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  Hints and Tips for: Hydroneer 
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 Hydroneer Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get or Craft an Axe:
Axe is one of the craftables in Hydroneer. You can craft this item on the Anvil 
by using 2 Iron Bars. The value, however, depends on the size of the iron bars 
used to craft an Axe. The bigger the iron bar the higher the overall Axe value. 
You can sell the Axe at the Stock market or keep it to yourself but you canít 
use it in combat.

How to Craft a Sword:
You can craft a sword with 3 Iron Bars at the Anvil. The value of the sword 
depends on the size of the Iron bars used to craft. Just like other items, 
swords can also be sold at the stock market or kept as a decorative item.

How to Earn Money (Easy Start):
Written by Tharsis

Fast way to earn money and get started.

-=Step 1=-
The game wants you to think that it is a cute mining sandbox game. 
But really this is just a fishing sim with extra steps.

Step 1 is to toil away in the dirt like a peasant until you have 52 coin. This 
should take less than a day of collecting nuggets, and now you are set for life. 
Head to the shop and buy the fishing rod.

-=Step 2=-
Now that you have the power of the gods at your fingertips, take your pan and 
the rod to a nice bit of water.

Set up at the water with the green dot placed in the middle of the pan. 
This spawns the fish you caught right into the pan.

Now a fun fact about the pan is that once a fish is placed into the pan it no 
longer has collision. This feature lets us relax and left click until we have a 
nice fish collection.

Sometimes the big fish need some extra encouragement to get in the pan but just 
keep shoving them in until they don't move anymore. Once they freeze, get back to 

-=Step 3: Profit=-
Once you have a nice full basket, go sell. No need to unload, just place it on 
the Jeweler's table.

How to Duplicate Money (Cheat):
Written by Bacnsnaxx

How to duplicate money using boots and the stock market.

-=Starting Off=-
Before you can duplicate your money, you need money to duplicate, since you 
canít duplicate nothing.

Any amount should work, but for best results you should have a relatively large 
amount of money to begin with.

I recommend getting all of the money to combine together into one big money stack 
item, to save space and time.

-=Boot Time=-
Now that you have your money, go to the nearest well.

For this guide i am going to reference the stone well in Bastion Keep 
(the castle town up on the hill near the starting plot, Ember Cradle).

Now, drop the money stack into the well. It will turn into a boot.

Donít worry, iím not trying to trick you into losing all of your money, if you 
feel skeptical test it out with only a few coins.

This boot is worth the exact amount of money that you dropped into the well.

For example if you dropped in C128, it would create a boot worth exactly C128, in 
boot form.

To verify its worth, place it on the nearby grocerís sell table, and you will see 
its standard trading price. 

(The grocer takes it because itís technically a fish since you can get it from fishing, 
something we will now exploit.)

-=The Stock Market=-
With the stock market, you can sell certain items above or below their standard price.

Each stock market location buys a specific type of item. (ex. Bastion Keep market buys 
Iron Bars, and Icehelm market buys Gold Bars).

We want the one that buys fishing items, and it is located in Burnscroft (a fishing 
town a short drive from Ember Cradle).

It is a table right outside the gate, displaying a fish (to signify the things it buys) 
and a percentage. This percent shows how much of the standard price it will pay Ė 
a C200 load of fish will fetch C186 at a stock value of %93, or C224 at a stock 
value of %112.

Simply put, if arrow on table is green, good deal, if arrow on table is red, bad deal. 
Only sell on green, otherwise sell to grocer.

Now, all we have to do is wait for that arrow to turn green. The higher the percent 
above 100, the better.

Once the arrow is green, place the boot on the table and sell it. All items sold at 
the same time are valued from the same number; thus the more the boots, the more the 

Tips to Make Crafting and Cooking Requests Easy:
Written by Zellnagi

I know that making sure to get those tokens is hard and making sure you get at or just 
above the marks you need is painful and all the extra clicking, here is a few tips to 
make crafting and cooking requests easy.

* Task boards facing your scales, this allows for cutting and if you have a gem compresser 
  and smelter next to them then you can fulfill requests with little waste.
* Using a pan on the scales helps keep vegetables from falling off for getting an overall 
  reading before dicing or seed making.
* Stocking up on request orders and careful placement with scrolls helps to organize them 
  for delivery.
* Planting is best done in easy water to soil range, saves time and is easy to set up for 
  autowatering, best if not connected to mining systems.
* Use safes to store set amounts of ingots for less cutting.
* Placing a map on the task board allows for a quick view of requests, this saves time if 
  you know how to read the ! markers.
* Donít forget that destroying a scroll either by putting it into a logic destroyer or 
  the scrapyard will remove that task for that AI.

-=Bonus Tip=-
* I go round the map and collect as many scrolls as possible using the map I keep in the 
  truck. go back and craft each request in my designated workshop ie blacksmith and kitchen.
  I run a separate pipeline to my logic saw in the blacksmith and run water to the kitchen 
  for the soups. that way I donít have to have the mine running when churning out quests.
* I put the weapons on the rack then on the truck, I put my soups on the pallet with the 
  scroll on top of the bowl. and any loose single bars or gems I put at the edge of the 
  truck for easy grabbing.
* I go round and drop off everything and collect more scrolls as they become available.
* I might look at getting a second saw or pinch the one from Ember Cradle and have that 
  in the kitchen. not sure yet.

How To Clear A Dirt Plot Using Nukes:
How to clear a Dirt Plot layer by layer using Logic Mini Nukes and Logic TNT without Logic 
Wires and save a couple of Hydro Coins while doing it.

-=How To Do One Layer=-
[Method 1]
* Make a row of Nukes with 5 blocks between each Nuke
* Now every other row needs to be shifted by 3 blocks
* 2 block behind each Nuke place a TNT, do it for every row, except the bottom row
* On the bottom row place a TNT 2 block in front the of Nuke

If you did right activating any Nuke in the bottom row will trigger a chain reaction,
and explode every Nuke you placed

[Method 2]
* Make a row of Nukes with 5 blocks between each Nuke
* Now every other row needs to be shifted by 3 blocks
* Between 2 rows of Nukes you place a TNT in front of each Nuke with 1 block between them
* Link each pair of rows with 1 TNT with 1 block spacing in front of any Nuke you want the 
  explosion from the other row to go to (use 2 if you want a bi-directional link between  
  the rows)
* If you did right activating any Nuke will trigger a chain reaction following the links 
  you made in step 4, and explode every Nuke.

[Method Iím Rich]
Just place a Nuke with 3 spacing between them in a square pattern.

-=How To Do Multiple Layers=-
* Just repeat what you did for 1 layer, but place the Nuke when it is half in the dirt.
* you should be able to place the TNT in the dirt too if the TNT is upright and you are 
  looking at it with the right angle else just bring a pickaxe to make you life easier

[Clean Up]
Once you are done Nuking the Plot you can use any method the game offers to flatten the 
terrain, Im going to list a few

* Hydro Roller
* Pickaxe + Rake combo
* More Nukes???

You could also just not flatten the terrain and cover it with the flooring options 
the game offers

-=Misc Info=-
[Blast Radius]
* The Nuke has a blast radius of ~3.5 blocks + the block the Nuke is on
* The TNT has a blast radius of ~1.5 + the block the TNT is on

These blast radius numbers are based of my testing and are not acurate

So we use a TNT to expand the range of Nuke so that the TNT can trigger another Nuke 
and set off the chain

[Math on Money Saved]
* Unless you use the method Iím Rich you will be saving a lot of hydro coins letís
   do the math ??
* letís say you want to clear 1 layer of 100◊100 blocks:

[Using the Rich Method]
* A Nuke every 4 blocks in every direction
* 100 / 4 = 25 ^ 2 = 625 Nukes

* 26k per Nuke
* 625 * 26000 = 16,250,000 Hydro Coins

[Using either method 1 or 2]
* A nuke every 6 blocks
* 100 / 6 = 16.67

Im going to round to 18 because you might need to 1 extra for each row to acount for the 
shifted by 3, and you canít get .67 of a Nuke

- A row of nukes every 5 blocks
* 100 / 5 = 20
* 20 * 18 = 360 Nukes

- 26k per Nuke
* 360 * 26000 = 9,360,000 Hydro Coins for nukes

- 360 per TNT
We use 1 TNT for every Nuke except in method 2 where we use 1 or 2 more to link the 
rows, so im making the price for a TNT 396 or +10% more expensive for method 2

* 360 * 360 = 129,600 Hydro Coins for TNT in method 1
* 360 * 396 = 142,560 Hydro Coins for TNT in method 2

* 9,360,000 + 129,600 = 9.489.600 Hydro Coins for method 1 in total
* 9,360,000 + 142,560 = 9.502.560 Hydro Coins for method 2 in total

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