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  Hints and Tips for: NEO Scavenger 
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 NEO Scavenger Cheats

NEO Scavenger

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Various Gameplay Tips:
The Tracking and Electrician abilities only cost one point each, so it's best to always 
take them no matter how you're planning your current character. Tracking lets you find 
special information about items you would have otherwise missed, and it also makes it 
easier to cover your tracks on the world map, keeping you safe. Electrician lets you 
handle electronics, but it does one thing very handy at the beginning of the game. Upon 
scavenging the Cryo Facility, you'll receive the option to climb back into the same 
window you escaped out of. You can choose to explore the facility further, and you'll 
come across Examination Room 17. You'll find a broken electronics panel here, and fixing 
it using the Electrician skill will illuminate the Cryo Facility, making it a safe 

If you've played a couple rounds of the game, you've probably noticed that hypothermia 
is a serious threat during the early game, since your character is hardly protected 
from the elements. It tends to rain a lot too, which worsens things. If you're 
continuously getting hampered by weather conditions, consider taking the Mechanic 
ability. As you can probably guess, this ability lets you tinker and repair various 
machines. One such is another component located within Examination Room 17 - the HVAC 
Vent. In addition to the lighting panel, you can also repair the HVAC Vent if you have 
the Mechanic ability. This fixes the facility's heating, so you can always duck inside 
here if you need to warm up. Very useful! 

As any good wasteland survivor knows, the most important part of a surviving is keeping 
your stomach happy and your thirst low. When scavenging, keep an eye out for bottled 
water. ALWAYS keep at least one purified source of water with you at all times. You 
can also drink from rivers and lakes, but be careful. You may contract deadly diseases! 
Test water if you can, and always boil using a fire source and a sauce pan or soup can. 
As for hunger, there are two abilities that can help - Trapping and Botany. Trapping 
lets you craft a squirrel snare that's great for snacking on the little rodents. 
Botany lets you identify wild mushrooms and berries. Just like water, eating these 
from an unknown source can be potentially fatal. 

The next step is to outfit yourself with a weapon. After a couple of turns you'll 
start encounter tracking left by other survivors, and a good majority of them aren't 
looking to make new friends. When you're outside the Cryo Facility, make sure to 
scavenge on its hex. You'll find glass shards which can be combined with one large 
branch to craft a Sharpened Spear. It's not much but it's better than your bare 
fists! If you take the Melee ability, it's even better! 

Your second step is to find a backpack of sorts as soon as possible. An actual 
backpack is ideal, but it's rare to find them just lying around. You'll most likely
need to take one from another survivor, usually through force. Before you can do 
that, you can also scavenge around. Keep an eye out for things like Plastic Bags, 
as they allow you hold items within them. 

Combat in Neo Scavenger is very precise and demands careful planning. With a 
smoothly executed plan, you can walk away from an encounter without a scratch. The 
key to finesse and precision combat is to set up your enemy. You should almost 
never directly attack the enemy right away - instead, try to push them into a 
vulnerable state. Also Keep an eye on the combat log - notice how certain actions 
will leave a character vulnerable? You can either make them become vulnerable on 
their own, or you can use actions like Tackle or Parry to react to their actions 
and render them vulnerable.

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