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  Hints and Tips for: Phoenix Point 
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 Phoenix Point Cheats

Phoenix Point

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Hire Specialists:
You can hire two types of soldiers – the usual ones that you hire in 
the building of the training center of the shelter, and the specialists,
which can only be found in the shelters of the faction, where there is 
an elite training ground. Specialists are soldiers of subclasses for 
the main classes (Infiltrator for Synedrion, Berserker for Disciples 
of Anu). Next to the specialists’ icon on the map will be an asterisk.

How to Save Resources:
Don’t hire people from “recruits” tab – they are a waste of resources, 
UNLESS They got amazing talent combos that will prove hyper useful later. 
Like, uh… A sniper with early Close Quarters Combat or Strongman talent, 
who can prove to be very useful on a dedicated mechanized scavenging team.

Always hire people directly from havens – that way you save time and 
resources on buying them already with weapons.

Steal 1 aircraft of your choice. Stealing Helios is recommended. Put 2 
soldiers on it send it to assist other aircrafts by providing additional 

Acquire a free vehicle from Scavenge Vehicle mission. Pray its Scarab or – 
ideally – Armadillo.

Craft a Thunderbird to carry it, assign 1 technician, 2 assaults and 1 
sniper with fitting talents. You’ve just created one of the most stupid 
broken squads in the game that can NAIL scavenge operations securing ALL 
the loot. Found a scavenge mission? Send these guys there and loot it clean. 
They’ll barely encounter any issues if you play them right and be #1 
resource providers of your early-to-mid game.

Assaults loot, sniper kills, technician keeps the vehicle repaired and oiled.

They are also perfect patients for augmentations – they get a lot of value 
from them and pretty much never get shot, so you don’t waste any money on 
repairing them.

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