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  Hints and Tips for: Persona 3 Reload 
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 Persona 3 Reload Cheats

Persona 3 Reload

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Farm EXP Efficiently:
Written by LacedNightmare

-=Having Money=-
The fortune teller is available after 5/10 in Club Escapade. You are required
to see her for one of Elizabeth’s requests (request 8) to increase the chance
of spawning rare golden hand shadows. You need about level 3 Courage to step 
inside, but there isn’t a rush with this quest or the exp farming. She charges 
3,000 yen for her service and you should also have this much by now.

-=Epic Tartarus Gameplay=-
Go to Tartarus. I prefer to get the entire section done in the one night and 
if you’re a persona achievement hunter, there is a chance you’ve already done 
this before. Regardless, you will be needing to explore the entire block you 
are on currently in one night to get all of the map information, this is time 
consuming, but important. Once you’ve hit the peak of the current block you are 
on, return to the entrance. Use your unused team members to heal up if you have 
to, it doesn’t matter too much.

-=The Farming Part=-
Do you know what the definition of insanity is? Perhaps you would understand if 
you grinded Tartarus back in the day. You will want to go back to the start of 
the block via teleporter. Now that you’ve uncovered the map for the day, you’ll 
want to press that M key on your keyboard. It’ll present the entire map layout 
for you seeing as you went and figured out the pathing, right?

Well guess what. The enemies are highlighted on the map, INCLUDING the golden 
hand shadows. If the situation suggests there are no golden hands on the floor, 
press M and go to the next floor. Rinse and repeat until you get to your desired 

You have probably undergone enough levelling to progress with the story so good 
on you champ. Good on you for picking up one of gods best games.

Guide to Make the Dorm Look Better (PC & Steam Deck):
Written by Gökçeada

* Go on PC to:
* If on Steam Deck, go to:
* Find the "engine.ini" file
* Enter this line of code into the bottom:
* Save.
* Done!

Why Are Social Links Important?:
Confidants and their abilities were introduced in P5. In p3 and p4 the social 
links serve 2 purpose, to boost your personas when you fuse and give you things 
to do during down time in the main story because the make friends sim needs a 
make friends mechanic after all.

You’re free to ignore them but you’re probably gonna have a much harder and much 
fuller experience.

The female party members get proper social links later in the story and are tied 
behind maxed social stats so focus on grinding those, the male party members get 
“link episodes”which are basically social links in everything but name with 
different requirements.

They happen periodically throughout the story and are only available on certain 
days so make sure you check your phone often or you’ll miss them.

How to Create a Good Persona:
Fuse a bunch, and you have the compendium to recover personas that you use in 
fusion that are good/you like. Besides money, there’s little downside. Plus, the 
more personas you have registered in the compendium will also give MC some buffs 
later on based on how many percent completion you have for the compendium. First 
is around 30%.

Also, Fusions are generally better than what you get as a reward in shuffle time, 
as you can get stat bonuses based on social links, and can even have the fusion 
persona “inherit” skills from the personas used in fusion.

Generally there’s no need to keep lower level spells as you progress. So overwrite 
Garu for Garula, Dia for Diarama etc.

Try to keep multiple arcana’s in your party so you can equip them before social 
link events for an added boost. So for example, equip a Hierophant Arcana Persona 
before doing a social link event with the owners of Bookworm’s.

Just have a few for spells, and then have some for physical attacks and/or debuff/
buff spells. Generally the personas with higher MA stats should be your magic 
users, and ones with high STR should be your physical attackers. Oh, and resistance 
is highly important. A single weakness can cost you a game over in no time flat.

The arcade at Paulownia Mall can raise a single stat by a few points by paying a 
couple thousand yen, and a third of a day worth of time. This isn’t super important, 
but a tip nonetheless. You also can get items that do this, but I prefer to save 
those for party members as it’s more permanent that way.

Skill Cards are also a very useful asset, and you can duplicate one card a day for 
free without spending time at the shrine.

Experiment with fusing more, Skill Cards are your friend, and keep a few coverage 
options (for both combat and social link purposes) at all times.

Fuse Whatever!:
You don’t need to have it match your social link Arcana, that just gives you EXP 
bonus on fusion so the resulting Persona will end up with a few extra levels and 
skills beyond what it shows on the fusion screen.

You can’t fuse a Persona of a higher level than you, but if you have a social link 
ranked up of the same Arcana, you can end up with one of a higher level than you 
through the EXP bonus (it just has to start at a base level at or below your own).

You want to fuse your lower level Personas into higher level ones closer to your 
own level, with better skills. Just experiment with what you can fuse – anything 
you fuse away you can always buy back by summoning from the Compendium.

Any Persona you fuse or get through a card is automatically registered in the 
Compendium, however you’ll need to overwrite the registration when they level and 
gain new skills, they don’t automatically update. Which means if you get your 
Orpheus up to level 15 and fuse it away, but never re-registered it, if you try to 
summon it later, it’ll be all the way back at level 1.

Hope this helps! Just bear in mind that you’re not expected to keep any particular 
Persona for any real length of time, you want to be frequently fusing to make 
stronger Personas all the time. You’ll want to pay more attention to the skills 
you want to keep when you fuse than the Persona itself.

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