Kohan - Immortal Sovereigns Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Kohan - Immortal Sovereigns 
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 Kohan - Immortal Sovereigns Cheats

Kohan - Immortal Sovereigns

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Nelson_luong
Submitted by: nightraider

Press [ENTER] then type any of the following codes: 

Result                      Code 
build all unit            - there is no spoon
+10 for all products      - hoody hoo  
Cataclysm                 - unpleasant dreams  
Fast construction         - speed it up  
Maximum gold              - free gold  
Win current mission       - yeahbam  
Full map                  - show fog 
Toggle grid               - show grid  
Toggle control zones      - show control  
Toggle supply zones       - show supply  
Toggle guard zones        - show guard  
Toggle population zones   - show population  
Toggle combat damage      - show damage  
Toggle blocked tiles      - show blocked  
Toggle tile numbers       - show tilenums  
Toggle tile terrain types - show types  
Toggle health bars        - show health  
Toggle detection zones    - show detection  
Toggle SAI- regions       - show sairegions  
Toggle SAI- debug         - show saidebug  
Toggle Fog                - show fog  
500 gold                  - free gold
Restore company's morale  - feeling fine
End cataclysm             - i repent
500 gold                  - gimmie five
+10 to gold, stone, iron  - mass production
many units as desire      - overpopulation
Increase company limit    - griff shadow 
Extra men                 - faction free

Conjure Cheat (Requires Patch 1.2.0)
conjure [front] [support] [support] x y

The cheat code creates a company with the desired combination of 
front and support units. This cheat will also allow a player to 
create the company at a particular location if specified (x y).

conjure skeleton skeleton shadow_priest conjure 
cavalier sorceress warlock
32 32

Custom company:
Note: This code requires the v1.2.0 patch. Press [Enter] 
during game play, then type conjure   

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