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  Hints and Tips for: Idol Showdown 
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 Idol Showdown Cheats

Idol Showdown

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Coco Guide:
Written by Chumpet

A Day 1 attempt at summarizing this dragonís deadly damage.

Today Iíll be covering this gameís grappler because that seems to be a 
character type I cover a lot. Note that I have yet to have learned the 
frame data, so it will not be displayed.

-=Cocoís Moves=-
I wonít cover some of Cocoís moves because honestly they seem pretty standard. 
The universal overhead looks to have pretty bad range, though.

2M is your main neutral tool because itís a massive low sweep. However, at 
certain ranges, you canít get a combo off of it.

5M is an approach option with a hitbox. Itís good to use it after a midrange 2M.

2H is what you use after 5M. Its range is quite short, so itís hard to shove 
it into a combo after 5H outside of the corner.

j.M is a really nice air-to-air but you donít really get much off of it.

214x is a fire breath you can use after 2H, but only if youíre going to 
Superchat Cancel it into 22x. The H version is instead a super quick command 
grab, which is something Coco would really want if she didnít have to spend 
meter on it.

22x is an anti-air command grab that you use after either 2H or 214x with a 
Superchat Cancel. Iíd say itís one of Cocoís best moves.

236x is a very slow running command grab that can only really be used as a 
hard read. Nitro Hook this ainít. I used to think you mightíve been able to 
use 5H to set up a tit throw-I mean tick throw with this move, but that was 
just a myth. The M version screws with the AI due to the armor on it so you 
can spam it a lot and defeat some of the dumber opponents.

j.S is an airdash that gets you in but leaves you vulnerable. Itís best to 
be careful about using this one.

236S is your command grab super, and itís pretty darn good if I do say so 
myself. I give it a rating of 4 HPBs out of 5.

-=Cocoís Combos
2M->5M(->5H if in corner)->2H(->214L if you intend to Superchat Cancel)->22x

This is the only combo you need probably.

How to Fix Online Not Working (Game Crashes Whenever Char Select):
Go here:
* .../Steam/steamapps/common/Idol Showdown/Idol Showdown_Data/
* Delete sharedassets0.resource.
* Enjoy!

A Very Basic Guide:
Written by Rumia My Beloved

Before you even bother reading thisÖ

* Play the damn tutorial!

One of the biggest reasons why fighting games are difficult to get into is 
because everyone doesnít bother to learn how to play whatever fighting game 
they got. Fighting games are not like those simple games where you can figure 
out how to play and what you are doing wrong simply by pressing buttons. These 
kinds of games can be complicated at minimum.

Before you play a round, the game will ask you if you would like to play the 
tutorial. If you skipped the tutorial, you can find it again in training on 
the main menu.

This guide should only be used if you still donít have any idea what to do. 
This also only covers the very basics of the inputs and controls, not the 
mechanics or the tech. Wait for someone else to do it. Iím too lazy.

-=Controls and Basics=-
You may have noticed your mouse doesnít work in the menus. That is normal.

For navigating the menu, you have to use WASD to navigate the menus, ENTER 
to select, and ESC for back. Some other menus may also use Q and E for 
switching categories and U for toggling range in lobby searching or inventory 
in Virtual Frontier.

Unfortunately, as far as I know the menu controls canít be changed. What you 
can change in the setting are the character controls in game.

The default P1 (player one) controls are as follows.

* WASD for movement
* J Ė light attack
* K Ė medium attack
* L Ė heavy attack
* I Ė special attack
* O Ė grab
* Y Ė collab 
  (would be called something along the lines of an ďassistĒ in other games)
* P Ė burst
* Space Ė Item (this only applies in Virtual Frontier)
* Light attacks hit fast but generally lack range and damage.
* Medium attacks generally have good range and sits somewhere around the 
  middle of light and heavy.
* Heavy attacks are slow but powerful, often with a good amount of stun.
* Grabs/throws work at a very short range and are very punishable but deal 
  a good amount of damage and can work through Yagooguards.
* Collabs (or more commonly known as assists in other games) bring in another 
  character of your choice to help you out in some way.
* Burst is an ability that has limited use but gives you room to breathe by 
  launching your opponent away. Bursts are punishable if blocked as they also 
  leave you stuck in place for a moment. Bursts charge as damage is done to 
* For Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks, you also have a crouch attack done by 
  also holding down while pressing the respective button. Crouch attacks 
  generally hit low, punishing your opponent for using their standing block. 
  These attacks are otherwise similar to the standing versions.

There are also jump attacks too. These are done when off the ground and punish 
your opponent for using their low block.

There is also a universal input for some attacks. Overhead attacks (M+H) apply 
similarly at jump attacks but are not as obvious. Sweeps (Down + Forward + H) 
are like other crouch attacks but they trip the opponent giving you a moment to 
breathe. While crouching heavy is supposed to be the universal launcher, I 
somewhat disagree (Looking at you Ayame).

There are also command normals. These work like the other normal attacks but 
also require directional input.

You guard by holding in the opposite direction of the opponent. Crouch blocks 
are the same thing but also down. The game also has an instant guard mechanic 
that rewards risk by lowering the recovery time after a guard if you guard just 
before an attack lands.

I skipped what the special button does on the last section. It will be covered 
here. This section will cover stuff that can be easily found in the command list.

In Idol Showdown, you have access to three types of special attacks or more.

The three main motion inputs used are quarter circle forward, quarter circle 
back, and down twice to replace what would normally be the DP input (they 
normally look like a Z on a joystick and are a pain in the ass to do without 

The special button along side a directional input allows you to quickly use 
these attacks (simplifying the use of special attacks). Forward special and 
neutral special both usually use the quarter forward attacks, down special 
usually uses the light down twice special, and backwards special uses the light 
quarter backwards special attack. There is no up special but there is a air 
special. the air special just uses whatever special input can be done in the 
air or itís own thing.

Light and medium specials are for general use and usually work similar to one 
another with some variation. These are categorized as special attacks in the 
command list. The heavy version is a beefed up version that uses a bar of meter. 
Most of the characters also have a down twice special that does something 
completely unique while using a bit of meter. The specials that use meter are 
categorized as star special attacks.

The universal ďsuper star attackĒ or just ďsuperĒ input is quarter circle forward 
Special. These use two bars of meter and are usually powerful attacks. Bursts and 
assists are also put in this section of the command list for some reason.

For burst, you can use either the dedicated button or L+M+H.

There are two assists you can use per character. The first one uses the smaller 
meter on top of the main meter and is used by pressing the collab button or L+H. 
The second one is like an extra super and also uses regular meter instead. The 
input for that is quarter circle back special.

* I will not go over the specific frames and attacks of each character. 
* That is way too much work.
* There are exceptionsÖ (+extra notes)
* Not everything written in this guide is universal to all the Hololive members 
  in the game. Some characters lack something or have more than the others. Some
  characters have inputs that break the rules mentioned here.

Some examples are:
* Coco and Ayame have no command normals.
* Ayameís launcher does not exist.
* Coco has a bunch of special inputs that use grab.
* Coco can hurt others in knockdown with a butt plug.
* Coco and Akiís down twice special does not use meter.
* Cocoís quarter forward specials are very different other then the fact that 
  they are grabs that lead to the same result.

What the hell does miss said taiwan on streamís down twice special do?
You get the point.

This fighting game lets the general Hololive fan (or anyone really) who wants to 
play, play by alleviating the learning curve a bit. For a traditional fighting 
game, the input difficulty is on the easier side.

Just enjoy the game and donít get frustrated when you lose or get completely 
dominated by the opponent. In a fighting game, somebody is going to lose. Losing 
constantly and getting better until you win for once is the joy of playing 
fighting games. Just pick any Hololive member (preferably one you already like 
the most) and play.

How To Unlock Colors 4, 5 and 6:
Writen by TTV. Zeraxnir

-=Color 4=-
For Color 4, you need to complete Virtual Frontier with a character of your choice

-=Color 5=-
For Color 5, you need to play your character a decent amount of games to unlock 
the color

-=Color 6=-
For Color 6, you need to beat the Arcade mode with that character.

Credits Controls:
There are a few button inputs you use on the Credits screen to change things.

Code              Effect
Hold Select                   - Pauses scrolling.	
Hold X/Light                  - Reverses scrolling.
Press Up                      - Speeds up Miko's raft.
Hold X and Y/Light and Medium - Speeds up scrolling in reverse.
Press Y/Medium                - Speeds up scrolling.
Press RT or LT                - Toggles the mini game on and off, and resets your score.

Reset Command List Animations:
If you look through the Command List, a character will perform their attack animation 
for whatever move is highlighted, and then stand still. Normally you have to scroll 
up or down and highlight the move a second time to see the animation again. However,
you can skip that by tapping the A/Special Button; doing so will automatically reset
the animation, even in the middle of it.

Sana's Astrogirl Remix:
When you're playing through Virtual Frontier, pay close attention to the background 
music on the map. The slow piano melody is of Sana's "Astrogirl." As you progress 
through the stages in Virtual Frontier, the music will become more complex with 
beats and vocals. By the end, the background music will have become a full remix.

How to Get the Most Credits in VF:
Written by for the republic

Not only is this a way to get over 2500 credits in a single fight, it can also 
make you never die (kinda).

-=How to Do It=-
So, how does this thing work? It all revolves around a single consumable: Holo Chips.

Now if your wondering why they are so broken, its because of two reasons.

* They stack up to 15, making them the highest stackable consumable in the game, 
  and more importantly.

* The duplicate items during the fight. You get it by getting lucky with Ameís
  white van (same for AO chan and spider hotpot), and for pretty cheap.

So how is it so broken? the strat works with multiple items, but the best combo 
for damage is spider hotpot+AO chan (getting a ton of either will give you massive 
buffs instantly). The best combo for healing/credits is baby bottle+bread dog. 
the great thing is that once you have baby bottle +AO chan you can pretty much rack
up enough credits to never need to get luck again. On average i was getting ~500 
credits per fight with this method.

-=So What Are the Weaknesses?=-
Thereís only really 1 big weakness, and thatís that everything relies on this one 
consumable. The best way to avoid getting caught out is to use them mainly before 
refill locations, and USE ALL OF THEM you can also use other items that have high 
max counts, or preferably chaos cheese for maximum chaos.

Eternity Bright:
If you beat Virtual Frontier with the Gladiator Chains equipped, you'll unlock the
final stage, Eternity Bright, as a playable stage in other modes.

Olivia In Collection:
Once you've beaten Virtual Frontier, keep visiting the Collection repeatedly. There 
is a random chance that Ollie will be replaced Olivia, her human form.

Tips to Counter Ayame:
* Projectile zoning: Watch out for the flip and punish.
* 2H: 5f head invul aub Ė donít even bother jumping in. If she whiffs it tho, youíve 
  24 frames to run up whatever.
* J.M: Just 2H. If you canít, just remember itís a double overhead.
* Staggers: Key stagger buttons are 2M(range) and 5M/H(similar animations and the 
  threat of 2H respectively). Theyíre all -7/8 so youíre to contest with mediums 
  as long as youíre outside her 2Lís range.
* Rekka: Itís not as punishable as youíd think (-3,7,10), so something like Botanís 
  5M (her best starter) canít even punish the full L rekka. The important thing is 
  to get a feel for her cancel windows (try playing her). If she has superchat, 
  donít bother Ė just hold the chip, she canít throw you. And donít forget about 
  the H rekka overhead. Better to eat the knockdown low than overhead launcher.
* 22H: Safejump at your own risk (donít). Do not get burst baited. She has a 
  simple combo structure so you should easily spot points where a 22H would be optimal.

Enable Tournament Mode:
For those who organize fighting tournaments and don't wish to grind through the game 
to unlock everything, a special code can be used to do just that. To enter, go to the 
credits and input LB+RB+Y all at once. You'll hear a sound if you did it right and
 see that the main menu has now changed to red to signify that you're now in tournament 
mode. This will unlock all cosplays, stages and songs, as well as disable boss 

Ayunda's Favorite Nuts:
Whenever you encounter Ayunda in Virtual Frontier, cashews are always the correct 
answer. This will completely restore your health and give you attack/defense stat boosts.

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