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  Hints and Tips for: Leo Himura's No Exit 
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 Leo Himura's No Exit Cheats

Leo Himura's No Exit

1. From the first location collect the hose from the tap, the towel and the 
   soap from the shelf and finally the body wash from just behind the bowl
2. Take the body wash and put it on the tap sticking out of the wall, the 
   knob of the tap will now come off when you try to turn it
3. Move left and take a note of the total price that it would cost for the 
   three items you have, towel, soap and body wash
4. Move right twice and enter in the price into the key pad to open the 
   cupboard. Take the scissors and the micro transmitter thingy
5. Move right and use the scissors to make a hole in the bath tub
6. Feed the hose into the hole and then look inside the tub. Fit the knob 
   to the end of the hose
7. Leave the tub and then put some more body wash on the bottom of the tub.
   You can now pull on the tub to pull it out of the way
8. Click the panel behind the tub to move there and then take the wrench 
   from the hole in the floor
9. Move out and then move left twice. Use the wrench on the remains of the 
   tap to take it off the wall. Take the key that falls out
10. Open the door with the key and then enter through it to the toilet
11. Take the teddy off the shelf and then lift the cistern lid to find a 
    slingshot inside
12. Combine the slingshot with the soap and then leave the toilet. Aim the 
    slingshot on the light bulb to smash it
13. Re-enter the toilet and click the luminous panel on the wall to reveal 
    a sword
14. Use the sword on the waste pipe behind the toilet to half flood the 
15. Take the teddy and put it down the toilet to block it and cause the 
    bathroom to totally flood
16. Swim to freedom and possibly the next episode

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