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  Hints and Tips for: Killing Floor 
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 Killing Floor Cheats

Killing Floor

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

At any time during play, hit the ` key to bring down the console. Type the following 
cheats in and hit enter to get the desired effect.
Code                     Effect
god                    - Toggle god mode (Once for on, again for off).
heal                   - Full health
fly                    - Fly
setgravity [number]    - Set the gravity
walk                   - Disables No clipping mode
allammo                - Maximum ammunition
ghost                  - No clipping mode
slomo [number]         - Set speed; disabled after zedtime
behindview [0 or 1]    - Toggle third person view

Tips & Tricks:
Written by ExcuseMyBraincells.

* Clots are weak to everything, assorting from sharp and blunt objects, to 
  bullets, fire, and explosives... And the Field Medic's Bath Salt Grenades.
* One can usually tell a Clot is nearby because of their distinct roaring 
  and grunting.
* Never underestimate a Clot (unless on beginner)...
* They spawn in packs! Don't get caught in them!
* Clots are usually stopped by 1-2 clean head-shots.
* You can leave a stray Clot at the end of the wave to buy you time to 
  get to the Trader.

Achievements (Steam):
Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

Unlockable             How to Unlock
Alligator Farmer     - Win a Long Game on Farm on Suicidal Difficulty.
Bitter Irony         - Kill 2 Scrakes with a Chainsaw in a Single Wave.
Blooper Reel         - Turn 500 Zeds into Giblets using the M79.
Careful Spender      - Kill 4 Specimens with a Single Shot from a Hunting Shotgun.
Cattle Farmer        - Win a Long Game on Farm on Hard Difficulty.
Chicken Farmer       - Win a Long Game on Farm on Normal Difficulty.
Complete Barking     - Win a Long Game on Bedlam on Suicidal Difficulty. 
Dignity for the Dead - Kill 10 Specimens Feeding on Dead Teammates Corpses.
Duke of the Manor    - Win a Long Game on Manor on Hard Difficulty.
Emperor of the Manor - Win a Long Game on Manor on Suicidal Difficulty.
Experimenticenticide - Kill 100 Specimens.
Experimentilottacide - Kill 10,000 Specimens.
Experimentimillicide - Kill 1,000 Specimens.
Fascist Dietitian    - Kill 200 Bloats.
Hard Boss            - Win a Long Game on Offices on Hard Difficulty.
Hard Pub Crawl       - Win a Long Game on West London on Hard Difficulty.
Homer's Heroes       - Kill 100 Sirens.
Hot Cross Fun        - Kill 25 Burning Specimens with a Crossbow.
I Like To Watch      - Aquire 5 Minutes of "Zed-Time".
Lab Assistant        - Win a Long Game on Biotics Lab on Hard Difficulty.
Lab Cleaner          - Win a Long Game on Biotics Lab on Normal Difficulty.
Lab Professor        - Win a Long Game on Biotics Lab on Suicidal Difficulty.
Lord of the Manor    - Win a Long Game on Manor on Normal Difficulty.
Mad Boss             - Win a Long Game on Offices on Suicidal Difficulty.
Master Surgeon       - As a Medic, Kill 8 Specimens using a Knife in a Single Wave.
Mr. Perky            - Get All of your Perks up to Level 5.
Philanthropist       - Give 1,000 Pounds to Teammates who have 50% of Your Cash or Less.
Pub Crawl            - Win a Long Game on West London on Normal Difficulty.
Pound This           - Kill 100 Fleshpounds with the AA12. 
Self Medicator       - In Co-op Mode, Use Syringe on Yourself 100 Times.
Social Outburst      - Kill 8 Specimens with One Grenade.
Straight Rush        - Kill the Patriarch Before he has a Chance to Heal.
Suicidal Pub Crawl   - Win a Long Game on West London on Suicidal Difficulty.
The Boss             - Win a Long Game on Offices on Normal Difficulty.
The Hard War         - Complete a Long Game on all 5 Core Maps on Hard Difficulty.
The Long War         - Complete a Long Game on all 5 Core Maps on Normal Difficulty.
Tin Man              - Win a Long Game on Foundry on Normal Difficulty. 
Thin-Ice Pirouette   - Complete 10 Waves when the Rest of your Team has Died.

Unlockables for Level 5 Perks:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding perk. 

Berserker perk          - Deal 3,500,000 damage with melee weapons.
Commando perk           - Kill 4,000 stalkers with the Bullpup and deal 3,500,000 
                          damage with Bullpup.
Field Medic perk        - Heal 25,000 HP on your teammates.
Firebug perk            - Deal 3,500,000 damage with the Flamethrower.
Sharpshooter perk       - Get 5,500 headshot kills with the crossbow, handcannon, or rifle.
Support Specialist perk - Deal 3.5m damage with shotguns and weld 250,000 door points.

Feild Medic
Level 1: Heal 250 HP
Level 2: Heal 750 HP
Level 3: Heal 4000 HP
Level 4: Heal 12000 HP
Level 5: Heal 25000 HP
Level 6: Heal 100000 HP

Support Specialist
Level 1:Weld 2000 door HP    - Deal 25000 shotgun damage.
Level 2:Weld 7000 door HP    - Deal 100000 shotgun damage.
Level 3: Weld 35000 door HP  - Deal 500000 shotgun damage.
Level 4: Weld 120000 door HP - Deal 1500000 shotgun damage.
Level 5: Weld 250000 door HP - Deal 3500000 shotgun damage.
Level 6: Weld 370000 door HP - Deal 5500000 shotgun damage.

Level 1: 30 headshots
Level 2: 100 headshots
Level 3: 700 headshots
Level 4: 2500 headshots
Level 5: 5500 headshots
Level 6: 8500 headshots

Level 1: 30 stalkers   - 25000 AK47/Bullpup/Scar Damage.
Level 2: 100 stalkers  - 100000 AK47/Bullpup/Scar Damage.
Level 3: 350 stalkers  - 500000 AK47/Bullpup/Scar Damage.
Level 4: 1200 stalkers - 1500000 AK47/Bullpup/Scar Damage.
Level 5: 2400 stalkers - 3500000 AK47/Bullpup/Scar Damage.
Level 6: 3600 stalkers - 5500000 AK47/Bullpup/Scar Damage.

Level 1: Deal 25000 Melee Damage.
Level 2: Deal 100000 Melee Damage.
Level 3: Deal 500000 Melee Damage.
Level 4: Deal 1500000 Melee Damage.
Level 5: Deal 3500000 Melee Damage.
Level 6: Deal 5500000 Melee Damage.

Level 1: Deal 25000 Flame Damage.
Level 2: Deal 100000 Flame Damage.
Level 3: Deal 500000 Flame Damage.
Level 4: Deal 1500000 Flame Damage.
Level 5: Deal 3500000 Flame Damage.
Level 6: Deal 5500000 Flame Damage.

Level 1: Deal 25000 Explosive Damage.
Level 2: Deal 100000 Explosive Damage.
Level 3: Deal 500000 Explosive Damage.
Level 4: Deal 1500000 Explosive Damage.
Level 5: Deal 3500000 Explosive Damage.
Level 6: Deal 5500000 Explosive Damage.

Leveling Up the Field Medic in Solo:
Written by Fennekinfirefox

How to level up the field medic perk without a team.

-=Steamland Objective Mode=-
You can level up field medic by playing the map Steamland on objective mode 
by healing the Ringmaster. I found that the best way to do this task is to 
leave a few Clots alive attacking him and sit back with a medic gun and keep
healing him. If You're playing as field medic use your genades while moving 
through the map to heal yourself and never use the syringe on yourself (the 
grenades heal you but will count as healing another player).

How to play Scavenger mode:
Written by Quickhakker 

This game mode is a way of playing the game which i and a bunch of friends made up 
a few years ago, it does require a decent knowledge of the perk system and which 
guns belong to which perk if you wish to play it to its fullest potential.

-=What is scavenger?=- 
As stated in the description of this guide Scavenger is a game mode me and a few 
friends made up years ago, with one objective in mind, to add an extra layer of 
difficulty to the game, bored of being able to easilly go through HOE without dying? 
or wanting to get off one difficulty but the next one up is too hard for you? try
 doing this instead. 
The only consistent rule throughout this game mode is you have to use the items 
that are found on the floor of the map, (as a note this is why I recommend only 
doing the official maps as they all have guns, ammo and armour scattered around 
the map. 

-=Added difficulty and other add-on modes=- 
as the base rules say only use the items found on the floor BUT with different 
difficulty levels of this “game mode” you can change the difficulty of how its 
-=No perk=- 
This one is self explanatory, you cant use any perks in the game, this would 
only be really achievable on custom self hosted servers/solo 
-=Beginning and End Trader=-
This allows you to use the Trader at the beginning only to buy ammo and vest 
and the end of the game on the patriarch to buy weapons 
-=Weapon Lock out=- 
This only really applies to the Beginning and End mode where you lock out certain 
weapons (such as the ZED gun due to its radar) 
-=Perk Lock=- 
This as the name suggests locks you to ONE perk the entire game, this can either 
be set as part of the group, your highest perk or the perk that you think is most 
useful to the game (such as having firebug for the flame grenades) 
-=Perk Switch=- 
This is kind of opposite to perk lock but this you are allowed to change perk mid 
game (between rounds only) to fit the gun that you have found 
(such as the bulpup for example) 
-=Perk Switch V2=- 
This is entirely the opposite of Perk Lock in the regards of you must change perk 
after each round, simple as that 
-=Solo Scavenger=-
This one would be harder to do on a public server as there are still people who
 play it but its basically the same as everything else just harder, because as 
the trader says “your on your own” 
-=The perks=-

Killing Floor How to play Scavenger mode - The perks 
I’m just putting this part in to remind people what the perks are, or for any 
newbies who might be getting the game and wanting to add spice to what they are 
already playing to make it slightly more fun. 
As a note the only perks that you can play if you stick to the perk the weapon 
has is as follows 
9mm (and by extension Dual 9mm) 
Hand Cannon (and by extension Dual Hand Cannon) 
Bullpup (thats it) 
Fire Axe 
NOTE: I didn’t include medic and support specialist as you spawn with welder and 
healing gun at the start and if you have to respawn.

How to Configure FOV:
Written by by obtul

An all-in-one guide to configuring your FOV in Killing Floor!

-=Basic Info=-
First, you must know how to access the command console.

To access the console, find and press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard.

I recommended to tweak your settings in a singleplayer/host game!

-=FOV (duh)=-
To change your camera field of view type into the console:

fov x

* Replace x with your desired value.

* I recommend “106” for widescreen.

-=Viewmodel FOV=-
You can use the following to change your viewmodel field of view:

set Weapon DisplayFOV x
* This might require some adjusting!

Find a value you are comfortable with! Experiment to your liking! 
Become a freak of nature!

Changing the Amount of Dosh:
Written by Zorn

This Guide will show how you can change the amount you drop of Dosh.

* You first had to place the folder.
  C:\Program Files (x86 – \Steam\steamapps\common\KillingFloor\System

* Scroll down and locate the "User" Configuration data
* Open the File
* Scrolling down you’ll notice your keybinds.
* Click the button “B=Tosscash” to enter a space and the amount you are 
  willing drop each time.
  Example: 2B=Tosscash 200"
* You can also drop one Dosh!
  Example: 2B=Tosscash 1"

It can also be put on any keybind of your choice! You can do it like this: 
Mousewheel up and mouse wheel down, making money rain!

Tips for Perks:
There are benefits from leveling up perks. For example Berserker at lvl 5 
start with a machete and at lvl 6 with axe and armor (Loses Armor on Sui/HoE) 
(I don’t remember if you start with armor before lvl 6 rn, long ago since I 
leveled up perks) and most importantly, you get discounts to buy weapons for 
the perk u are playing so it doesn’t make sense to buy an ak47 (a Commando 
weapon) when you’re playing Zerk or Medic.

There are some combos with offperks weapons for medic but that’s a little bit 
“advanced” and u dont have to worry about it since you are new to the game.

-=Also some useful info and tips=-
* Every map has a “Spot”, is a place where u and ur team can stay safe defending 
  every wave (You have to play more in order to learn Spots of every map), this 
  game is not like l4d2 or call of duty to be running around the map killing 
  everything you see.
* Every perk has their own use, Fire is to clean up tiny zeds like clots, 
  crawlers, stalkers, etc. Demo and Sharp are big zeds killer like Fleshpound 
  and Scrakes since they can kill them easily.
* Fleshpound recieve more damage from explosives.
* Scrakes don’t have any kind of resistance, besides the 50% against xbow 
  headshots at Suicidal and Hell on Earth.
* If you struggle to kill them with explosives, probably you aren’t aiming 
  or setting them right. Although explosives are powerful, you can not hope 
  to overwhelm a Scrake with stray fire at Hell on Earth in 6 player as their 
  scaled up health make them endure the damage.
* Don’t play Berserker if you want to Spot with your team, the only maps 
  where a Zerk may be needed to Spot are Clandestine, Hillbilly horror and
  some times Departed.

And of course enjoy the game. Don’t try to rush levels and everything, play 
at your own pace and discover everything you need to.

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