Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events 
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 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Cheats

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by. David K

In the game there's a file named "User.ini" which contains most of the user
preferences and key bindings. Some of them can be adjusted while playing, 
but more advanced settings can be adjusted via a text editor. User.ini is 
located at: \Documents and Settings\[Username]\My Documents\Lemony Snicket
(in Windows XP) \Users\[Username]\My Documents\Lemony Snicket (in Windows 
Vista/7) Note that these can lead to undesired, crazy or seizure-inducing 
consequences, so make sure you have a backup of your preferences file ready.
To bind any key to a command, find that key in the list, i.e. F1 or Ctrl, and
type the command name after the equals sign ("="). For example, if you want 
to use the F1 key to fly, it should be like this: 
"F1=Fly" (without quotes, of course).

Effect                                       Code
Deactivate Ghost and Fly cheats             - Walk
Fly around the level                        - Fly
Freeze everything except the current player - PlayersOnly
Invincibility                               - God
Kills the player character                  - Suicide
Noclip                                      - Ghost

Health lockets:
When climbing on the outside of Count Olaf's Tower, you usually go to the left to 
work your way up the tower. However, sometimes if you work your way to the right 
and peek around corners you might not normally look, you can find health lockets.

Klaus has a ability to do more with flying with Violet's invention. Use Klaus for 
that to fly over things. 

Levitating Loafers for Klaus:
At Uncle Monty's house you will need to make a pair of Levitating Loafers for 
Klaus. You will find one of the invention pieces, a pair of boots, outside the 
shed, above the door, in Uncle Monty's garden. In order to climb up and get the 
boots, you will need to use the Brilliant Bopper (or the Fruit Flinger) to knock 
over the water cans that hang from the second floor windows. The spilled water 
will cause giant flowers to grow. You can then jump on these to get over to the 
roof and grab the boots. 

How to unlock extra's:
You must find all 75 puzzle pieces in all of the area's in the game. 
(To find the extra box's look in your secret file)

Egg Olaf:
In the Level where you are Violet and Sunny, Leave the Kitchen and then go up the 
stairs. On the wall while you climb, you will see a black patch walk slowly into 
the patch and the door will open then use the fruit flinger or bubble gum and fire
away. Then a video will start, and you leave the room. 
After you do that Olaf will dance. 
P.S. Don't go into the room to far or Olaf will send you off!

Levitating Shoes:
Get battery and 2 propellers then tip watering can, jump on plant and look around. 
When you see the shoes jump and get them .

Getting the shoelaces for the levitating loafers:
To get the shoelaces on top of the shack in Mr.. Montgomery's yard you to go inside 
to the top and spill the water on the plants to the side of it. Then you can climb 
up the large plants and get the shoelaces to complete violets invention.

Unleash the incredible deadly viper:
Go in the reptile room and have violet build a lockpick (it will then open for you 
to use the viper) (must complete game first)

Secret passage for Uncle Monty:
If you are looking for the third secret passage on the reptile room level. Go into 
the Hallway and you will find a lot of poles on the wall. check all of them and one
will say press O and it is the last secret passage and inside you will find a package 
that is a movie clip. so when you go to extras you will see bonus features and there 
you can watch.

The Fruit Flinger:
To get the Fruit Flinger you have to go down the stairs and there will be a fan and 
it's on a box then there is another two boxes and on the box will be a fan use the 
Brilliant Bopper to crunch one of the boxes then push the box over by using circle 
and press circle and there you go the first thing to the Fruit Flinger. Then go 
upstairs and in that room will be a table with a metal thingy on it press circle 
and you have the second thing to the Fruit Flinger. Then go move the library by 
pressing circle and go in that room and there will be a swim toy get it by pressing 
circle and you have the third thing to the Fruit Flinger. Then go to the kitchen 
and there will be a fat guy eating with a fork and he'll say GET OUT! Then he starts 
hitting you with spaghetti that's scolding hot and if he hits you your life go down 
but there's one yellow heart so get when you really need it. Then you keep on hitting 
him with the Brilliant Bopper, then if you hit a lot and don't get hit then you 
defeat him and get the fork. Then you have the Fruit Flinger! 

The Brilliant Bopper:
To get the Brilliant Bopper you have to go in the room you start in and it will say 
collect the boxing glove by pressing circle. There you have one thing to the Brilliant 
Bopper. Then you get out of that room and you end up in a hallway, then go to the red 
table there will be a Coffe can and press circle there you have the second thing to 
the Brilliant Bopper. Then go to the end of the room and it will have redish boxes 
and the spring will be on it and press circle and there you have the third thing to 
the Brilliant Bopper. Then when you complete the mission with Sunny the locked door 
will be open then go in it and get the broom. Then you have the Brilliant Bopper!

Easy way to beat the last level:
When you first begin u only need to get about half of the certificate burned before 
it will take u to the next part of the level (which is a save point) Then all u need
to do is burn the wood costumed people continuously in hope that u find the place 
were Count Olaf pops out with the certificate and also keep in mind that as u get 
rid of the certificate the hooked hunchman will shoot watermellons at you so try 
to hit those also (there is no time limit)

Get the Shower Head:
You're probably wondering how to get the shower head for Klaus's water pump. I can 
tell you. To get it, you must get the invitation that Count Olaf drops in the kitchen.
Then go to the dressing room. Find the powdered face woman. Hit R when you're near 
her and move down to the picture of someone giving something to someone else. Select 
that. She will leave and you're free to grab the shower head. (It doesn't matter 
which character you use).

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