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  Hints and Tips for: Isekai Janken Hero 
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 Isekai Janken Hero Cheats

Isekai Janken Hero

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Simple Battle Strategy:
Written by goddardYYZ

-=About Leveling Up=-
* You earn 2 points for each victorious level and 1 point for failure.
* The importance of the four attributes is in the order of damage -> 
  health -> shield -> recovery.
* After completing the first level, don’t rush to play the following 
  levels. Instead, go to the upper right corner and allocate your points.
  Max out damage first. Then, repeatedly play the first level until 
  your damage is at the maximum. With these attributes, you can breeze 
  through the first three levels horizontally. For the fourth level, 
  you need to invest in health, and for the last level, it’s best to 
  max out health and shield.
-=About Combat=-
Combat consists of two parts: “Guessing” and “QTE” (Quick Time Event).

First, let’s talk about QTE:

Your choice in the “Guessing” part is only effective if the blue player’s 
indicator (representing you) stays in the red area. The NPC’s indicator 
works the same way. If both indicators are in the red area, you proceed 
with “Guessing.” Winning the “Guessing” game deducts NPC health, while 
losing deducts your health. If the NPC’s indicator is not in the red area,
NPC health is deducted directly. QTE directly determines whether you can 
win, so it’s crucial to be accurate in QTE.

Next, let’s discuss “Guessing”:

All three skills have damage associated with them, with “Scissors” having 
the highest damage. For the first four levels, simply choose “Scissors” 
without much thought, and you can proceed straightforwardly. In the fifth 
level, the NPC inflicts high damage, so try not to lose health. If you 
miss the NPC’s QTE, there’s no need to insist on choosing “Scissors”; 
“Rock” and “Paper” have slightly lower damage.

-=Additional Information=-
There are two possible endings, and you can choose to replay the final 
level to unlock them.

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