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  Hints and Tips for: Kainga 
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 Kainga Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Clay Hut Kings:
Written by Lasoor
This guide will teach you how to quickly amass an army and accomplish any 
goal you have by using clay huts. It even makes it easy to recover from 
massive disasters or attacks.

-=The Strategy=-
Spam clay huts quickly to build up mass population. The first Brave they 
produce costs no food. So you can easily build up an army quickly for free.
Food is not even an issue with Clay Huts. If you need more space and donít 
want to risk expanding land you can dismantle your huts and rebuild them.
The way you get Clay is you rush finding the very common mud pits technology 
which will allow you to farm infinite Clay.
Once you have a large population you are basically limitless in what you can 
achieve. Have fun!

-=How To In Steps=- 
This section will explain the quickest way to start doing this from when you 
first start playing the game.

-=How to get Clay Huts=- 
1.Go to Flatlands which the tutorial mission already has you do.
2.Look for Clay Hut technology for your houses. If you arenít offered it 
  keep restarting until you are.
3.Whether you win or lose make sure you save the Clay Hut technology for 
  your one save slot.

-=How to do the strategy=-
1.Spam Clay Huts immediately when starting. Make sure after building one you 
  put a Brave inside of it.
2.Have thinker find inspiration to get Mud Pits. This will give you infinite 
  clay farms.
3.Dismantle used clayhuts for space to build more. You donít want to claim a 
  bunch of land for no reason.
4.Once you have about 16 Braves you should be able to defend yourself, kill 
  neighbors, tame walkers and snails, and accomplish what your mission is.

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