Magic Potion Millionaire Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Magic Potion Millionaire 
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 Magic Potion Millionaire Cheats

Magic Potion Millionaire

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips:
* If you fall in the tutorial, you’ll be hit by a gash.
* Explosive blocks can also be destroyed from outside the blast range 
  with a melee attack when equipped with a Psycho Blade. You can also 
  explode through walls.
* Blocks and traps can also be destroyed by enemy explosive attacks.
* Traps are also effective against small enemies. Due to its high power, 
  it can be reliable in high-difficulty dungeons.
* If you raise Ingredient cultivation” to Lv2 (10 pieces/minute) or higher, 
  it will catch up with the consumption per minute in Mass-produced drink 
  making. for one purpose.
* Equipping the Hunting Kit also doubles the scraps from mimics (100?200).
* If you equip the junk box together with the space compressor, the number 
  of mill ends you bring in will increase. It is convenient to increase 
  attack power from the beginning of the dungeon.
* How to get to the treasure room. Use explosive blocks as a foothold.
* Air Dash Dragoon’s ramming attack has a melee attack power multiplier. 
  Accompanied by melee-focused builds.
* Enemy who counterattacks will not come back if you defeat it with one blow.
* The long barrel is equipment that extends the range of the water gun, 
  but some ammunition instead widens the attack range.
* Some water gun ammunition does not reflect the effects of long barrel 
  (range increase) and trigger assist (rapid fire increase). Even without 
  them, the ammo is strong enough, so if you don’t have the appropriate 
  equipment, it’s effective to choose such ammo.
* The double machine gun not only doubles the number of simultaneous shots 
  compared to the mana machine gun, but also halves the interval between 
  shots. 4x attack power.
* Floobuyo also damages small enemies. The throwing trajectory is short, 
  so it’s effective when there are lumps under your feet.
* No enemies are resistant to bombs. If there is an enemy you want to deal 
  with, but the attack doesn’t work, try throwing it. The higher the level 
  of the bomb, the higher its attack power.
* How to get to the treasure room. Be careful where you put the fluff.
* A mega slime’s jump can slip through the bottom. Be brave and approach.
* “DANGER!!” is a signal that you are being targeted by a beam attack. Run 
  away immediately or cut the line of fire with the wall.
* The large needle (needle that sticks into the terrain) fired by the enemy 
  also has a damage judgment on the enemy side. Also effective on bosses.
* The mega crystal’s horizontal beam doesn’t actually hit the top rung of 
  the ladder.
* Mega Union summons a hard Zako many times, but if there is a high level 
  warp portal, it can be sealed.
* Megaswarm deals damage to its body when attacked by the Zako that it 
  fires. If you throw a bomb at a Zako that has been fired in large quantities…
* How to get to the treasure room. Don’t break it too much.
* Use the 8th potion on bosses you just can’t beat. I’m still having trouble 
  using it.
* The final story is somewhere in the diary.

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