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  Hints and Tips for: Lost Planet 3 
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 Lost Planet 3 Cheats

Lost Planet 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Farming T-Energy in Marshall's Gorge:
One way to amass T-Energy is keep fighting the giant crab enemy in Marshall's Gorge after
you receive the Acetylene Torch upgrade for your rig. Defeat the crab, fast travel to any
location, then return to the Gorge again to respawn the crab and kill it again for T-Energy.
However, it's important to note that you will no longer be able to make the crab respawn 
once you complete Marshall's Gorge, so be sure to take advantage of this trick while it 

Infinite T-Energy:
In the main story missions, you will get upgrades to your rig to complete missions.
Once you get the Acetylene Torch, go to Marshall's Gorge to fight the giant crab. 
After killing the giant crab, go back to the entrance, and fast travel to any 
location. Then, travel back to Marshall's Gorge to fight the giant crab again. You
will get approximately 600 T-Energy each time you kill the giant grab. You will earn
approximately 2,500 T-Energy for completing an average side mission, and it will 
usually take around 20 minutes to complete. You can get approximately 5,000 T-Energy
every 15 minutes by farming the giant crab. Note: Once you continue with the main 
story missions, the giant crab cannot be farmed any longer. Thus, make sure you 
obtain as much T-Energy as desired before continuing with the main story missions.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Achievement                      How to unlock
Campaign Complete (50 points)  - Finished the Game on Any Difficulty.
Extreme Conditions (50 points) - Finished the Game on Hard Difficulty.
Armed and Dangerous (5 points) - First Weapon Upgrade Purchased.
Master Planter (30 points)     - Planted every Post.
Home Improvement (5 points)    - Purchased First Rig Upgrade.
Big Spender (30 points)        - Bought every Weapon and Rig Upgrade.
Geneticist (30 points)         - Fully Unlocked Bestiary.
Lost Log (5 points)            - Found a Log.
Heavy Reader (25 points)       - Found 50% of Logs.
Master Cataloger (50 points)   - Found all Logs.
Killer Instinct (30 points)    - Finished Kovac's Quests.
History Lesson (5 points)      - Found a Memento.
First Tag (5 points)           - Tagged an Albino Tarkaa.
Master Huntsman (50 points)    - Purchased all Ethologist Upgrades.
A Winner Is You! (5 points)    - Won a Multiplayer Match.
Winning Habit (30 points)      - Won 25 Multiplayer Matches.
Deadly Catch (10 points)       - Delivered T-Eng Canister 2 Times.
Stop Stalking Me (10 points)   - Killed 20 Wardeyes.
Top Dog (10 points)            - Delivered T-Eng Canister 3 Times.
Riding Shotgun (10 points)     - Get a kill while on the Battlecat.
Touchdown (10 points)          - Delivered the T-ENG Canister.
Big Bang (5 points)            - Unlocked Sphere Cell.
Sphere We Go (30 points)       - Unlocked 30 Sphere Cells.
Sphere Complete (75 points)    - Unlocked all Sphere Cells.

Lost Planet 3 No Intro:
Run the game at least once and close it. Browse into the location below:
Vista and above                                                      
C:\Users\[NAME]\Documents\My Games\LostPlanetGame\LostPlanetGame\Config
C:\Documents and Settings\[NAME]\My Documents\My Games\LostPlanetGame\LostPlanetGame\Config
Open the "LostPlanetEngine.ini" with NotePad, Editor or similar and find [FullScreenMovie] 
and comment the lines you don't need below starting with StartupMovies out using a semicolon
(;), those will not be loaded on startup anymore and skipped every time you run the game 
and save the file (that is pretty much like a No Intro).
To enable the movies again, just remove the semicolon (;) from the *.ini file once again 
and save it.

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