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  Hints and Tips for: Lilitales 
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 Lilitales Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Everything You Should Know:
How to Save the Game?
Right click, it’ll bring up your menu and you can save

What are the Passwords for?
7373 skip the prolueg with currency and lust

5675 show unused CG

Any Achievements in the game?
Not yet. maybe the developers will add some achievements later.

Is This Game Difficulty?
It is not. Cheat engine is easy to use for this game so If you just want the 
scenes/story and power walk through the game you can do that.

How Long is the Game?
About 15 hours to complete the two routes and find the most of thing to do 
(Ex dungeon excluded).

How to Download Uncensored Patch for Steam?
You can download the uncensored patch from this link. this patch is allowed on 
Steam by now. BUT , then they would need to mark their game ” Adult Only” and that 
excludes it from showing up in shop searches and on the store, unless the user has 
” Adult Sexual Content” activated in his account preferences.

How to  Unlock Fifth Cless CG?
You have to win in the undergond market so you can play a cless under the temple later 
make sure to not use any status effec protecion/items and go in all the rooms in one
 of em is a event (as cless)

How to Unlock Airi and “Other” Version 2 Scenes?
Defeated by Goblins
thar 2 goblien realted CGs
one for get cepture druing a figth with a normal gobilen
one at the beging you encoter 4 gobilens ther is some gilog befor the figth
you have to lose this one

others i fond one
during the undergond slave makrd you have to interakt with the femal mercenary she 
shos up in the city salve maket first
* shes on level 1 in the undergound maket (she has voice diaglog)
* on level 2 you have ( ! ) event talking about the femal mercenary / go back to 
level 1 and inteakt
with her(?)
* she will be take away to level 2 the long hallway with all the doors just find the 
  door and you go (also aviod meeting the guy batari say to stay a way from)

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