Klingon Honour Guard Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Klingon Honour Guard 
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 Klingon Honour Guard Cheats

Klingon Honour Guard

Cheat Codes:
This game is titled also "Star Trek: The Next Generation: Klingon Honor Guard"

Press TAB while playing and then type one of these codes (If TAB doesn't work, 
type ~ instead of TAB):

Code                Result  
allammo           - All Ammo
behindview 1      - External View
behindview 0      - Normal View
flush             - Fix bad textures on walls or creatures
fly               - Fly Mode
ghost             - No Clipping Mode
god               - God Mode
hideactors        - Hide all monsters\weapons\...
showactor         - Show all monsters\weapons\...
invisible0        - Invisibility off
invisible1        - Invisibility on
killall (monster) - Enter the name of the monsters you want to kill
killpawns         - All monsters on the current level are dead
open (mapname)    - Levelselect
playersonly       - Timer freezes
slomo (number)    - Change the speed of the game (1.0 is normal)
summon (item)     - Summon weapon, item or monster
suicide           - Suicide
walk              - Walk Mode (use it after pressing ghost or fly)
ADDBOTS (number)  - Adds more bots to the game
SAY               - Allows you to chat in multiplayer
NEXTWEAPON        - Change to the next weapon 
PREVWEAPON        - Change to the previous weapon 
VIEWDOWN          - Move view downward 
VIEWUP            - Move view upward 
NEXTITEM          - Moves to the next item in your inventory 
FEIGNDEATH        - Play dead 
RESTARTLEVEL      - Restart the current level 
SHOWACTORS        - Show actors during gameplay 
SWITCHWEAPON 4    - Switch to Assault Disruptor 
SWITCHWEAPON 10   - Switch to Batleth 
SWITCHWEAPON 1    - Switch to Dak Tagh 
SWITCHWEAPON 5    - Switch to Ding Pah 
SWITCHWEAPON 9    - Switch to Disruptor Cannon 
SWITCHWEAPON 2    - Switch to Disruptor Pistol 
SWITCHWEAPON 3    - Switch to Disruptor Rifle 
SWITCHWEAPON 6    - Switch to Grenade Launcher 
SWITCHWEAPON 7    - Switch to Rocket Launcher 
SWITCHWEAPON 8    - Switch to Sith Har Blaster 
THROWWEAPON       - Throw currently selected weapon away.

After calling up the game console with the tilde key (~), type:
 summon klingons.[item]
where [item] can be:
 Daktagh (weapon 1)
 Disruptorpistol (weapon 2)
 Disruptorrifle (weapon 3)
 Assaultdisruptor (weapon 4)
 Spinclaw (weapon 5)
 Grenadelauncher (weapon 6)
 Rocketlauncher (weapon 7)
 Sithhar (weapon 8)
 Particlecannon (weapon 9)
 Batleth (weapon 10)
This is only a partial list of the items that can be summoned in the game.

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