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  Hints and Tips for: Jade Dynasty 
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 Jade Dynasty Cheats

Jade Dynasty

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

From levels 1-90 you can get a daily quest from Tanis Ka in Sunstream if you 
are a human class or a Daily quest from Gulli the Senior if you are Athen 
class. These quest are the same. They will provide you will with Double Exp 
for 2 hours. And give you buffs for DEF and ATK for 8 hours. The quest is 
called God's Gift. When you reach level 90 it will no longer be available. 

Also remember to use the skylords at each town to get around quickly instead 
of walking from town to town!

-=Leveling quickly=-
If you want to level up quickly, you may follow my guide. This is how I 
leveled and I found it to be quite fast.

-=Levels 1-44=-
During this period, you have just started. My advice is to talk the "Dispatcher" 
in the town you are in and accept all the quest marked Red or Green. These are 
the special quest that will give the most exp. Remember to accept multiple quests 
at once. Everytime you finish one quest, just go to the NPC quest finisher who 
will be mentioned in the quest log when you press "q" ingame. Continue doing 
these quest until you reach level 44. Remember to eventually move to higher level 
maps when there are no more quests.

-=Levels 45-59=-
When you have finally reached level 45, you will recieve a special skyblade 
from the green treasure box you get from the start of the game which you can 
open every 5 levels. When you get this skyblade, use it to fly to the NPC 
skydweller located in the sky in the town of Sunstream. Accept the quest "Sky 
Dweller [event] from him and finish it. It will give you a huge amount of exp. 
This quest is only available once per day so remember to do it everyday! Aside 
from that, continue doing the Red and Green Dispatcher Quests.

-=Levels 60-89=-
Finally! You have reached level 60. Now you can stop doing those Dispatcher 
quests. Now, you can accept a quest called Sleepless, from the local Physician 
in the town corresponding with your level. Choose a monster from the sleepless 
quest and the just grind on the monster for as long as you like. When you turn 
in the quest, you will gain loads of bonus exp, so you will be getting monster 
exp and the esp from quests. Remember to also do the skyblade quest!

-=Levels 90-150=-
Well, now u have reached level 90 and it will start to get hard. Starting at 
level 90 it will be required that your grinding will use up energy. When there 
is no more, you will stop grinding and most likely die. The things you do 
during these levels are exactly the same as from levels 60-89. Except that you 
will need to stop once in a while and let you character wait. Because every 5 
hours you will be given an energy item. Also you can do other event and quests 
that you think will help you gain exp.

Remember to always do the mandatory quests!

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