Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven 
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 Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven Cheats

Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven

Cheat Codes:
Update by: anshul goel

Press [Shift] + ~ during game play, then type one of the following codes.

Code                Results
badgangsters      - God mode
deadguns          - Infinite Guns and ammo
Mademan           - health

Cheat Mode 2:
Enter the codes while in-game. The screen will flash when entered correctly.

Effect                                                Code	
Enlarged Hands                                      - boxer
Folds roof down on compatible cars                  - jizda
Increase draw distance                              - cumdal
Infinite Ammo                                       - municak
Refill Health                                       - krefjezivot
The boat from Titanic goes under the nearest birdge - parnik
You can steal any car                               - cornufse

Shoot off tires:
Aiming at tires and shooting where the bolts are, in the middle. This works best
with the Tommy gun.

Vehicle kill zones:
When taking out a vehicle, the following are the easiest and quickest ways to
do so. Direct hits to the radiator in most cars will blow them up with two or
three shots with the sawed-off shotgun, which is the weapon of choice. Some 
other good spots to hit are the front right, front left, and rear (central rear
panel where gas tank would be located).

Submitted by: Craig

Before you go to meet Sam at the museum in "The death of art", I suggest you 
make a visit at Yellow Pete at the Twister. (The same chap you went to for 
weapons before robbing the bank with Paulie.) He will again give you all the
guns you can carry, and it makes it a hell of a lot easier to play the last 
chapter. Otherwise, you start the chapter with only 1 gun and 6 bullets!

Submitted by: Fred duvivier

Mission Great Deal: 
After you kill the hoodlums at te 3rd, and the guys just level under, behind 
the white car at the end of this floor there is a box of grenade (usefull) to
destroy the two car at the end and the guys hiding behind it.

Easy Method for Escape in Lucky bastard:
to  lose the tail : get away then stop and wait them : shoot two tires 
of their car and then get back in your and get away, you get it! (just 
pay attention for cops, if one car come, just kill them before the wanted 
bar appears)

In general if the cops are behind you with wanted bar: 
go to the nearest metro station, get on the dock of metro station, if the 
cops follow you, get on the tracks then by pressing the jump key, go in 
the dock in front they can't follow you! they go on the tracks but they 
can't jump on the dock! Take the metro and stay in until the wanted bar 
desappear! Then steal a new car and resume your mission.

Easy money:
Submitted by Nightrider

Bet a negative number at the casino to gain money every time you lose.
Kill the men in the all black suits with the black hat (gangsters) to earn
$500 each. Go into the country and speed in a fast car.

Win the race:
Drive up to the first checkpoint and slow down. Behind the boulders is a short
patch of sand where you can drive onto the closed road. This of course is the 
"wrong way" and if you plan to go through it, you will be faster but not complete
the lap. You will not win unless you do the following. Drive up to the end of the
road, just past the "Dunniel" (or something similar) sign, where you get your 
checkpoint information and select "Replace Car" (default is [Keypad 0]). The goal
is now just a few inches away. You must to do this five times. By doing so, you 
can finish the race in a little less than six minutes. Note: Make sure you do 
not crash on the closed road as the "Replace Car" might not work there, or will
place you back to the first checkpoint.

Submitted by: SergeantReaper

Type "Mademan" in the console, you will get unlimited health.

Submitted by: Terry Reimer

Easy way to mow down Speedy Gonzalez-Steal a car and drive to the corner a block
west of where he is. Line him up on the sidewalk and floor it. The dumbass will
run right into you.

Update by: vince

Submitted by: Ralph Theroux
E-mail: / 

I've read and been told of being able to bring up the console when playing 
"Mafia-The City of Lost Heaven" by pressing ''shift + ~'' I can't seem to get
that to work. Is there a line I must add to my desktop shortcut's "target" line
in order to be able to bring up the console?

I have read of the following cheats that can be typed once the console is activated: 

Badgangsters = godmode
Deadguns     = guns and ammo
Mademan      = health

Now, if only I could bring up the console......

Submitted by: utplayer2

On the preist Level after you go down the stairs and the cutscene plays about the 
funeral all the people start shooting but if you can get the the spiril stairs with
alot of health you can hold the man hossage by running in to him and staying there.
just stand there and shoot the other guys then when done backup and shoot the guy at
the top of the steps.

Submitted by: Aksel Sund

In the race, wich is a pain in the as. There is on way to make the pain go away. If
you turn on to the closed way and continue on it until you come back to the track, 
you will se a sign on the left. Push replace car just after you that sign an you will
be replaced at the finish line. You can't lose.

Unlock Free Ride Extreme mode: 
Submitted by: Pangeran Akbarsyah

To unlock the Free Ride Extreme you have to finish all missions. The Extreme mode 
allows you to get extra fancy cars (like the super fast taxi). Also there are no 
cops in this mode.

Mafia: Hint:
Submitted by:Nishadh Shanker Shrestha

"Election Campaign"
On this chapter while killing the polition from the height. You can use your telescope
if you are using Mosin-Nagant 1891/30, you just have to do is press "S" (Note: It is 
the default key for Sniper Mode, press whatever key you are using instead of S if you
have already configured the keys setting), After pressing this key you will be using 
the telescope, you will see a Island where you can see a polition near his mic, just 
target him and shoot, now you shot it, after killing the polition go inside again and
follow the stairs just walk on the stairs, at the last floor you'll see a door and dog
sitting near it there are about 4-5 dogs kill them first from inside then go out. Now
 you be finding a huge gate with a big lock which you cant open, to open it shoot the
lock the door will be unlocked.
"You Lucky Bastard !" - On the chasing level of you luckey bastard you just have to
chase the green car you don't have to get out and kill the bastared Sergio.

"The Death of Art" - In this level you are really on trouble. As, default you only 
have 6 bullets on your gun, i think it's Colt or something ...
Instead of wasting the bullet, just run to the staires on the following side, ie. if
you are looking towards the door from where you had came inside the hall move to the
staires on your Right side, After you climb the staires if you try to open the nearby
big door it won't open and if it open you've choose the wrong door. however if it 
opens you shound't be on the door which is at the opposite side of the main door 
from where you came in.Now if you have got the right door then do as follows. if you
are turning towards the door that you found the your destination is at the right side,
on right side you will se a passage but a also a small wall, that's it you just have 
to do is climb the wall but fast an enemy will be trying to kill you. Now I hope you've
managed to reach the passage. You just climb to the passage all right? now on turning 
right side you'll find some enemys shooting you with machine guns and colts. just run 
to the place near the enemy and again return back to the passage very fast a second 
later you will hear a blast and with that you'll get the machine gun, because the 
enemy that had got the machine gun is dead due to the blast. After that hurry chimbing
the long stires near you. In this level I'm sure you will find a medical pack, as 
soon as you go near the medical pack you'll hear a blast and with it you find tommy 
dead if the life is too low. To avoid it just run near to the medical pack and return
back running off couarse there will be a blase but without effecting you, Now you can
go and eat the pack, well then if you've already killed all the enemys down staires 
go up to the staires near the medical pack. kill a enemy up stair go inside the door
near by, well if it's locked then you have not killed all the enemys down staires. 
if it opens go inside you'll meet Sam!!! To kill sam it's better if you have your 
machine gun with you or you just have to do a thing i.e to die, (You know its too 
difficult even if you have fully loaded machine gun, but once U know the trick it'll 
be the easiest level on the whole game). When I killed sam I had only got 5 life left.
The easies way to kill sam is to hide and shoot. Every time you're seen by him he will
start shooting, but when he will be reloading his machine gun it will be your turn. 
In this way you'll have to shoot for three times not continuieously. After that he 
will ran away. Now if you think he is afraid you're wrong be carefull while finding
him. and don;'t forget your gun, if you see blood swept follow the path that it 
lead you to by shooting with your machine gun countineously Sam will suddenly come
in front of you but you must be able to shoot hime before he does the shooting to 
you. Well don't loose your temper on this level cuz after killing Sam the game will 
be completed! (For save games email me on

Submitted by: anirudh
Type in the console

I want a fletcher - for getting a silver fletcher.

Submitted by: prateek shrivastava

If u r firing cops or any bad guyes, u have to fire almost 5-6 bullets in their bodies
which takes time and causes risk. Here's a hint- Position ur self in such a way that 
ur crosshair remains on their head, now if u fire only 2 shots on their head, they 
gonna die than and there! 

Submitted by: Zaq_kt

When you want to get rid of cops really fast and if they are shooting at you, you do
the following:

1.When they are shooting at you they shoud shoot from the left, but you just 
  have to rub them trought near lamp posts,cars,trolly's,wall ect.
2.Try to shoot their tires,engine,driver.
3.Make sharp turns trought the city.
4(alt.).Get out of the car, take a tomson,sawed-off,pump shotgun and blast 
 the hell out of the cops,mafia and every bastard that comes in your way!! 

Submitted by: 24k

When you want to get a new car,because the old one is dammaged,trashed,shot ect.
You go to a car you have not driven jet,then do all kind of dammage whitout 
blowing-up. When you get in,your car is brand new!

Submitted by: Mohammed Salah 

1- In the mission of (An offer you can't refuse):
the best way to run away from the gangster's following you is to run to the end 
of the road. the road that you will start in- and then stop with turning right 
so you will face the the car of the other gangster's now just do nothing and
paulie and sam will take care of them only if there shooting was not correct take 
the car forwards and backwards until the shooting become right your target is to 
kill the driver and the man next to him.
If you are quick enough you can go out of your car and quickly bill one of the 
gangster's who are following you out of his car -the time will be enough to take 
only one gangster out of the car and return so don't take more then one or you 
will disrupt paulie and Sam and the mission will fail.....OKAY MAN.
don't believe the talking of paulie and Sam about liquidate you that's because you 
are there only chance to survive....

2- In the mission of (Molotov party):
when you reach morello's bar and get to the garage from the behind liquidate the 
guard who is standing at the front door with your bat and you will find a gun with 
him then look to your lift you will find a door and a box on the far left go to the 
box and carry it now go to the door and press the action button you will find two 
choice's one is to try to open the door and the other is to block the door with th 
box chose to block the door with the box now when you start to destroy the car's 
you will have more time before the other gangster's in the bar could reach you now 
how to destroy the car's?
the best way is to throw the first Molotov on the car near the front door then hide 
once it explode throw the other Molotov on the car that is behind the car you have 
just destroyed and hide when it explode go to the last car and stand in front of 
it and return with you back as much as you can in a strait way now take your gun 
out and fire on the engine until the car explode....
WAIT!!! don't run to your car there is another way better when you get in the the 
garage from the back door on your right there was a wall that is taking a large 
space of the garage go to it and walk near of is then the action mark will appear 
now press the action button and a secret door will be opened and you will find 
behind it an open door falconer blue take it and go and don't be worry about paulie 
he will see you and he will take the bolt and follow you after that take the 
falconer to ralfie and save now on the next mission ralfie will tell you about 
it and how it is so powerful Tommy will say to ralfie that he know how he could 
get into one and you will learn how that is a better way to get a nice car without 
waiting too long to get it -in the mission of (The whore)....

3- In the mission of (Ordinary routine):
in clark's motel if you want to relax from the chase mission after this phase you 
simply damage the yellow v16 by shooting the middle of the wheel -not the tire- 
about 4 to 6 bullets should make the wheel goes out of it's place and then when 
the thief goes out of the motel he won't get into the car that's because it's broken 
you will only have to liquidate 'em....

Note: the next mission will be canceled.

4- In the mission of (Omerta):
after you find frank and go to find his family when you find them there will be 
someone talking on the phone to the cop's kill him fast before he end's the call 
if you do that the cops won't appear at the beginning of the level when you go 
back to get the plane tickets for frank and his family....SAFE WALKING.

5- In the mission of (Visiting rich people):
this is the way to finish the burglary without firing a single shoot:
when you get in the villa whit Salvatore you will find your self in the garden 
move forward and then prone when you are hiding into the bush's with Salvatore 
give him an order to wait then face the forward again now look on your left you 
will find a guard wait until he moves and then run behind him and liquidate 'em 
with your bat now take the pump action shotgun that with him and if you search 
him you will find a key with him -i don't know what is the use of it- now return 
back to Salvatore there is a man standing is the garden shed go behind him and 
liquidate 'em with the bat and take the shotgun now exit the garden shed and move 
towards the villa -go around the bush's not the pool then wait behind one of the 
bush's and look towards the stair's until a man goes down now he will look to your 
side and then turn around now run behind him and liquidate 'em and take his shotgun 
now climb up the stair's we will find your self in the balcony open the door and 
hide behind one of the chair's until the maid get into the room and turn on the 
light she will move towards the end of the room now run behind her fast and kill 
her with the bat -always use the bat in this mission and try to prone always while 
in the garden- now turn off the light and close the door that the maid came from 
now on your right there is a Wight room go in and continue to the next room and go 
right you will find a stair's -the round one- go up and move forwards and don't go 
right or left just forward's then you will reach a door open and you will find the 
office and the safe now return back to Salvatore and give him an order to follow 
you then go to the office and to the safe throw the same way and open the safe....
now the game will be saved and the consular will arrive after that give Salvatore 
an order to wait then close the office door on him then go back the same way
WATCH OUT!!! there is some guard's on the balcony hide and wait in the Wight 
room until they go away now return back to Salvatore and give him an order to 
follow you and move to the balcony -make sure the coast is clear- then go out 
to the stair's and once again
WATCH OUT!!! there might be a guard in the garden wait until he moves away if 
there is no guard so move quickly to the door you came from in the beginning 
until you reach it and then go out of the villa....HOME FREE.
Note: try not to use the pump action shotgun because when you use it you will 
'cuse so much noise inside the villa try not to go in the great hall because 
the guard's will see you there cleare and try to close any unused door and 
every light in the villa because when the guard's are in a dark place they 
will leave it immediately....

6- In the mission of (pon appetite'):
when saliari ask you to go around the restaurant go and kill the gangster with 
the Tommy gun in the ally and take the Tommy gun form him now don't go away wait 
in the ally at the end of the stair's after a little while the about 4-5 
gangster's will go out of the door liquidate 'em and take there gun's now don't 
go throw the door it's better to go around the street because the gangster's 
who's lift will be looking towards saliari and will never think that someone 
will come from that direction

watch out of the gangster with the Tommy gun who is standing at the window that 
is above the door near the restaurant the best way to kill him is not to go 
behind him it's by going under the window and shoot him.... I KNOW THIS SOUND 
CRAZY but it's the best way because if you go behind him you will have a chance 
about 5 percent to get him and if you get him your life power will be low....

7- In the mission of (You lucky bustard):
in the harbor the best way to beat Sergio is by:
killing the 4 gangster's in the beginning of the mission and then get in your 
car again right then use the car as a shield and walk over every other gangster 
you see and don't worry about the sniper's the car will protect you from there 
shoot's "The best way to defeat your enemy is by using there same weapon that 
he use" that's what are you going to do to liquidate the sniper's:
move to the warehouse that Sergio is hiding in -the one with the green car of 
Sergio out side it- and continue forward there will be another large building 
after it and behind that building there is another gate get out of the car -if 
you are in it- and check it's window's very carefully because there is a sniper 
standing in one of them wait until he turn's around and then shoot him and take 
his rifle and you know what are you going do now.... BANG BANG.

8- In the mission of (cream de' la cream):
in the airport after you liquidate morello don't just go away return to the 
hanger where morello's plane were there you will find his car -the silver 
Fletcher- and it's door open it's the one of two silver Fletcher and the 
other is in the party of the play boy -the place were you will get the v16 
appolion from if you visit Lucas after the (Election campaign) mission....

9- In the mission of (Election campaign):
when you arrive at the prison gate move to the sewers hatch where you are 
going into the prison throw it now before going in kill the man who is standing 
there then go near him now press the action button you will have two choice's 
one is to search him and the other is to hide his body chose to hide the body 
and now relax and watch Tommy doing the hard work
this move is very useful because now when you finish your work in the prison 
and go out there will be no cop's outside waiting for you to search you....

10- In the mission of (Just for relaxation):
get to the meeting point with paulie and Sam then continue with paulie to the 
harbor now when the game is saved don't wait outside and then follow the car 
to the wear house go back and stand in the middle of the road with the car and 
watch the map when the truck moves get out of the car and revel your gun (Colt 
1911 not colt special detective) when the truck come close and before it stops 
shoot the cars glass an till it is bracken now the driver will get out of the 
car and runaway from now it is down to you to either liquidate 'em or to hit 
him tell he revel the paper works....EASY WAY.

don't forget to unload the truck before going in the harbor.

11- In the mission of (Moon lighting):
when you go to yellow bete try to take every gun that you can carry and the best 
weapons in my opinion is:

A- colt 1911
B- S&W Magnum 27
C- S&W magnum 10 (I is the one with the cops)
D- colt special detective
E- any hand weapons like (Baseball bat-knife-....etc)
F- pump action shotgun under your coat
G- Thomson 1928 (Tommy gun) in your hand.

leave the weapon in your hand at Lucas shop before you go to get the car....

Please send me any question on my e-mail: 

Visiting rich people:
Submitted by:johnny

Exit through the front of the house (after you have the documents) the silver 
fletcher is there and if you try to get in salvotore will open the cars door for

Quick Transport:
Submitted by: Naveen.N.R

The best way to get to your destination is to travel in the trains. They have 
the shortest ways and also saves your time. You may find the journey boooooring
but it is much quicker than driving yourself. Also you can take some rest by the
time train reaches the destination.

A Funny Tip:
Submitted by: Naveen.N.R

In chapter 12.02 Big Deal Parking Lot when you start the game you will be outside
the pariking area and you can see the car in which you came. One of your assistants
will be sitting in the car. Just pull him outside and you will find Sam and Paulie 
coming and beating him just because you put him out. Very funny!!!

Chapter 15 "You Lucky Bustard"
Submitted by Sandeep Ghosh
Email : 

In this chapter you have to find Sergio morello and kill him. At first kill the 
four guards at the beginning then kill the other three guards (They will come in 
truck), after that get into your car and drive the car through the left side of 
the port (There are grassy fields). At first two guard will jump in your car then 
you will see at the end of the port there is a house , in front of that two man 
are standing with pump action shotgun in their hand, kill them. Then you will see 
there is another house beside of that previous house, get out of your car go into 
the house. Search the house you will get a man standing in front of a window with 
a sniper in his hand. Kill him and take his sniper. You will find a medical in that 
building also. Then get out of that building and kill the other four sniper holders. 
Then move to the warehouse that Sergio is hiding in -the one with the green car of 
Sergio out side it. You will find that all gates are locked. So you have to break a 
door but how? You will find that a railway track is heading to the large gate. 
So you have to break the door by colliding a train, donít worry you donít have to 
drive a train. You will find at the corner of the port there are two oil tankers on 
the railway track. Join the railway lines by the connecter as if if the tankers start 
rolling it will collide with the gate (The connecters are the one with big handles, 
there are many on the port). Then you have to roll the tanker, itís very easy you will 
see there is a small piece of wood placed near the front wheel of the first tanker, 
just take it out (Click the action button "Default : Right Click2 ). 
Then see what happen................

Note: You will find Grenade from the railway station and medical in the railway 
building. There is another medical in one of the dispatch hall.
For any query or if you want the saved game email me 

Submitted by: Swapnil Patil
if you want to some exterme missins in Mafia:The City Of Lost Heavan

Then complete the game.
You will get a optin FREE RIDE EXTREME
In this when you start the game you r in your house infront of our house
(Tommy's)you find one man waving his hand go there talk to him.He will 
give you information abot 19 EXTEREME MISIIONS.
after completing each mission you will get super car sometime you get 
prototype taxi. you can you these taxis in FREE RIDE for earning maoney.
you can save your game in tommy's home.just right clik on the door which 
is in the house,then game was saved. in this health is police.
FIND 19 men town and enjoy
ask me if you not get

How to escape being chased by police:
Submitted by: Naveen.N.R 

If you are caught driving fast and a cop is chasing you ... get out of 
the car when the cop is far behind.. The cop gets confused and the wanted 
bar dissapears quickly if you hide away from the road. If you are caught 
on foot get in a vehicle and quickly get out of the area and park it in a 
quiet place and wait in the car till the wanted bar dissapears.... 
Also a cop can determine your speed only when you cross him... 
So you may run high speed but make sure you slow down before you npass by 
a cop vehicle or a cop on foot...

Cheat To Unlock ALL The cars:
Submitted By Naveen.N.R

You can unlock all the special cars of the FREE RIDE EXTREME and all other 
locked cars in the game by doing this cheat... Get to top right corner of 
the Oakwood when playing in Extreme mode. You will see two phone booths. 
Go to the one near the curve to the left...[Not to the one opposite to the 
Oakwood high School]. You will see a house left of it with a dark blue 
colour door. Get near it and press enter key or the key which you have set 
for performing actions... Now get back to your house in oakwood and save 
the game... Quit the current game and open free ride mode. Now you will be 
able to select any car. 

I haven't checked whether this cheat can be applied in normal game mode. 
Anyway if you have unlocked the free ride extreme mode by completing the 
game once you can surely check this out...
If this doesn't work mail me out...

Submitted by: Nguyen Quoc Duy

When you play in Chapter 5: Fairplay,when you drive back to Lucas, if you 
assult the police and make the bar level is wanted and all Cops will chase 
after you.Dirve immediately to Lucas with the Cops after.After the cutscene, 
the cops after you will shoot you and may be you will died.Load the game, 
and there're no cops anymore but when you drive your car out of Lucas, 
turn left and there's a police standing on way.You can rush him, punch him 
but he never shoot you.He just stand,and certainly you'll punch him to die 

If you can't make it, mail me and I will send you the savegame.

Submitted by: Shahnawaz

in this mission if Morello escapes from u & enters the airport, then gets on a 
plane and paulie tells u to shot the plane down with his thompson just shoot at 
its engines on its wings. now if u still miss the plane and it flys away from u, 
just have to do it again. But when it flys off and paulie tells sam to shoot it 
down hit "Return" key or "Enter" button and u will be told to return to salieri's 
bar the Mission will be completed just don't need to do it again.

Break Rules and get away: 
By: Brizie.
Now here is a simple yet effective trick for gettig away from chasing cops.
Break some rules, get the cops behind you, look for the nearest railway
station and get on the platform. Now if the come to your side then jump on the 
railway tracks. The cops jumping after you will simply vanish.
Look out for the coming trains though.

Submit By:- Anupam Shrivastava, Bhopal

During the game in mission Manhunt you chasing morello's car then morello's car
then morello's car have turn to the airport After this you restart this mission 
and drive fastly then morello's car will not turn to the airport.they will crossed 
the city limits and that will destroy

chapter 15:
Submitted by: daniel bezchi

you luky bastard
once u explode the oil tankers go towards the warehouse, you will see someone 
shooting at u waste him then wait 2 men with shotguns will come from the left 
side of the warehouse waste them then there is a man with a shotgun on the right 
side of the warehouse waste him then if u go deeper in u will see another man 
with a shotgun waste him then at the very back of the warehouse is the bastard 
sergio, be careful he has a Thompson wait till he turns around then shoot him 
come back to the metal boxes quikly as he turns to face u once again when he 
turns around get out and then kill him get his thompson get out of the warehouse 
get the truck and run over the people shooting on your way out once u get out 
the way u came in just return to salieri bar.

All Free Ride Extreme cars:
When you start free ride extreme, go to the most north eastern point of Oakwood. 
Now place yourself so that you're looking down the street. Look at your right and 
you should see a telephone booth (on the sidewalk). There is a house with a blue 
door just right of the telephone booth. Go up to the door and the action icon 
will appear. Click the right mouse button (DEFAULT Right Mouse Button) and the 
icon will disappear. Nothing will say that you've unlocked all Free Ride Xtreme 
cars, but if you check the Free Ride car selection screen, the cars should be 
listed there.

Huge drop:
Go to free ride mode and go to the countryside. You will start in some dirt and. 
To the right, there will be a hill. Go up the hill and follow the road. Keep going 
straight until you reach a bridge. Go straight for awhile until you see a small 
brown shack on your left. Notice that next to the shack is an opening in the 
fence. Drive right off. It is big cliff. If you land wrong you can die on impact.

During game play, pause the game and enter this code: 

Invisible Car:
In the construction site near Hoboken, drive around the site with your car passing 
buildings until you see a car on your radar. To get to the car, walk through the 
big wooden door (yes THROUGH it) and drive back out. After about 30 seconds the 
car starts disappearing. When the car is done disappearing, YOU will too, and if 
you save, then the effect will become permanent. 

Killing people in black suits:
Walk behind them and shoot them. This works best with the sawed off shotgun.

You Lucky Bastard: Take out snipers:
When you enter the dock, get a truck and drive to the other entrance to the 
harbor. Nearby, there is a house with a man. Kill him. He has a US rifle, which 
you should use to shoot the round fuel containers near the crane towers. The 
snipers will not shoot you, and you will get to see a really great fireworks 

Chapter 20 the death of art:
Submitted by: daniel bezchi

when u go to meat sam after killing the guys downstairs, its quite easy once u know 
the trick and this is the best way....after it does that little video thing come out 
of the wall, sam will start shooting but go back in quick so none of the bullets hit 
u then wait until he turns around,come out and shoot him when u reload come back in 
quick then wait he will turn round again come out and shoot him keep doing this until 
he runs away then run to the place where sam was standing and u will see a pool of 
blood. follow the path of blood then u will see a wall going to the left sam is hiding
behind there run towards it and shoot the wall with your gun until sam comes out but 
because u were shooting the wall before sam came out he will then get injured and then
it shows a little video of tommy then killing sam and the game will be completed and u
will unlock freeride extreme

P.S. make sure that u come out of the wall so sam can see u and start shooting cos if 
u dont sam will not turn around and ur gonna have to do it the hard way!!!!!!

Weapons & Ammo get free:
Submitted by: Abu sufian

Some situation when you face lack of weapons and ammo but you may get weapons and ammo also 
when you needed. Go the Map on HOBOKEN last road which road not connected with other side 
and also find constructing buildings there you will get a door (different from others) knock 
the door and follow the man and find the weapons & ammo dealer in downstairs with free weapons 
and maximum ammo. Face any problem here than you can contract me my email( ).

30 second for success (Chap.20 Killing all the bustard):
Submitted by: Abu sufian

When you go to meat sam after killing the guys downstairs, its quite easy once you know the 
trick and this is the best way....after it does that little video thing come out of the wall, 
sam will start shooting but go back in quick ( which way you enter the gate that behind) then 
wait until he turns around,come out and throw a granned after success he runs away then run to 
the place where sam was standing and you will see a pool of blood.follow the path of blood then 
you will see a wall going to the left sam is hiding behind (near gate) there run towards it and 
throw the second granned target the wall he will then get injured and then it shows a little 
video of tommy then killing sam and the game will be completed and you will unlock freeride 
extreme....30 second spending for success....lets fun....if you face any kind of problem then 
email me i will answer you. Problem arise than contract me I'll solve it.thankyou....

Submitted by: Richard

To get into the tunnel is simple. Just find the ironmongery store in Hoboken. Look at the 
map in Hoboken and find the "P" for parking lot at the bottom of hill leading to Oak Hill. 
Behind the "P" is a sort of upside down "T" road. Before you ride down the long part of the 
"T" road as soon as you turn into it you'll see an ironmongery store behind a wall. Right 
click on the door and you'll get a key (as i read from others). Go back to the bloacked rail 
road leading into the tunnel. To get into the tunnel walk up the cliff next to it and when 
past the road block jump down. Keep to wall on the right side of the tunnel and run and keep 
clicking the Action button until a door opens. It leads into the tiger's mouth. It's just a 
tunnel and nothing special there's no secret stuff or anything.

Submitted by: L.Vikram

Mafia - the city of lost heaven.Game title:"The Death Of Art"
Message : when ur asked to go nd meet sam,1st go to the yellow pete nd there u carry ur 
likley guns nd then meet sam.I think frm here u can liquidate ur opponents quite easily.
1stly kill the guys who is r8 2 u nd then climb the stairs.them liquidate all the dirty 
fellows use always machine gun bcoz it doesn't require reload 4r every shot.Then after 
killin all the badguys climb ur 2nd stairs there ur goin to meet sam were ur goin 2 watch 
the conversation between sam & tom.then he says 2 badguys 2 liquidate u.but ur goin to kill 
them all.There u will find a round junction kill all of them who stays in that floor even 
who stays inside the rooms in that floor itself.even u find a health box in that,
after smashing all the guys just go to the next out there ur goin to face a 
bomb escape from it climb fast on to the steps nd kill the bastard or just give him a 
twist by just makin a move that ur climbing the stairs ns then come back...thats ur convinient.
now the door will be opened for u.remember the door will be unlocked untill nd unless u kill 
all the badguys in the down two floors.if the door is still locked means u missed killin a 
bastard.then the game will be saved .there ur goin to meet.again ur goin see a movie b/w sam 
& tom. after that shoot him from where ur only with ur machine gun.then after getting hurt sam 
will run towards his back,dont think that he was afraid.just follow the blood nd move with it.
watchout,sam will appear suddenly,the easy way is to crouch nd walk bcoz he wont expect u to 
com like that . now kill him before he starts pushing his trigger.thats it,then again ur goin 
to watch a clip of movie nd then tom will do his work.thats it ,the game is completed.THE END.
then free ride extreme will be unlocked.enjoy ur self bcoz there wont be any cop...hahahaha.

Chapter 20 the death of art:
Submitted by: dan

when u go to meet sam on the top level of the museum u are already hiding behind a wall and sam 
is oppossite u with a thompson if u shoot the top of the wall in wich u r hiding behind with like 
35 rounds of the tommy gun it will collapse downwards
and the whole museum will shake it will show a cutsene in wich a ton of brick falls on sam and he 
dies. there u go the quickest and easiest way to kill sam.

Submitted by: hassan

In Mission of "sarah" when you meet the three men look at your right you will found a piece of 
wood then take it and kill the men.


In the mission of ordinary routine befor killing the men , shoot on the wheels of the yellow car 
(at less two wheels) , now kill the men ,and the boss will not escabe with his car ,but he will 
stay next to his car , now kill him easly ......
from (hassan & mohamed)

Submitted by: hassan fawzy elgabass

i had give to this web site alot of tips and now i have a question (i informed about some cheats 
of mafia like "deadguns-mademan-tommyneverdies-badgangester..." and i informed that i must press 
shift+~ to do it but i try it and no thing habben) 
can some on here inform me how i can do this cheats, please?
you can send me E-MAIL at 

Submitted by: hassan fawzy elgabass

in the mission of "election compaign" after dowen in the hole kill the man who stay next to it,
now when you get out from the place no any cops will chase you , becase this is the man who 
inform the police about you when he see you ..................
(hassan & mohammed) ...if you found any problems in (Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven) 
you can send me E-MAIL at 

Submitted by: hassan fawzy elgabass

this is funy thing the main menu of the game (Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven) go with
your mouse to options but dont pres at options (dont pres) but go to it only now a red underline
will abear under the word options in the main menu , now wait for 10 second , and the screen will
show you a watch on the table , look at this watch it is realy watch and it can give you the time
at any time ....and in the mishion of "moonlighting" in the bank you can found areally watch too 
and you can know the time from it .(hassan & mohamed).. 

Submitted by: hassan fawzy elgabass

in the mishion of "you lucky basterd" when you go to the blace where you will kill morello you 
must kill alot of men but the most hard thing is the men who on the red towers , now to kill the 
men on the red towers , first found the bomb car it is near to the first red tower from the train 
and shoot to it ,now it will explosion and it will kill two men from the men in the towers and 
two men with thombson , now you have finished from 4 hard men at this mishion .(hassan & mohamed)
if you found problems in( Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven) you can send me

Submitted by: hassan fawzy elgabass

In the mission of "the whore" in the hotel go to the metal stile from the first of it and go up, 
and when you found the first door in your way open it , now you will found a door opposite you,
now open it and go to your right , you will found a table and on it a knife ,i know it is bad 
weapon but it is a good tips
(hassan & mohammed) - (

Submitted by: hassan fawzy elgabass

In the mission of "election compaign" after dowen in the hole kill the man who stay next to it 
and go to his dead body and click the action press (as defeault right mouse button) and sellect 
"hide death body", now when you get out from the place no any cops will chase you , becase 
this is the man who inform the police about you when he see you ..................
(hassan & mohammed) ...if you found any problems in (Mafia - The City of Lost Heaven) 
you can send me E-MAIL at

Submitted by: hassan fawzy elgabass

this message to "dan" "dan" "dan" "dan" you said that in the mission of "the death of art" 
when u go to meet sam on the top level of the museum u are already hiding behind a wall and sam 
is oppossite u with a thompson if u shoot the top of the wall in wich u r hiding behind with like 
35 rounds of the tommy gun it will collapse downwards
and the whole museum will shake it will show a cutsene in wich a ton of brick falls on sam and he 
dies. there u go the quickest and easiest way to kill sam. .......i try this tip but no thing 
happened if this tip is worked really please said it most easly if not please dont lied again 
because this is agood web site and you cant decay it...

On the mission "BIG DEAL" after you kill all the gangsters on the first and second floor youll
see that there is a floor that is empty. Behind one car youll see a pack of grenades, collect 
as many as you can. Than at the ground floor there will be two cars blocking your way toss one
between them its really cool.

All bonus cars for freeride:
In Freeride Extreme, go to the most north-eastern point of Oakwood and face south. Go up to 
the first house on the right with the blue door, past the phone booth. Go up to the blue door
and when the action symbol appears, press the action button. Next time you go to Freeride, 
all the bonus cars will be usable under "Prototypes".

Free Lassiteer V16 roadster:
Go into free ride mode and choose City-Small and any car. Drive around in the "working 
quarters" (the industrial district) until you find a two story car park (garage) next to a
building with a sign that reads "Lost Heaven Hardware Co.". Drive up the ramp to the second
level. In the corner, there should be a large green car. Walk over and get in. It is unlocked
and you do not need to know how to steal it in order to so. This car is fast and is very rare.
You will receive money for driving it dangerously fast without crashing. If you do crash, it 
is very durable and will be able to withstand a lot of damage. If you have trouble finding it,
it is the cement two level car-park in the work quarters next to a main road with trolley 
tracks running on it. This is also the main road that goes under the train tracks and runs 
past the grain silos.

Go through building and ground:
Choose the Hot Rod, which is unlocked through Free Ride Extreme. Set the Traffic Density to 0
and select City-Daytime. Spawn at Hoboken, then immediately drive straight and left. Follow 
the road along on the last lane to the right. When you go onto the straightaway, go as fast 
as you can. Keep going onto the field. Then, hit the train tracks going at top speed. If done
correctly, you should fly into the building. However, instead of crashing, you should go through
it. You should then go through the ground afterwards. You will be stuck and your car should begin
spinning. The only way to exit is to restart Free Ride by quitting the game.

Election Campain:
Submitted by: dunkelwolf

After you kill the first 4 guys, turn right, go through doorway, open the barred door. You will 
hear someone say "Hey, what's going on?" To your right is an open door with 2 guys in it, 1 with 
a S/W 10 the other with a pump shotgun. After you kill them look on the floor near the file cabnet. 
You will find a crowbar, for those of us who dont want to shoot off the lock at the end. 
Equip the crowbar and press the action key and you get a little film of Tommy prying the lock off. 
There is also a door to a balcany that is very easy to shoot the dogs from.

"The Death of Art":
Submitted by: Dunkelwolf

If you walk in the museum without the colt dectective, it will not automatically go to it, 
insted you will be able to use whatever you have in your hands. I had the thompson and cleaned 
up all the bad guys easly. Also remember to check the bodies at least 2 had grenades on them, 
very handy for some rooms.

Kill bandits with the car:
Submitted by: alexandru

In the mission "better get used to it" you can do the following: 

* Of you want to protect Paulie, after smacking to death the first thug, you can go back, 
exit the red door to the street, go left till the end of the street and go back to the yard. 
Paulie will not follow you any longer.

* After you do the above mentionned thing, you can get into the car and actually kill some 
of the thugs by tunning over them. Though the passage forward is very narrow, you can squeeze 
yourself to the area where 2 thugs are beating the third guy.

Free ride:
Submitted by: Dunkelwolf

In Free ride if you get into trouble head out of town, there are 3 exits, two are in China Town, 
one is the way to the airport. This will repair any damage to your car, get police or gangsters 
off your tail, and if you die it will be your last save point. This will also clean up all the 
weapons that are left lying around. Unfortenatly it will also remove your cars that you leave in 
town. It will not heal you or fill your car with gas, it will stop your car from losing gas so 
fast if your car is damaged. This only works in the full town mods not the small town.

Pause game play and allow the game to idle. The game will automatically start an action trailer.
To those not far into the game, this could be a hint as to what is coming up later.

Flying watersource:
Submitted by: Rajiv

This thing is really easy to do. To do this you need a gun, probably one with low power. 
Then shoot the lower part of one of those things which you see in the pavements. the ones 
through which water forces up if u hit it with a car. if u hit the lower part of it with a 
gun u will see that the upper part is still there, flying in the air. its pretty fun doing this.

Funny tip:
Submitted by: Rajiv

In the story mode, there are a lot of things that people don't notice. In the missions there are 
a lot of people talking to each other, and some are related too.
In the Running Man mission, when u run from the gangsters, there u can hear someone talk about 
his\her date not coming a the specific place. u can just tell the later one off that the other 
is waiting at another place. and in the Happy birthday missions also u notice some conversations 
related to each other. there are a lot more too.

Easy money:
* Kill the men in the all black suits with the black hat (gangsters) to earn $500 each.
* Go into the country and speed in a fast car.
* Blow up cars for $100 each.
* Drive taxis to earn money.
* The best way to get easy money in free ride mode is in the countryside on the main road 
  (where the few stores are located). Speed down that road (with the governor off) to collect
  basically $100 per second.

In the mission Cream de' la Cream:
Submitted by: Aryadeep

In this mission the death of Morello generally takes place by shooting the aeroplane (the one by 
which Morello tries to escape)with Thompson gun. But there is also a trick by which you can kill 
Morello at no cost of your health and you don't even have to fire a single bullet.
As soon as your car escapes into the countryside the game is saved. Now keep a certain distance 
with Morello's car. Make sure don't loose him. Keep your car's speed constant. Now if Morello's 
car doesn't collide with any oncoming car from the opposite side, it passes away the airport way 
i.e., it doesn't goes to the airport. Instead it goes up to a hilly road. Now constantly follow 
him. After following Morello's car for a few minute you will see that the car has come to a dead 
end. This dead end is a bridge under construction. Now a video starts. 
It shows that when Morello's car has got stuck in the dead end, Tommy drives his car and crash 
it with Morello's car. As a result Morello's car topples down from a great height down to a road
and now he is dead and the mission ends! P.S: This trick might not work at the first time you try
but don't be upset, load the last saved game and in the second or third time it will surely work. 

Fire hydrant fun:
Get a low power gun. Shoot the lower part of a fire hydrant. You will see that the upper part of
the hydrant, flying in the air.

Submitted by: Nenad

When you start mission "FAIRPLAY - RACE" drive on the left side of track so you pass easy damaged 
car in front, and then when you get to the sign "TRACO" there should be a roadblock on your left 
side, that is were you should turn. Now there should write "WRONG WAY" but ignore it. When you get 
to the secound sign where is writen "DUNNIEL" on the left side (not the firs one on the right side) 
press NUM0 (the one near the arrows) and you should be teleported in front of the finish line and 
you should be first. ( cheat works 100% if done right )

Speedy Gonzalas Free Ride Extreme mission:
Submitted by: dfaf

Okay, this is to unlock the prototype car Flower Power. The easiest way to kill Speedy is simple: 
He will come from the second doorway of the building behind the man you talk to. All you need 
to do is to park a car infront of the steps that are faceing in the direction of your house. 
Speedy will come out the door, run into the parked car and stand still. you can then just pick 
him off with whichever weapon you have. Hope this helps! Cheers.

Find Extreme Freeride Missions:
When in the Extreme Freeride mode, you can go to the lighthouse for hints. Go to the door of
the lighthouse and equip your map. With the map equipped, right-click the door. With the map
on you will be able to see exactly where the mission can be found.

Cheat mode (alternate):
Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding chat function.
The screen will flash to confirm correct code entry. 

Effect                            Code
Big hands                       - boxer
Folds roof down on convertibles - jizda
Unlimited ammuntion             - municak 	
Full health                     - krefjezivot

All special cars:
Get to top right corner of the Oakwood in Extreme mode. You will see two phone booths. Go 
to the one near the curve to the left, and not the one opposite the Oakwood High School. You
will see a house to the left of it with a dark blue door. Get near it and press [Action]. Get
back to your house in Oakwood and save the game. Quit the current game and start Free Ride 
mode. You will now be able to select any car. Note: Nothing will say that you have unlocked 
all Free Ride Xtreme cars, but if you check the Free Ride car selection screen, the cars 
should be listed there under "Prototypes". 

"Just For Relaxation" Easy completion:
Get to the meeting point with Paulie and Sam. Continue with Paulie to the harbor. When the 
game saves, do not wait outside. Follow the car to the warehouse. Go back and stand in the 
middle of the road with the car. Watch the map. When the truck moves, get out of the car 
and take out the Colt 1911. When the truck gets close and before it stops, shoot the wind
shield until it breaks. The driver will get out of the car and run away. You can either 
kill them or hit him until he reveals the paper works. Note: Unload the truck before going
in the harbor. 

Quick travel:
The best way to get to your destination is to travel in trains. They have the shortest route
and saves time. You may find the journey boring, but it is much faster than driving yourself.
You can also rest by the time train reaches the destination.

Big Ship:
Submitted by: aaditya610

In the freeride mode go to guilano bridge and go the top and type "parnik" and see what 

"Fourfold Clip" Trick (partial no reloading):
Submitted by: Radioactive Grandpa

This trick is kind of cheating, although quite legitimate...
You probably noticed that when you press the inventory key (weapon select), the time stops. 
Did you also notice that if you choose another weapon no time at all is required to switch 
it? In fact, it's exactly like shooting in row, with the same gun.
So that's the trick: when you shoot out and run out of ammo, open the select-weapon menu, 
choose another gun and continue firing. If you have four handguns (quite common situation), 
each one is reloaded with at least 6 bullets, you can shoot 26 bullets in row (you don't have 
to click anything fast because the game stops anyway), and also combine it with rifles. 
In other words - you are fourfolding your clip capacity. After 26 bullets in row you should 
be able to eliminate every immediate threat, get some cover and reload all your used weapons.

This trick makes some of the most dangerous scenes in the game - when you face multiple 
threats in short range - quite easy!

Yellow Pete's Gun Shop:
During Freeride, bring up the map. Yellow Pete's Gun Shop is located at the "H" in "Hoboken".
Walk around the side of the building until you see an open door. Enter, and walk down the 
steps into a cellar with every gun in the game.

Finding Extreme Freeride missions:
In Extreme Freeride mode, go to the lighthouse for hints. Go to the lighthouse door and equip
your map. Right click the door and you will be able to see exactly where the mission is 

Chapter 20: death of an art:
Submitted by: Suparn lele

hey guys these is the last mission of this game.At the starting of this mission you will 
fond that paulie is dead.then sam calls you at central island in library.but instead of going 
there first go to yellow pete`s shop in hoboken and then go to library by taking thompson 1928, 
pump action shot gun and colt 1911.then you can complete these mission but mension one thing 
from ground flour when you go to first floor then their are two doors which opens open that 
doors kill all the bastards.then on the same floor you will find health box take the health 
and climb stairs beside it. there is one bastard kill that bastard.and if you have kill all of 
the bastards then when you kill the bastard on the stair there are two doors .out of them one 
is conference that hall there is another door so don't go to open the door it doesn't 
open but the second door in front of conferrence hall opens and there is at last of that 
mission you will find that if you face sam directly then he kills you hide behind the 
wall.go in front of sam then immediately hide behind wall. at that time sam firs .do this trick 
many times but keep watch on sam by mouse settings.when you do this number of times samfires 
and after a while reloades his weapen thompson that immediatly fire on sam with tompson 
1928 continously because sam do not die even we fire 50 ammo.but he then ran away follow him 
but be careful go there where the sam was firing from and ready your gun to shoot sam because 
he return there once again then fired him.the game will be finished.hey and i have completed 
these game 50 if you have any problem send a message to my email.i will answer you 
there or here.

Submitted by: Vibhanshu Goswami

When I playing Mafia in my Pc I found a glitch. There is a gas station
in front of salieri bar, Drive your car near the gas pump and click action
button then click refuel and watch that the pipe of pump is moving towards
your car but the man who is standing near the pump just moving his hands like
he is filling your car but he didn't

You lucky Bastard-the Harbor:
Submitted by: Neeraj Kerkar
Email :

As soon as you enter the harbour in You lucky bastard you will see a cutscene where Sergio orders
the guards to kill you. DON'T SHOOT ANY OF THE GUARDS. Just get into your car and drive it to the
other end of the harbor as quickly as you can. You will find a train. Turn on the train and it 
will go and hit the warehouse in which Sergio is hiding. The fuel inside the train starts leaking
and Tommy will drop his cigarette into the fuel and the it will cause an explosion. The gate of 
the warehouse will burst open. Get into your car again and drive it straight inside the warehouse.
Dont pay attention to the guards just go straight and hit Sergio hard by driving the car over him.
It's so easy! You can kill Sergio without killing a single guard!

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