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  Hints and Tips for: Lords Of Xulima 
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 Lords Of Xulima Cheats

Lords Of Xulima

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam Achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To 
view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My 
profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement           How to unlock
Arena Champion      - Win all combats in the Arena and defeat the Guardian Romegor.
Doom of ArrazGul    - Defeat Arrazgul, the Leader of the Cursed Hounds.
Herald of Febret    - Recollect 1,000 herbs.
Herald of Kersket   - Defeat 300 enemy groups.
Herald of Raznet    - Kill 1,000 creatures in combat.
King of Xulima      - Finish the game in real difficulty mode.
Knight of the Light - Find the Impious Princes and bring them to the light of 
                      the Lords of Xulima.
Lord of Xulima      - Finish the game in Hardcore difficulty mode.
Rage of Yűl         - Find all the erected statues of Yul scattered throughout Xulima.
Witch Hunter        - Find the hidden lairs of the Four Sisters.

Unlimited Gold:
Written by Sun_Strike

This guide just shows how to farm gold.

Spoiler warning? Well if you have read the title and still come for the details, 
you should not consider it as a spoiler.

This will demonstrate how I farm gold on my ironman game. First of all, I start 
to do this when my parties are at level 5 but it could do anytime after you clear 
the town guards, velegarn beach and sporia forest random encounters. In my case, 
I fully bless my party at level 4 and kill all 3 town guards including the group 
that block the way to the east (not really important though). I did it after I 
kill the cursed hound few times with blessings and start to run out of gold. So 
I start to do unlimited gold procedure. As long as you did not make anymore 
progress on the storyline, the cursed hound will not interupt you. I did since 
days 30+ up to day 60+ without encounter them even once.

-=Let Start!=-
There are few basic informations that you might have already known.

The cereal plant at the farm will regrowth every 2 days.
The fruit plant will regrowth every 3 days.
Walking in the town will not comsume your food reserve.
Rest always consume food reserve both inside or outside of the town.

That makes 1 circle = 6 days (regrowth cereals 3 times and plant 2 times).

As you can see from the sample map, l make notes and demonstrate as below details.

1st circle. Day 60 - 66.

Day 60 Time 22:00

1. Harvest 52 cereal plants from the farm 1st time
2. Start gathering fruit plant route from spot (1) to (8) 1st time and go back to town

Day 61 Time 14:00

1. Walk to merchant and shopping
2. Rest 1 full day

Day 62 Time 18:00

1. Walk to the farm and walk around until 22:00. Harvest 52 cereal plants 
   from the farm 2nd time
2. Walk to the fruit plant spot (1)

Day 63 Time 23:00

1. Start gathering fruit plant route from spot (1) to (8) 2nd time and go back to town

Day 64 Time 15:00

1. Walk to merchant and shopping
2. Walk back to the farm and walk around until 22:00. Harvest 52 cereal plants from 
   the farm 3rd time
3. Rest 2 full days

End the 1st circle at Day 66. My food reserve is similar from the starting circle. 
Oh yes! Now on day 66 both farm and plant spots completely regrowth for the next circle.

Note. Yes there is one more fruit spot left if you sneak pass through the sporia meadow 
or teleport to sorrentia and head south to get it. However, I do not think that worth 
the time and afford to do. It takes times to sneak through those mushrooms or waste 2 
hours+ to travel between 2 areas. If you have killed the orge that block the pathway 
or killed those titanic mushrooms, then it's find to add 1 more fruit spot to your 
route. But that would be when you are at much higher levels. Just ignore it and do my 
route at party low level.

You can sell 156 cereals 7 times and earn 350 gold from the 1st circle.
Stock 16 extra cereals in this circle so the next circle can sell 8 times and earn 
400 gold. Then stock 12 extra cereals for the next circle. Repeat as many times as 
you like.

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