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  Hints and Tips for: Kudos Rock Legend 
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 Kudos Rock Legend Cheats

Kudos Rock Legend

Update by: gerrin
Submitted by: Jezreel

Go to My computer, then find (C:) and click Program Files, click Rock Legend, 
click Data, then, the file config.
My Computer - (C;) - Program Files - Rock Legend - Data - config

Find the words RS_STARTING CASH = 35.00 (Mostly found on the bottom)
Copy an original of the "config" and save, then, look for the original config 
and change the RS_STARTING CASH = 35.00 into RS_STARTING CASH = 999999.99 

Hope this works, It works for me alot.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.
Play around with the "config file" in the game folder data. (Be careful what 
exactly you play around with. some changes may crash the game). 
Its best to keep a copy of the file and replace it with the original if that 
happens. Any of the listed parameters can be modified. The option to set the 
amount of money you have available is located at the end of the file.

The money option is pretty much at the end of the file.

As soon as you start making a little money and gaining popularity, out comes 
the egos! Here’s where things can get squirrelly if your band had strained 
chemistry to start with.

- Your band mates will start to complain more often and ask for things but pay 
  attention, you don’t want to ignore them or their motivation will drop and they
  may quit at an inappropriate time (like the night of your biggest gig " grumble,
- This is also when band mates with "destructive" characteristics will start costing 
  you more money than they are worth. 
- Remember, you can always fire a band mate that’s too much trouble and audition for a 
  new one. 
- NOTE: Try to buy band gear evenly to keep the egos down. 
- NOTE: Band mates that quit or are fired will take their gear with them (including that 
  fancy guitar you just bought!) Sometimes it’s easier to fire and train a new band mate 
  than it is to appease a diva with a shiny new Bass Guitar just to watch him walk away 
  with it. 
- If your band mates have high motivation, they’ll stop begging for new equipment
  (for a little while.)

Parameter Cheats:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file 
before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "config" file in the game folder. Any 
of the listed parameters can be modified. The option to set the amount of money you 
have available is located at the end of the file.


100%Quality gig required, and new CD with all new songs required. Chance of album 
being bought 	

Change how many free songs you start with.
Alters sleep cycle to a fractional nap time.

Chance of buying an old CD at a gig when the album is over 10 weeks

Controls the tolerance of the band members before quitting public events.

Control your album prices on the raw distribution scale. Does not effect advances or 
pay backs 		

Even if the gig is cancelled or missed, this percentage pertains to the overall 
expense anyways.

Game ends after a real rock career.

How well your musician remembers their instrument.

Starting money.

Motivation factor for new CD being mixed.

Controls the share of your album pay.

The amount that shaves fatigue by each day off.

The minimum value for which a song can become a classic.

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