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  Hints and Tips for: MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries 
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 MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Cheats

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Walk around in circles:
In MechWarrior 5, you’re gonna get shot at. A lot. All the damn time. You can’t 
strafe in a mech, so you’re going to want to move in a circle when engaging foes. 
That should be enough to make it harder to hit you. Just like other games in the 
series, individual parts can get destroyed, and the last thing you want is to 
lose one of your main weapons permanently. Plus, getting a leg or two destroyed 
will severely slow you down, making your evac all the more complicated.

Do your best to get out of harm’s way to limit things like this from happening 
and you should be good.

Don’t neglect less valuable components, though:
Bearing the previous tip in mind, you also don’t want to never take less valuable 
components. Machine guns and flamethrowers are worth a lot less than certain parts, 
but you’re gonna need a bunch of them just the same. And just because you have a 
ton of cash doesn’t mean you’ll be able to find any of those components on hand 
in the marketplace. You do not want to be caught with unarmed mechs just because 
you didn’t stock up on lower-tier weapons when you had the chance.

Pick a faction and stick with it for a while:
MechWarrior 5 will see you take missions from different factions, and the more the 
faction likes you, the better it will reward you. Therefore, it’s better to 
prioritize one faction over another. Two will often be at odds with each other, 
and there’s no sense in getting mediocre payouts from both of them just so you can 
do both of their missions without worry. Either way, there are plenty of missions 
to go around, so go ahead and pick and choose.

How to Fix FPS Drop While Zoomed:
MW5 has some wonky engine issue with AF. I know that in every other game since 3D 
acceleration was a thing, AF is basically an auto-maxed setting, but it really hurts 
performance in MW5, especially when you have the zoom window up.

Try reducing it to 4x or even 2x. I'm sure there's some small effect on grass textures 
a kilometer from you or something that you might notice, but I never really perceived 
the difference... and the FPS gain made any such sacrifice worth it anyway.

Beginners Guide to Handling Mechs:
Written by Agent Orange

I will keep it short and simple.

* Press “+” on your numpad to deactivate the constant throttle. 
* It will be much easier and precise to operate your mech now. 
* You will have to do this in every battle once at the beginning.
* Press and hold “F” while you maneuver to align your legs with your torso. 
* That way you can easily walk towards where you aim. 
* This is very convenient when walking from checkpoint to checkpoint 
  and especially helpful in battle when you need to turn fast but also have to keep 
  focused on your target.

The game doesn´t tell you this, so I hope this helps.

-=About Your Teammates=-
You will need to constantly order your mates around, otherwise they won´t do much.

Press F1 to activate all of them and F1 again to have them engage your target.

Afterwards, activate all of them again and press F2 to make them follow you, otherwise 
they will often walk off towards the map edge.

This should be enough knowledge to get you through the first battles and gain some 

-=Max Out Your Armor=-
The mech design capabilities are very limited in this game because hard points are
 mostly fixed, but it is absolutely important that you max out your armor!

Take out ammo or an entire weapon system and max out the armor, you will need around 
70-80% front armor and 20-30% back armor on all your mechs to survive.

Guide for New Players:
First, play the base game fully to learn the basics before switching to career 
mode, which includes DLC campaigns. For your first playthrough, focus on visual 
and sound mods:

* Cockpit glass
* Improved mech shader
* In the pit (follow installation instructions carefully)
* Jumpjet visuals
* Source HD textures
* Mechwarrior music medley
* War FX
* Community asset bundle
* Three hellfire and brimstone mods
* Sound of Succession Wars cockpit version
* Mod options
* MW2 Betty Ultimate
* MW 5 compatibility pack
* MW5 portrait overhaul
* Heat gauge and throttle gauge
* TTRulez AI Mod2
* VonBiomes
* VonHUD

Once you’re comfortable, consider mods from the Yet Another series for more customization.
For career mode, try advanced career start, Coyotes mission (if you’re up for a challenge),
and delayed deadlines. Keep an eye out for updates, especially for PIlot Overhaul.

Ensure all mods are compatible with the current version. Use MW5 LOTS as a mod load order 
manager. Set up mod folders and enable mods before playing. Avoid using in-game ray tracing
as it may impact performance without significant benefits.

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