iluvcd then you drop a furni into the room and press f12 and f2 at the 
same time then you go back to your room and your furniwill be there tripled the amount as 
usual it really works you should try it you can do it as many times as you want.

Duplicator trick (UK):
In habbo uk search the rooms put in spider-man360 and simply go to the first 1 at the top 
then simply place any amount of creds you want in the room [spider-man360s room] and leave 
your habbo account name on the stickey.then the next day ill read the stickey and give you 
double the ammount of creds you leave in the room.

How to get free coins:
This is the only phone number i know that works. First Call:1-900-528-4226 Then a girl will 
ask u for a code then put in 114310287. It might not work so im warning u. I had to do it 2 
to work.

Free creds:
Phone the number 0906 900 9100 when they ask for type in 22865421. This code is universal 
shortly after they will ring you back and ask you for your account name tell them this and
they wil hang up then log on and you will 45 creds.

Follow thesee instructions and BAM u got yourself some FREE 45 CREDS and this cheat can 
be used over and over again.
1. call 0906 900 9100
2. when it tells u to enter this code: 22907055
3. wait and then in around 10minutes u will receive 45 creds in your habbo purse.

Secret - coins or furniture:
Submitted by: Cheatinfo
There are no easy ways to get coins or furniture. i was scammed out of my coins and what
little furniture i was able to buy and a few coins that i saved up to buy for a long time.
you see i lost my legs in an accident and live on a fixed income with my mom so we dont 
live fancy but she saved enough so i could have a little entertainment inside on my 
computer and i though everyone was honest so i beleived this girl when she said sh would
help me get furniture, all i had to do was give her my pass. Well i did the next thing i
know my furniture and coins were gone that is just not right so dont trust anyone.

No Scam Furni Multiplier:
Finally, after searching for a long time I found a Furni Multiplier that actually works.
Just search !!Furni Multiplier!! exactly and drop whatever you want to multiply. Normal 
furni is x2 Rare furni is x3.

Duplicate furni flitch:
(Australian only)

1-Search the name ...ButterScotch.
2-Go to the second room u see.
3-Put down some credz or furni.
4-A small window will pop up saying will u like to duplicate all the furni in this room.
5-Click yes.
6-Log out of your account.
7-Wait 2 mins for all the furni to duplicate.
8-Log back.
9-Open your hand and you should have all that furni.

Make sure not to move any furni or ""ButterScotch" will lock the room.

The real way to get free credits on Habbo Hotel UK:
There is only 1 habbo phone number and that is 1570 77 8000. That is the official number 
and here is the official code that when you become a moderator 22897488.

How to get more furni or get it duplicated:
Submitted by: maddie [Email: maddie1021(at)]

This cool rich norm girl has TONS of furni and i will tell you how to get some from her
first get on ur habbo. After that go to her room called cheater-roo and drop 1 furni of
any kind except skull rugs she wont give u any furni then say ur username say wat u want
or say i want this duplicated get off ur account for 1 hour and u should have 2rares or 
5 of wat u wanted duplicated.

Free heavyduty fireplace:
Submitted by: feryl

Ok u wont a heavyduty fireplace dont u? Only works on Habbo U.S.A. First look up You2jerico.
Then add him as a fried. He is a robot. Drop 5 norms are 1 rare. Then wait 24 hours. When 24
hours is up ull have a heavyduty fire place! And if its 7 funi are 2 rares you will also get 
10 coins, but u can only o it once. In 2009 this will be shutdown because of people making 
new account and droping there funi and droping the heavyduty firse place. I got got to say 
which room to drop it in. Ok he has many rooms saying nothing in it those are locked because 
e wasnt a robot at first and hid his stuff in them. He has a room called my house its 
password locked dont mind it.

Habbo Hotel UK Phone Code Cheat:
There is two numbers that you can use, both of them work but both give you a different amount
of credits. For sixty credits ring 09069 009 100 or for twenty credits ring 0905 657 5575
When asked to enter a code, type in 262 429 56 which is the special habbo glitch code. This 
special code gives you a little extra than the average amount of a credits.

Voucher Cheat:
First u enter this code then wait after 10 minutes and ur credit has been sent.

Code          Effect
K98HN34Y64  - 200 CREDITS
PO26C7IK60  - 400 CREDITS
KJ1HG32398  - 500 CREDITS
IDK123GB678 - 1000 CREDITS

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