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  Hints and Tips for: Line of Sight - Vietnam 
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 Line of Sight - Vietnam Cheats

Line of Sight - Vietnam

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

During gameplay press [~] to go to the console, then enter the 
following cheats followed by [ENTER]: 

Update by: Ashwin Rajendran 

Press L during game play to bring up the chat menu, this should came
up "/tell". Delete the word "tell" and key in "cheatcheat" and press
enter to enable the cheats, after that press L again and delete the 
word "tell" and key in the below codes individualy to activate the 
corresponded cheats ("do not delete the slash)

Code           Result 
/cheatcheat  - Activate Cheat Mode 
/ac          - God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, Fly 
/godmode     - God Mode 
/invis       - Invisibility 
/fly         - Fly Mode 
/ammo        - Unlimited Ammo 
/winmission  - Win Mission 
/losemission - Lose Mission 
/hitlermode  - Hitler Mode 
/fovs        - Enemy FOV Rendering
/astar       - Toggle astar path rendering
/arrival     - Toggle arrival point rendering
/noint       - Remove the HUD
/give        - Exit game

Mod your weapons:
Submitted by: GothamKing

Goto "GameData" folder and open the "weapdef.txt" file with our good old notepad.
Then you should see the format of how to use the values. I,m explaining them

1.Name of weapon

2.Accuracy-Takes value from 0 to 1.The more less value, the more accurate.I think it 
supports values upto 3 decimal places.

3.Magazine size-How many bullets/ammo in each magazine.

4.Recoil magnitude-The force of kick back of gun after firing each bullet.Takes value 
from 0 to 1.The more higher the value the less accurate.

5.Magazine number-How many magazines one can carry.

6.Range-The distance in which the bullet will do damage.The unit is in feet.

7.Effective range-(Used by AI)The distance at which the weapon is usably accurate.
Unit is again in feets.

8.Muzzle noise-Max noise weapon makes.As far as AI is concerned,most guns do 300.
(The number for grenades represents the noise of throwing them not the explosion).
Anything 250 or more alerts the AI out as far out as possible.The only difference 
over 250 is a tendency to go for one gun over another or over other items that make 
noise if the target is out of view.Donot make this number too high,it could cause 

9.Burst rate count-How many seconds delay between shots on a rapid fire weapon(Machine 
guns or assault rifles).

10.Number of mesh names to use i.e,the names by which the game calls the weapons.

11.List of mesh names(They are separated by commas,so donot get confused that they are 
mesh names or the next values).

12.Minimum damage the weapon/shots from it can do. 

13.Maximum damage the weapon/shots from it can do. 

14.AI rating-How dangerous is the weapon.The more high the number,the more the AIs will 
tend to attack the player having that weapon.

15.Weight-The weight of the weapon only.(Excluding the extra magazines,but including 
the inserted magazine).Unit is in pounds.In case of grenades it is the weight of a 
single grenade.

16.Magazine weight-How much a magazine weighs in pounds.
Next 6 values corresponds to the location of the muzzle flash in 3D space,none of
our business.
Now using the above note make proper use of your brain to reproduce an unbeatable weapon.
Any queries email me.


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