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  Hints and Tips for: Incubus - A Ghost-Hunters Tale 
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 Incubus - A Ghost-Hunters Tale Cheats

Incubus - A Ghost-Hunters Tale

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips in General:
* You cannot die in this game, regardless of how creepy things “will” get. 
Nothing in the house will hurt you.

* For non-Europeans, the floor layout may be ‘odd’. You typically have 
first floor, second floor, etc, maybe a basement, maybe an attic. Here in 
Europe, the First Floor is what we would refer to as the ‘Ground Floor’, 
whereas the First Floor for us would be the Second Floor for Americans, etc. 
There are only three floors in the house and they are: Ground, First and 

* Pay attention to the names of the rooms, especially on the Ground Floor, 
and pay very close to phenomena! Despite the Dining Area being right next 
to the stairs, if something happens at the foot of the stairs, it’s 
considered the Dining Area. If it happens on the actual stairs, it’s the 
Stairs for Map Purposes.

* Please also note that phenomena CANNOT happen in more than one room. 
You may hear scratching in the Front Bedroom, AND also hear a clock. Leave 
the room and pay attention to what you hear. Do you hear scratching, or 
do you hear a clock? If you hear either of these things outside of that 
room, then the other phenomena you’ve just experienced belongs to that room, 
example from personal experience: Footsteps and Wailing were heard in the 
Nursery, but upon leaving the Nursery, I only hear Footsteps. Therefore, 
the wailing belongs to the Nursery, and the Footsteps belong to the Second 
Floor. Unless you hear them on the First Floor, then the phenomena belongs 
to the entire house.

* Speaking of the Map: You will experience 3 major phenomena per day/night. 
I strongly encourage you to read the ‘Ghost Guide’ and the ‘Equipment Guide’.

* The ESC key does not work, instead, you will right-click to bring up the 
menu. Note: This game can be played with just the mouse.

* I strongly encourage you to use the Laptop during each investigation 
when you’re able to. (More on that in a bit). The Laptop will help you 
identify phenomena in different rooms right from the Kitchen, such as 
scribbles, orbs, and a.. visitor. Please note that some elements that 
require sound such as scratching, crying, etc as well as thermal cannot be 
seen from the laptop and you will have to identify those rooms yourself.

* As the game progresses, by the first night on, you will need to do a 
few things before you can start investigating. No spoilers, but explore the 
rooms and you’ll see what I mean.

* The freaky visitor is harmless.

* This final tip will possibly kill your enjoyment of the game IF you do 
it. But if you are seriously stuck, do yourself a favor and take a picture 
of something in the Kitchen.

* Addition to the last tip: Phenomena will only occur in three parts of 
the house. Please note that if you experience the same phenomena in 
different rooms on the same floor, there is a specific section to add that 
map marker, likewise for the ‘Whole House’.

* Save the game often! Especially after you come ‘back’ on the final night.

* Hopefully these tips have helped you a bit when you start playing the 
game. I’ve been having an absolute blast and I’m sure you lot will too!

As the game progresses, especially at night, make sure you ALWAYS check 
the cameras in the upstairs room via the laptop, just in case you run 
into something you wouldn’t want to encounter unprepared. It won’t hurt 
you, but it can be quite unsettling to see the first time. Who is it? 
You’ll find out, but his name is and they won’t hurt you.

Just for fun, trying saying specific names into the Ghost Box when you 
hear the ghosts start chattering to ya.

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