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  Hints and Tips for: Outlast 2 
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 Outlast 2 Cheats

Outlast 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Limit the use of your night vision and sound tracking. Both of these items use an 
  xtreme amount of battery power, and using them all the time will run your battery 
  supply down quickly.
* When in doubt, hide. There are plenty of hiding places to make use of in Outlast 2,
  so make sure you use every single one of the them to your advantage and stick to 
  the shadows.
* Watch out for sleeping cultists. Sometimes houses may seem friendly, but that 
  doesnít mean they are. Watch out for cultists sleeping in their beds, and be sure 
  to always check rooms before opening the doors to them.
* Scavenge for batteries and bandages as often as possible. You never know when 
  youíre going to need these items, so grab them just for the sake of having them.
  It never hurts to be prepared.
* Play with your camera up all the time. This will make it harder for you to miss 
  recording areas. Just beware, you do move a little slower with the camera up, and 
  it does block a little of your vision.

Easy "Slip And Slide" achievement:
This can only be done in the school during the "Raining Blood" sub-chapter in 
Chapter 3: Lamentations. At one point the fire sprinklers will go off, but instead 
of water they are sprinkling blood everywhere. Run and slide down the blood-smeared
hallway to get the "Slip And Slide" achievement. You need to gain enough speed 
before sliding. Do not equip your camera, as it will slow you down too much. This 
is the only opportunity for a 12 meter slide. 
You can replay this section through chapter select at any time.

Recording Locations:
01. Record the crash helicopter after you crash land near the village.
02. Next before reaching the village, record the corpse tied on a tree at the campfire.
03. Next record the village before reaching it, check first house
04. Move ahead, you have to pass the barn, when you reach the fence record it.
05. Just as you see temple gate, record it.
06. Record the board as you reach the school, there is a message by Jessica on it.
07. Escape the cellar where you hide after a farmer offer you help, he is killed by Marta.
08. While crossing the wooden bridge, there is a dead body tied on the right side, 
    and fire burning below. Record it.
08. As you reach the cornfield, Mara is on the other side of gate record it.
09. While moving ahead in the hills you will see a blast, and many death birds will 
    fall down. Record the event.
10. Ahead you will reach a weird idol made from grass and woods, with huge winds on the 
    mountain just where the stairs end.
11. After pass in mid of the hills, you will see the village and the church on the 
    left side. Record the entire village and the chapel.
12. Temple Gate Sign, record as you reach the entrance.
13. Record the hanging body of Jessica, before it is absorbed up.
14. After passing through the tunnel you will reach a room where a prisoner is tied 
    on the bed with chain.
15. Inside the church in one of the rooms above you will find a dead teacher near the 
    green board.
16. From the path where a dead body is hanging in middle of street you will see church 
    on left, record it.
17. Record the dead women, who were tortured by Knoth in the church in front of his 
    husband. Record from the confession box.
18. Record the slaughter house where you will go to find a hook. Record at the entrance.
19. Record the broken rail tracks. The place from where Blake will fall down.
20. While passing through the hill area, follow the water stream and on the right there 
    is a gate with sign.
21. In the place where you are escaping from the cult leader who had crucified you, 
    look on the right from the campfire, there is a metal gate.
22. In the school when Jessica calls you, record as she runs at the far end of door.
23. There is a cabin in the school, look for a red light on the top of locked door, 
    on the left in the cabin there is a mysterious evil activity record it.
24. In the forest while escaping the dead creatures you will reach a blocked path with 
    metal wires.
24. Passing from the forest, you will locate a body tied up on the next side of metal 
25. In the broken house, move your camera to the right on a dead body for recording.
26. In the classroom record the tree on wall, after a bright light flash.
27. Near the lake you will see a
28. Move ahead, when you follow the wooden stairs to the rooms on right, look on the 
    left side on the sky, there are lights at the far end.
29. On the right side as you move ahead from the lake, there are some room and a 
    campfire. There is a wooden platform on left, move the camera on the ground near 
    the trees.
30. While using the raft, as you see dead fishes, record them.
31. As you reach ahead, record the suicide from a hill, a burning person will jump.
31. After passing the lake, you will reach to a place where you will see a few dead 
    bodies on spikes and a campfire.
32. In the swimming pool area of school, go in ladies toilet, and record the shower 
    with blood.
33. As you reach near the bridge, there will be a blood rain, record it.
34. Next in school you will need to go to the computer class for a message, record 
    an event there when all screen starts blinking.
35. In the school near the huge window, you will see hanging bodies.
36. Inside mine after the lift falls, turn around and record the short circuit.
37. In another area of mine, there is a place with bodies stuck over trees and a 
38. While moving inside, follow wires on the top and you will reach a section where 
    dead bodies are wrapped around walls and roof with a fire lamp on left. 
    Zoom in to record.
39. After a door you will see a skeleton on the tree branches with fire on the left.
40. You can record the bad weather while moving with Lynn. There will be multiple 
    recordings till you reach a hideout.
41. Outside after the child is born, move your camera on a bottle outside.

Jessicaís vs. Lynnís World:
Jessica loves Blake, and so Lynn. In the end when Blake sees Jessica died on stairs, 
Blake later also witness Lynnís death in the church after giving a birth to a child. 
In Jessicaís world the evil is Father Loutermilch, while in Lynnís world it is Sullivan 
Knoth. Blake witnessed mass suicide in school where in the pool area he saw a lot of 
hanging body, the same later he sees in village. Blake also witness a shower of blood 
in the school, and so the rain in village.

Pay Attention to Your Screen:
You donít have to keep your camera up all the time to spot documents and recordings.
In fact, when youíre looking at recordings you will actually receive a notification 
in the middle of your screen. This notification, which looks like a camera, is easy 
to miss during intense moments, so keep an eye out and it will warn you of a nearby 
recordings that you can capture. You should also pay attention for any enemy movements
like flashlight beams, glowing eyes, and other telltale signs that a cultist might 
be nearby.

How to recover lost save data:
Written by vldmort

A fix for having no 'Continue Game' option.

Like alot of people, after quitting OL2 and booting up later, suddenly there was no 
"Continue Game" option. The devs mentioned that turning off Steam Cloud saves may get 
it back, but it didn't. 
* This will only work if you previously had Steam Cloud Sync on!

-=How to fix=-
1.Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(YOUR_ID)\414700\remote
2.Copy the "profile.bin" and "OL2_(long number).sav" files.
3.Paste files into this folder: 
  C:\Users\(Your Username)\Documents\My Games\Outlast2\OLGame\SaveData
4.Boot up Outlast 2 and enjoy the game!

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