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  Hints and Tips for: Kingpin - Life of Crime 
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 Kingpin - Life of Crime Cheats

Kingpin - Life of Crime

Cheat Codes:
Start the game with the commandline "+developer 1"
(ie: "C:\Kingpin\kingpin.exe +developer 1")
Then use the "`" key to bring down the console during 
the game and type the following codes:

Code          Result 
IMMORTAL    - God Mode 
NOCLIP      - Clipping Mode 
EXTRACRISPY - Unknown Effect 

Use the following commands with the GIVE variable: 
(ie: GIVE ALL, GIVE CASH, etc)

Code             Result 
ALL            - Give All Items (Except Cash) 
CASH ###       - Gives Money in the Amount of ### 
COIL           - Gives Coil 
WATCH          - Gives Watch 
BATTERY        - Gives Battery 
WHISKEY        - Gives Whiskey 
CHEM_PLANT_KEY - Gives Chemical Plant Key 
FUSE           - Gives Fuse 
SHOP_KEY       - Gives Bait-Shop Key 
WAREHOUSE_KEY  - Gives Warehouse Key 
LIZZY HEAD     - Gives Lizzy's Head 
SHIPYARD_KEY   - Gives Shipyard Key 
OFFICE_KEY     - Gives Moker's Office Key 
VALVE          - Gives Valve Handle 
TICKET         - Gives Skytram Ticket 
FLASHLIGHT     - Gives Flashlight 

WEAPON Commands: (use with GIVE variable - ie: GIVE CROWBAR)

Code      Result 
CROWBAR          - Give Weapon 
PISTOL           - Give Weapon 
SHOTGUN          - Give Weapon 
TOMMYGUN         - Give Weapon 
BAZOOKA          - Give Weapon 
FLAMETHROWER     - Give Weapon 
BULLETS ###      - Give ### of Bullets 
SHELLS ###       - Give ### of Shells 
308CAL ###       - Give ### of 308cal 
GRENADES ###     - Give ### of Grenades 
ROCKETS ###      - Give ### of Rockets 
GAS ###          - Give ### of Gas 
SPISTOL          - Give Silencer for Handgun 
PISTOL RELOAD    - Auto-Reload for Handgun 

ARMOR Commands: (use with GIVE variable - ie: GIVE HEALTH)

Code           Result 
SMALL HEALTH - Gives Small Medical Kit 
LARGE HEALTH - Gives Large Medical Kit 
ADRENALINE   - Gives Adrenaline 
HEALTH       - Gives Full Health 
HELMET ARMOR - Gives Helmet Armor 
JACKET ARMOR - Gives Jacket Armor 
LEGS ARMOR   - Gives Legs Armor 
ARMOR        - Gives Full Armor 

MAP Commands: (use with MAP variable - ie: MAP SR1)

Level 1:
SR1    - Skid Row
SR2    - The Super
SR3    - Mean Streets
SR4    - The Jesus
BAR_SR - Jax
KPCUT1 - What's The Count (Cutscene)

Level 2:
PV_1    - Louie's Errand
PV_B    - Blanco Industries
PV_H    - Poisonville
PV_BOSS - Nikki Blanco
BAR_PV  - Club Swank
KPCUT3  - Consequences (Cutscene)

Level 3:
SY1    - Pier Pressure
SY2    - Das Boot
SY_H   - Lizzie's Problem
SEWER  - The Sewers
BAR_SY - Salty Dog

Level 4:
STEEL1 - Steeltown
STEEL2 - Steel Mill
STEEL3 - Steel Processing
STEEL4 - Moker Shipping
BAR_ST - Boiler Room

Level 5:
TY1    - Derailed
TY2    - Dark Passage
TY3    - Trainyards
TY4    - Depot
KPCUT4 - The Picnic (Cutscene)

Level 6:
RC1     - Radio City Station
RC2     - Enter The Dragons
RC3     - Streets Of Fire
RC4     - Skytram Station
RC5     - Central Towers
BAR_RC  - Typhoon
RCBOSS1 - Crystal Palace East
RCBOSS2 - Crystal Palace West
KPCUT7  - Endsequenz

TEAM_PV - Backstreet Rumble
TEAM_RC - All Aboard
TEAM_SR - Team Streets

DM1 - Rival Turf
DM2 - Industrial Waste
DM3 - Mean Streets
DM4 - Urban Decay
DM5 - Central Towers

Early ammunition:
When you first start the game, notice that the middle of the wooden wall 
behind you is different then its rest. As you pick the pipe, break the 
middle of the wooden wall and follow the way down. On the floor will be 
pistol ammunition.

Killing faster with the Manhole Opener:
Once you get the Manhole Opener, when you fight do not hold [Attack]. 
Instead, tap it. Each swing will go straight to the head, which will 
kill your enemy faster.

Use Quake 2 Maps in Kingpin:
To use the maps of Quake 2 in Kingpin, do the following:

Download a Quake II editor like quark or qped. 
Load it up and open the pak1.pak in your baseq2 directory. 
Open the maps folder and right click on the ones you want. 
Choose EXPORT FILE and save the bsp in you kingpin/main/maps folder. 
If you don't have that folder, make one. Make sure you export the folder
textures and place them in the kp texture directory.

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